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  1. Drake


    Ooh, I thought the way you posted it that Onika was Mike lol
  2. Drake


    Wait, onika is Mike Eisele?
  3. I think Kesha has insurance companies paying for her legal fees. As long as she makes money from her concerts, she should be good financially. She’s 3 albums away from finishing the contract, right?
  4. Drake


    Oh boy lol. I wonder what the lines were about Mike Eisle.
  5. Drake


  6. Drake


    THIS WAS THE BEST THING IVE READ. I cracked up multiple times of Pearl and Lepera going against each other like that LOL!!
  7. Haha, that was me! Also, Go Kesha!! We know you will win at the end.
  8. I thought they were supposed to be released today at 5PM.
  9. I’d like if they can email you when a filling is submitted lol
  10. This is awesome!! Thank you!! I see everything here.
  11. Oh wow, I’d love to read all that. Yup, I do.
  12. You’re faster than the journalists lol! It’s almost as if youre an insider lol 😂 . I’m still trying to figure out how to search on the website. Can you take pictures of how you search? Sorry lol!