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    Celeb News

    Hopefully she'll get enough money to make an album better than MC+HDP.
  2. He's gonna be a fad. Just like Zayn.
  3. Baby Doll

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    Then read a different review.
  5. Baby Doll

    @blankdreams I was on the top section of seats, but I could see amazingly.
  6. Baby Doll

    STORYTIME: ANTi World Tour

    Last night, I went to the ANTi World Tour in New Orleans. I'm just basically gonna tell y'all the story. So, Here it is: The concert started at 7:30, so we left at 6:15 so we would get there around 7:00/6:45. When we arrived, it was around 7:05. We walked in the arena/stadium/whatever it's called, and I got merch. I got the $50 longsleve shirt which had a picture of Rihanna and it had the tourdates on the back and I got a foam finger. I didn't really like it that much because: 1. It was longsleve and 2. It was itchy as hell. So, we went to our seats and waited for a couple minutes before we decided to go get nachos. When we were walking, I saw the merch stand and I went to go return my shirt. I returned my longsleve shirt and I got 2 $25 dollar shirts instead. We went back to our seats and Travis Scott came on. I had no idea who he was before the concert He performed a couple of songs and proceeded to smoke weed on stage. Legit I couldn't escape the smell of weed. It was disgusting. After he left the stage, we waited like 40 minutes for her to come out. Some dude in back of me spilled his beer all over my white shirt. I was about to fight a bitch. When the lights dimmed down, I legit screamed at the top of my lungs (and peed a little). She performed Stay first. Everyone was singing. Ngl, I cried a little. When she performed Love The Way You Lie Pt. 2, everyone was quiet because, let's be real. It floppedT. After, she performed a few more songs on some bridge looking thing. When she performed Woo, I was bopping so hard. Everyone was gridin' up on there girlfriends/boyfriends when she sang 'Sex With Me'. I was standing there with my cousin like. She performed a bunch of more songs, but I'm not going to get into detail because my hand hurts. I fell down when she performed BBHMM. Legit, this was me: When she performed man down, my poor bussy was sore from bopping so hard. OH MAMA. MAMA. MAMA. I SHOT A MAN DOWN. She ended with Kiss It Better. When it ended, she said "Thank you, New Orleand. I can't wait to come back.' I LITERALLY BUSTED OUT CRYING SO HARD. BITCH, YOU BETTER FUCKING COME BACK HERE. That's basically all. Hope you enjoyed reading it. I had a wonderful time and I hope y'all get to experience a Rihanna concert one day.
  7. It's very boring. There's no high point. Plus all the songs lowkey sound the same.
  8. It's only the truth, sis. YAAAAAAAAAS. We legit have the same taste. After you, boo boo. It's an absolute shame she made that terrible song. Not all y'all coming for me like this.
  9. Good. Into You sucks.
  10. Baby Doll


    True. We can't have 17 music videos of her laying on a couch.
  11. Oh no! All of you should all #PreOrderDangerousWomanOniTunes before it closes.