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  1. Yeah! I can't wait!
  2. @Princess Aurora My song of the month. That video.


    1. Princess Aurora

      OMG I love this song shock1 

    2. P.O.P

      stan yall

  3. Love that song.


    1. Krista

      Oh yes! I love that song. It's my soothing, relaxing bop.

  4. Hyperballad


    Taylor Swift - 60 (-) Fearless - 195 Speak Now - 125 Red - 135 (+) 1989 - 100 Reputation - 85
  5. That amazing riff. @Juinae



    1. Juinae

      But since you been gone
      I can breathe for the first time
      I'm so moving on
      Yeah, yeah
      Thanks to you
      Now I get what I want
      Since you been gone


    2. Hyperballad

      Amazing taste, as usual! :)

  6. Hyperballad


    Goddess of sales.
  7. Hi. Back. FOTP.

    Getaway Car and I Did Something Bad are destroying my existence. Why?

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    2. Sylk

      omg welcome back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Hyperballad

      Prince! Need to go back to the Mariah section! And listening to Anytime You Need a Friend right now, coincidence... 


    4. Taylor

      Welcome back! 

      stan her best song Grammy Car cry7