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  1. here

    Hey! wub1 I noticed that you haven't logged in for a while so I just wanted to check up and say that I hope you're doing well!

  2. Shania and Taylor ! Two Zelda for one Link (but where is Link)? Chord Overstreet is so Please. COLLAB GODDESS!
  3. Here is the king @Juinae last week end:


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    2. Royale

      @Hyperballad I know you like Mariah, I saw your Fantasy/WBT thread clap3 keep on going Legends! 

    3. Hyperballad

      @Juinae OMG, Chord Overstreet. That guy... you are so right, OMFG. (You know I love blonde guys x)).

      I also love Shania Twain, she looks so cute!

    4. Hyperballad

      @Royale Of course.

      But, but don't tell me "Vision of Love - Always be my baby" No. 

  4. @Hyun. BTS! Yes, that song slays! Queens.
  5. I love him and I guess I'm the only one.
  6. Other

    Into You!
  7. Discussion

    Red >>>
  8. One of the best pop songs ever. That guitar line and that chorus.


  9. @Juinae is still here.. OMG. What? Why? And that song is perfect.


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    2. PhCh

      Stan this masterpiece cry7 

    3. Hyperballad

      @PhCh Let me follow you. brit7

    4. PhCh

      Followed back ny1 

  10. I've been listening to that song by @Juinae for 25 minutes. And life is good. 


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    2. Hyperballad

      Yeah! And that hot guy. I wish I were Taylor. brit2

    3. Taylor

      22 minutes ago, Hyperballad said:

      Yeah! And that hot guy. I wish I were Taylor. brit2

      Don't we all? tina1 

    4. Jae

      Best song on 1989 cry0 

  11. @Hannah.. Queen. @Taylor and @Sylk's status are awesome... But don't worry, your status are like that song:


  12. That fucking "battle" (between @Taylor and @Sylk) made my day/night. You, guys are like Bulbasaur and Salamander or Ash and Misty. :D 

    1. Taylor

      Gayme Of Thrones

    2. Princess Aurora

      They're the best at throwing shade ny1 

  13. She's talented, she has a beautiful voice, she write perfect songs. Our British queen. @Tiny Little Bows


    1. Hermione

      I love this song so much omg <333

    2. Hyperballad

      Me too. That song...

    3. Princess Aurora

      This song is everything yas2