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  1. I mean, she literally gave her a part of herself to Selena. That's a lot, at least in my opinion
  2. Wait, I thought she mentioned her not as a Musician
  3. I mean, even some Britney fans are saying it. There's something strange going on in her life. I still think her family never really cared about her in the first place
  4. Imagine seeing a Hispanic man and a Black man supporting White supremacists. It's like Turkeys voting for Christmas
  5. Text Book vs. Honeymoon Blue Banisters vs. Music To Watch Boys To Arcadia vs. Terrence Loves You Black Bathing Suit vs. God Knows I Tried If You Lie Down With Me vs. High By The Beach Beautiful vs. Freak Violet For Roses vs. Art Deco Dealer vs. Burnt Norton Thunder vs. Religion Wildflower Wildfire vs. Salvatore Nectar Of The Gods vs. The Blackest Day Living Legend vs. 24 Cherry Blossom vs. Swan Song Sweet Carolina vs. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood Honeymoon: 11 Blue Banister: 9
  6. I don't watch Eurovision so I can't tell. However, I still think that it's the only plausible reason.
  7. I have no idea though. Maybe? Overall that is the reason why they made it in the first place
  8. Well, I guess it's mostly for the fans outside Europe such as Australia and Israel and some many other countries rather than geography. I understand the sentiment though