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  1. Iconic song I've always been obsessed with the video aesthetic and I still am
  2. I don't know her but she's a mess
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    Music Video

    I love this song. It's so exotic. I hope she's coming up with a new album in 2020
  4. I mean the collab with Lizzo would be interesting to listen to. However, he's low-key a mess
  5. When that person you're still waiting for doesn't want you to be friends with his other friends lmfao2 I can't be tamed baby rip4 I do whatever I want. Just Fuck off tay1 


    1. LittleDudeNT5

      Girl, leave his ass ari3

    2. Princess Aurora

      I already did ari3

  6. We Belong Together by Mariah Carey still hits me hard after all these years



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    Six seconds of silence ?
  9. This gif explains everything
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    Who are they?
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    What about Turn Off The Light ?
  13. Mood 


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    I mean, If I was her. I'd like to take a long break, especially after a divorce. Good for her though
  16. Yes, of course. You could Google the actual documents of the case and get a lot of it. Paraphrase most of it and then, You can make your introduction about General Information about Sexual Assault and Kesha's career and what was happening behind the scenes.
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    Well Well, I'd say I Don't Want It At All Faded Heart To Break Hillside Boys All The Time Can't Do Better 123 Dayz Up They're all classics especially Heart To Break, Can't Do Better and Hillside Boys. I Don't Want It At All reminds me of Material Girl by Madonna while Faded and 123 Dayz Up remind me a lot of Kesha in 2010.
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    Celeb News

    The way she sang Umbrella

    Gay people can be friends without being sexual such as sending nudes, sex and unnecessary flirting  oprah11  Period