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  1. VaginasAreDisgusting!

    And I'm pretty sure everyone can agree that you are the worst Madonna troll. At least @Madonna is somewhat entertaining
  2. VaginasAreDisgusting!

    And the people that keep replying to these shitty Madonna vs Mariah threads with more than 5 words, what's wrong with you?
  3. VaginasAreDisgusting!

    And, I'm not sure if you're mentally ill or you just don't remember posting the same thread x100 times.
  4. VaginasAreDisgusting!

    Don't give yourself too much credit dear. I asked @Onika to permanently ban me two years ago but the stupid cunt refused. I wish he honored my request. This could have gone down peacefully.
  5. VaginasAreDisgusting!

    Madonna's music is trash. @Jjang 's madonna threads made me want to never come on this site again
  6. VaginasAreDisgusting!

    mods if you don't permanently ban me i'll keep posting these forever
  7. VaginasAreDisgusting!

    don't have the time. im trying to get permanently banned as quick as possible
  8. VaginasAreDisgusting!

    No it wont
  9. VaginasAreDisgusting!

    She's so cringe
  10. VaginasAreDisgusting!


    can someone give me a link
  11. VaginasAreDisgusting!


    who won best actor
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fritzl_case
  13. Why am I suddenly attracted to Charlie Puth? 


    1. Dr. Slay

      you've lost it, stream handmade heaven!

  14. VaginasAreDisgusting!

    General News

    America is shit so he's definitely going to get something