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  1. If only Katy could pull a Lizzo with Harleys In Hawaii since it's rising
  2. This. 365, Never Really Over and Harleys In Hawaii could all have been easily #1
  3. I'm very impressed . Despite not being in the charts like she used to for now, she literally has a large following
  4. Iconic That's an Album that shaped a new Generation Of Artists
  5. Because Stan Twitter is a bunch of Minkia Frottage stans. She's barely relevant because of them They're jealous because he's doing so much better than their trainwreck of a fave. One of them had the nerve to tell me that Nicki is the Beyoncé or Michael Jackson of Rap, I'm sorry but I have to laugh She's more like the Regina George of Rap
  6. I made this lyric video about this flawless cover As I previously said before, she can sing anything
  7. In Before they're moving the server, I got a new Visual Lyric video for all of you. I hope you enjoy it


  8. This is better than Camila's Cinderella true1 


  9. This. Offset is anti-vax as well. However, he didn't act as annoying as Nicki
  10. Woah. That's messed up then I remember she sounded so shocked when Cardi B did it but she's no different but worse than Cardi
  11. Queenie is actually one of the books for my Contemporary English Literature exam
  12. Agreed. The good thing about Cardi B is that she has improved in the past year apparently. Nicki is getting worse and worse every day especially this year. It's gonna be hilarious. Recently my Twitter is on fire since I used logic against Nicki and some Barbz are coming after. I noticed some have Masochist tendencies among them
  13. I love Rihanna Now the Barbz are gonna attack her. Despite I find Cardi problematic, at least she had the decency of inviting experts or politicians when coming to talk about certain issues