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  1. The Dark Knight is popular and genuinely one of the best movies of all time. Don't compare it to Black Panther
  2. I don't know how to respond to this. Let's just end this conversation here
  3. Are you going to keep repeating this meme? I know we shouldn't judge people back then for marrying children, I have no problem with that. They didn't know better. But none of those other groups who were marrying children then are backed by a religion that billions of people who think it is perfect and unchangeable still follow to this day. They still believe that what Muhammad did was not wrong and is okay to emulate. That is the difference. Let that sink in. Don't even try repeating the "BuT EvErYoNE eLsE diD iT tOo" bullshit. I believe in a single God but I don't follow a religion.
  4. It does when Muslims believe that Islam is the final message until the end of time and that it is a perfect religion that has no room for reformation. If you don't believe this then you're not a true Muslim, according to Islam. Sis, I have been studying Islam for more than 10 years and was a Muslim at one point, don't even try it. Imagine defending pedophilia that is acted upon.
  5. It's the truth sis. You can get married to a girl as young as a newborn if you are sexually attracted to her, but you can only have sex with her once she reaches puberty. Girls can reach puberty as early as 7 or 8 years old. Prophet Muhammad's child bride Aisha, who he had married when she was age 6, was 9 years old when she reached puberty and he had sex with her. In Islam, prophet Muhammad is the example of the perfect man and Muslims believe he has never committed a sin.
  6. If it was a 10 year old girl he would still be alive. Pedophilia is allowed in Islam
  7. LG G6

    *one person/few ppl say something crazy* idiots: "omg sjws are so annoying the left is out of control"