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  1. R.I.P. sis. oprah4 We'll miss you! or at least i will since i didn't know you were MissCookieLynn

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  2. DangerousWoman

    I'd assume i'd be familiar to you considering I spoke to you a few days. Also don't know what you're talking about and why are you quoting me again? I stated my piece leave me.
  3. DangerousWoman

    Again tone and things of that nature is subjective. Both are exceptionally good at falsetto. Whitney had a beautiful falsetto and so does Ariana I mean that's what she's known for belting high notes and using her falsetto. So therefore I said it was debatable I never said my personal preference. I also wouldn't say she's better at everything except range as well but again i'm done speaking to you.
  4. DangerousWoman

    Are you reading what you post? Me saying those things are subjective is for a reason cause they are. I said WHITNEY is the better singer however singers have different strengths just because she is the better overall singer doesn't mean that she is better then Ariana at everything regarding singing. You're telling me I need to make sense when you're jumping into things without knowing the basis and clearly don't know what you're talking about. Okay
  5. DangerousWoman

    You better stan that masterpiece .
  6. DangerousWoman

    There are people out there that do. The tone of someones voice is again SUBJECTIVE based on preference like I said. Whitney's falsetto is great and so is Ariana's it all depends on who you like therefore I said debatable and I never said I was dragging someone I responded to your statement I never mentioned WHITNEY no Ariana stan mentioned whitney and I even CLEARLY stated that both Mariah and Whitney are goddesses. I never even gave my personal opinion on who I think is a better singer. Which I actually think WHITNEY is the better singer and know this for a fact. The only one who seems to have BG goggles on is you cause you're literally coming at me for no reason. I'm trying to figure out why you even addressed me cause I never stated nor do I think Ariana is a better singer. I BOW down to whitney and Mariah people with vocal talent and I don't play delusional and try to take away from other people for a drag just to make my fave look good. Ariana is a great singer anyways I've nothing to prove and I STAN both WHITNEY and MARIAH. Have a seat.
  7. DangerousWoman

    See I don't know I love both Whitney's and Mariah's tone. Mariah's tone also changed a lot from her debut era. I loved it when her voice became more smokey(raspy) she sounded amazing.
  8. DangerousWoman

    Tone is subjective however I do think Xtina has a beautiful tone. One of the best if we're being honest. I'm not a fan of hers but I will never take that from her. her tone is amazing is she worked on a technique she could be a force.
  9. DangerousWoman

    How am I delusional? I never stated that Ariana was a superior singer. Tone is based of preference some people might like Whitney's tone better than Ari's and vise versa. Ariana definitely has a wider range. Falsetto again is debatable. Chest Voice: I gave it to whitney she's shown better support in her belts when singing in her chest voice Lower Register: Its obviously whitney . Which is all true. You guys try so hard to clown Ariana and are so desperate for drags. I never said she was a superior singer. Worry about your wailing flop fave and i'm glad you finally found your voice and attempted to have a rebuttal this time for me. Cute but you will constantly get shut down everytime.
  10. DangerousWoman

    I love whitney as you can see she's in my awards but sweetie. Tone: Depends on preference Range:Ariana she has 4 octaves whitney has 3. Falsetto:Depends on who you like more both have great falsetto Chest Voice: Whitney Lower Register: Whitney clearly cause Ariana's lower register is none existent Also Ariana stans didn't bring whitney into it. Educate yourself before you post things dahling
  11. DangerousWoman

    She has a lot of power in her voice. I can't believe some of the notes come from that tiny body but compared to whitney and Mariah she doesn't have much power but in general I think she has a lot of power. Her diction has gotten better she just needs to explore her lower register.
  12. DangerousWoman

    Mariah is just a goddess blessed with a great tone, five octaves, and complete control over her instrument. Xtina has a lot of potential I actually like the tone of her voice more than a lot of artist however the constant wailing and lack of technique is just a mess.
  13. DangerousWoman

    Also you all need to stop judging people by the tone of their voices. She is a light lyric soprano she can't control that her voice is bright and isn't as powerful as Mariah's and Whitney's. To say she doesn't have power in her voice though is absurd when she has showed that she is a technical singer and a great vocalist outshadowing most of the pop girls that are out now. Singing loudly doesn't equate to being a great singer though ala Xtina.
  14. DangerousWoman

    Ariana definitely has some power in her voice.
  15. DangerousWoman

    I'm not serious and i'm not the one who's butthurt you're the one who's upset because you got called out on your antics. I guess every stanbase has a messy member and you happen to be that one messy stan that is a lamb. If I was serious I know how to go to NHB and make a thread about it without hesitation and trust me if I did you wouldn't be able to handle it. Continue to toss your opinions at people as if they are fact and backpedal when you get called out for it.