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  1. LG G6

    yikes she's not even being discreet about the methods she uses to distract from her scandals
  2. LG G6 here

    lowkey a bop


    1. Hermione

      Omg I'm so embarrassed for them. They tried to be the Dixie Chicks but... rip4

    2. Dan

      if this doesn't hit #1 next week I'm leaving the country

  3. LG G6

    A mention of Mariah is nowhere to be found in this article
  4. LG G6 here

    Done with my finals bitches bey7Now time to fight the financial aid office again brit8

  5. Sis you were a Cardi stan and was trashing Nicki a few months ago. Now that she's more controversial and supporting rapists and pedophiles every day you're a nicki stan again? I think you're just fake stanning her to be a contrarian. Stop, it's not cute.
  6. jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4jj4
  7. Sis, being an Xtincta fan is more embarrassing. Britney is x50 more popular.
  8. LG G6 here

    Shawn Mendes is not ga-


    1. Kyoteki

      jj4 ....

      Bruh, y’all Gays HATE when they have stereotypes put on them and put in a box of homophobia. However, they are quick to place said awful stereotypes on others.

      Y’all smell that?? That.. That ODOR! 

    2. LG G6

      Most of those stereotypes are true sis. Only the self hating gays and homophobes hate those stereotypical attributes 

  9. She deserves to if she really did this. Rich people need to stop getting away with this and pay up like the rest of us