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  1. It stayed there to protest your terrible grammar
  2. Is the album really that bad?
  3. I don't know...... it's a cringe bop. I just made that up.. idk how else to describe it.
  4. millennials and teens today are more progressive and accepting
  5. here

    When you find out bisexual legend Li Shang isn't going to be in the Mulan live-action remake 


  6. oh wow, you're back. I haven't seen you in a long time
  7. Celeb News

    i'm getting perfect illusion flashbacks
  8. omg nvm this is fake. but not much different from the studio version
  9. and madonna can't even sing sitting down, much less while dancing
  10. newsflash, light skin black people are black too. she isn't trying to "be white."
  11. did you mean primeval-madonna