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  1. I think it's the first time I ever used a Eurovision in my videos rip4 I hope you like it :) 



  2. It's true Gwen doesn't have the best vocals in the industry but her voice is very unique among the different Pop stars
  3. Of course. Gwen has a lot of experience with The Voice and she has vocals unlike Camila
  4. I'm so fucking happy for Ukraine. They deserve everything Anyway Spain and the UK had the best songs
  5. Heartstopper is easily the best LGBTQ+ TV Show I ever saw after Pose and It's A Sin I also made a video about it
  6. I'm surprised that there isn't a Eurovision thread shock1 

  7. That sounds like great news I'm glad they won't completely disappear
  8. Cause I still believe in destiny
    That you and I were meant to be. yas2 
    I still wish on the stars as they fall from above

    Cause I still believe, believe in love.


  9. I was saddended over this Election. I'm very happy to see how a good part of the population especially the youth wants change