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  1. hes such a fuckboy, rihanna dodged a bullet
  2. LG G6


    Mice have no rights. They're vermin. Stop being retarded. Also, everyone would prefer to be a biological parent rather than adopting. You're a hypocritical homophobe.
  3. LG G6

    "straight young people"
  4. Nobody knows who Maria is so if she does copy her nobody will know.
  5. LG G6

    I'm not a fan of Gaga but the obsessive hate some people in this thread have for her is just sick. You guys need to acknowledge you have a problem and get help asap, this isn't healthy. Anyway, A Star Is Born is a great movie. She deserves all the praise she's currently getting.
  6. LG G6 here

    Did Shawn Mendes come out of the closet yet?

  7. LG G6 here

    Just watched A Star is Born... I'm shook. I thought it was going to suck 


  8. LG G6

    Who is she?
  9. LG G6

    What's the purpose of this thread