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  1. Princess Aurora


    Oh wow. Can we clap to all of these people across the US risking their lives for a good cause ? I hope this will bring change. I'm also glad more celebrities started embracing this movement.
  2. Princess Aurora


    Oh I see. Now that explains everything. I better lock my Twitter up then . Thank you for the message
  3. Princess Aurora


    I don't understand. Why should they send SWAT ? I mean, being LGBTQ+ is not illegal What If you're a foreigner (non-US Resident) ? I think this makes no sense
  4. This is another topic that people should discuss. I still don't understand why it's very underrated. It's a shame that Israel and Palestine don't wanna find a compromise in order to stop this
  5. I mean, I'm not surprised. When I was listening to Fearless, she had some Feminist undertones while Kanye gave me bad vibes after 2013
  6. Princess Aurora


    I despise the Daily Mail so I tried to watch the video on an external link and I agree with him. Gun violence is wrong and Unfortunately it's very common in the US. However, the looting was the result of anger and injustice (other than some undercover cops that started to disrput the peaceful protests) of the American Justice system which is broken , kinda similar to my country. I just hope that this episode will change things for better but I doubt it. May he rest in peace
  7. Princess Aurora


    Omg I just noticed that
  8. Princess Aurora


    So the charts are really spicing up this year huh ? We had Beyoncé, Mariah Carey ,Meghan Thee Stallion, Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Doja Cat and Nicki Minaj at #1 and now it's Britney's turn with a song that came out four years ago ? What a chaotic year but at least this is a chaotic good moment
  9. Princess Aurora


    It was about time
  10. Princess Aurora

    Celeb News

    I'm glad they're cool now
  11. Princess Aurora


    This. #Blacklivesmatter
  12. Princess Aurora


    I'm glad you made a thread about this topic. We should definitely be aware about this since this is not only Local , it's a Global Movement and we should all speak on these issues. I was silent on this forum but I don't think we should be. This episode is just the nail on the coffin and Nobody should feel uncomfortable talking about this