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  1. This is gonna be the worst album of the year. I can't wait!
  2. Yeah sure... Sky honey
  3. PhCh

    They're all embarrassing
  4. She is a grown woman that made a concept album sexualizing babies so this doesn't really come as much of a surprise
  5. PhCh


    Shoo-Bee-Doo - I shamelessly like this song I Love New York - not bad, just bland Don't Stop - same as ILNY I'm So Stupid - the beginning is annoying, the rest is decent Nobody's Perfect - the vocoder is a bit too much in this one Bye Bye Baby - could have been a cute interlude Shanti/Ashtangi - just unnecessary Superstar - embarrassing but it kinda bops I Know It - lifeless like most of her debut Jimmy Jimmy - eh Spanish Lesson - could have been decent without that awful pronunciation Love Song - insufferable and it seems like it goes forever Autotune Baby -
  6. I Should Be So Lucky: Play The Loco-Motion: Play Je ne sais pas pourquoi: Play It's No Secret: Play Got to Be Certain: Play Turn It into Love: Play I Miss You: Play I'll Still Be Loving You: Skip Look My Way: Play Love at First Sight Play ISBLY is the only vile song of the album, the rest is pretty inoffensive
  7. HBHBHB is in no way, shape or form better than Ceremonials, that gross narrative needs to stop She's still one of my favorite artists though so of course I'm perched for this
  8. I've listened to One Of The Boys by Katy way more many times that I would like to admit (I mean is her best album but still... )
  9. Kylie: Chocolate Madonna: Drowned World Mariah: The Roof Beyonce: Haunted Britney: Break The Ice Xtina: Get Mine Get Yours Katy: Waking Up in Vegas Gaga: Marry The Night Rihanna: Disturbia Taylor: State of Grace Ariana: Touch It Kesha: The Harold Song Lana: Off To The Races
  10. Hmm I like the vibe, it seems like a grower! Though I hope the rest of the album... really serve