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    I know BM thanks to her Electricity remix I hope it's gonna sound awesome
  2. Princess Aurora


    I know but what I meant to say is that it's gonna sound different than the current track
  3. Princess Aurora


    Oh so it's gonna be the Club Mix then ?
  4. Poor Frank Ocean :( I feel sorry for what happened to him brit2 



  5. New Video. This was a video request as well lol2 


  6. Princess Aurora


    Aphrodite and Impossible Princess
  7. Princess Aurora


    I'm wondering who's leaking her unreleased songs Either way, this one is cute
  8. Is this the Necki Menij show ?

    1. Brightflower

      I cackled when she said "you better work bitch"

  9. Princess Aurora

    Style for both. What a dreamy song
  10. Princess Aurora


    I mean the moustache makes him look like him and not in a good way
  11. Princess Aurora

  12. Princess Aurora


    He's in Italy ? OMG he looks like Johnny Depp
  13. Princess Aurora

    “Price Tag" (feat. B.o.B) vs “I’m Dat Chick“ "Nobody's Perfect" vs “Work It Man” (feat. Lil Playy) “Abracadabra" vs “Motivation” (feat. Lil Wayne) "Big White Room" (live from the London Scala) vs “Lay It On Me” (feat. Big Sean) “Casualty of Love" vs “Feelin’ Me Right Now” "Rainbow" vs “Turn It Up” "Who's Laughing Now" vs “All Of The Night” (feat. Rico Love) “Do It like a Dude" vs “Keep It Between Us” "Mamma Knows Best" vs “Commander” (feat. David Guetta) “L.O.V.E." vs “Down For Whatever” (feat. The WAV.s) “Stand Up" vs “Heaven & Earth” “I Need This" vs “Each Other” “Who You Are" vs “When Love Takes Over” (with David Guetta) “Domino" vs “Rose Colored Glasses” “My Shadow” vs “Forever And A Day” "Laserlight" (feat. David Guetta) vs “What A Feeling” (with Alex Gaudino) Jessie J : 6 Kelly Rowland : 13 The only one Gay Icon : Kelly Rowland
  14. The fact that this thread made almost five pages says a lot about this forum
  15. Princess Aurora

    My fave Christina Aguilera was arrested once
  16. Of course it's a conspiracy theory
  17. Princess Aurora


  18. Princess Aurora

    See ? These are her best moments Also That Marry The Night performance is incredible
  19. Princess Aurora

    I think she has her moments. Sometimes she's good, other times not so much I mean, the difference between Stupid Love and Rain On Me choreography is astonishing
  20. Princess Aurora


    I was about to make a Tiktok account in order to promote my YouTube videos 👁👄👁 Nevermind I guess