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  1. poor LG5 Pls Dont Flop moo5 

  2. Why am I suddenly attracted to Charlie Puth? 


    1. Dr. Slay

      Dr. Slay

      you've lost it, stream handmade heaven!

  3. After all these years I'm still wondering why they put the dick in the pussy

  4. I only watched this and Budapest hotel. How would you rank his other films from best to worst?
  5. Me: Fuck capitalism! Eat the rich! nicki6

    Also me: I want it, I got it You like my hair? Gee, thanks Just bought it I see it, I like it I want it, I got it rih6


  6. not the Bundersnatch actor leaving twitter because he was compared to Sid the Bully from Toy Story lmfao2

    The resemblance is striking