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  1. The problem with Demi is that they explored different genres until now. Then, Drugs with insecurities is what kept them from their best. Demi peaked in 2013/2014 I guess. Overall Pop Punk is exactly what they always wanted to do. If you look at Don't Forget or Here We Go Again, you'll know what I'm talking about
  2. Agreed. The ARTPOP concept was great at first but the final product was so disappointing However, Chromatica is so much better
  3. Yeah. True. As an Italian person, I remember this. Sure, it went differently but I see some similarities with current Hungary.
  4. Oh wow. It sounds like that Democracy is dead over there Now I see where the US Republicans are getting their own tactics
  5. But why did the Hungarian Government become more extremist during the last decade ? Was that a social issue for example ?
  6. True . What the hell happened after 2012 ? It looked like Hungary was pretty quiet before that year
  7. Agreed. The UK has different issues now luckily. After Section 28, They're not bothering the Gay community anymore. Unfortunately there are many countries with lacking full equality or where being simply gay or lesbian leads you to death. Me neither, I always wanted to visit St. Petersburg for the Hermitage Museum but it discourages me a lot since my college friend, who is straight with his friends, was literally mistreated by the local police. Yeah, Westerners aren't very welcome in Russia. I can't imagine If someone openly gay happens to be there
  8. Maybe so. I also doubt it as well, they'd do the same they did to Poland last year but nothing much will fundementally change, the Polish mayor apologized after they cut him the funds . However, I'll always advocate for a secular society than one founded by Religious doctrines.
  9. That's funny but yet they get funds and money from the same ''evil'' organization at the same time