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  1. So, I messed up a date last night! Been speaking to him for a month and I just friend zoned myself in one night of meeting fall9

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    2. Princess Aurora

      Princess Aurora

      Oh don't worry, I'm sure it will work out somehow and please don't feel sad over what a random boy/person says , just let it go If it doesn't work it happens, remember that there's no rush and especially Remember that

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    3. Luke Louder Places Michele

      Luke Louder Places Michele

      Thanks, I'll try not to. I'm sure I've survive and get over it if needs be.

    4. Shego


      26 minutes ago, Luke Louder Places Michele said:

      And he replied "Probably yes, not sure when/yet though". I don't know if he said yet or when... How does that response sound? Hasn't made me feel any better tbh!

      I think you still have a chance fall9

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