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  1. I WANT A GUY. I'm lifting my 2018 ban on men. Step this way, gentlemen!

  2. Ordered a pair of jeans and they don't fit. Now I gotta send them back. THE AGONY. fall9

  3. Need your help, can you complete this survey! (Put your FOTP username) https://goo.gl/forms/XbrItmMXZYllG7Uo2

  4. Update: Still banning guys, but I feel a lot better. I'm pushing myself forward! cry7

  5. I got this new beginning and I will fly. I’ll fly like a cannonball


  6. I don't wanna say it but somebody's gotta say that it's over brit2

  7. Add my snapchat fats: lukee_reid

    Cant wait to see your beautiful faces x

  8. Anxiety is such an awful thing and I'm beginning my third year of trying to overcome it. cry9

    1. Anna-wa


      I wish you all the luck in the world katyanna1 

    2. SWINΞ


      You’re not alone sis!!


  9. 2018: Banning guys (Well after my date tonight). I hate them. Why am I unlovable. brit2

    1. K$ANIMAL
    2. K$ANIMAL
    3. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Tell yourself you're valid and lovable, you're fine and Take a break from the dating world because Nothing is easy just relax and enjoy what you have for now <3 

  10. I am low-key drunk but I'm glad because I'm not sad. Rita's power #ForYou brit2

  11. Three hours later and I'm still a mess. I just want my bed, beer and sad songs. fall9

  12. So, I messed up a date last night! Been speaking to him for a month and I just friend zoned myself in one night of meeting fall9

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    2. Luke Louder Places Michele

      Luke Louder Places Michele



      And was that a sarcastic response with that emote usage 

    3. Shego


      No ...but I changed it fall9

    4. Luke Louder Places Michele

      Luke Louder Places Michele

      I pray you're right, I do!

  13. New name!



    1. Royalty


      What was your old one rip4 

    2. Hyun.


      loving the promo for this fantastic album cry6

    3. Luke Louder Places Michele
  14. Keep buying and streaming Places by Lea Michele! 


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    2. Quill


      I, Rachel Barbra Berry, support this message! alex1 

    3. Luke Louder Places Michele
    4. edwinfg


      you don't pay for name change tho. you can just go to your settings to see if you have that name for enough time

  15. I just saw Lea Michele live... I've got no words to express how I'm feeling. 

    1. Anna-wa


      I'm so glad you got to see her. :)

    2. Quill


      Lucky! oprah2 

  16. Went out last night and got a kiss and a number from a guy. I'm back guys! oprah2

  17. Just got back from visiting Disneyland Paris! It was amazing. I was speaking to three guys from there, aha. Currently got ones Snapchat and he's cute. 

  18. LJuMFKL.gif

    1. Honey


      I was expecting her to rise up and Gaga to come down on the wire dead2