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    Well at least he went out quick
  2. Nuclear Chicken


    she looks so good im so happy for her
  3. Nuclear Chicken


    I'm excited!
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    Yeah it definitely does. Even if just a little bit
  5. Nuclear Chicken

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    Mess at people on Twitter calling her an idiot and a bad mother.
  6. I didn't bat an eye at the shirt in connection to the model's skin color until it was pointed out to me. My mom called me a little monkey all the time when I was little. I really doubt it was intentional. However, people are offended by it, and I can see why. Though, I don't really think any kind of boycott is necessary (I mean, you can stop buying from them if you want. That's your prerogative) They misjudged what people would be offended by, and I'm pretty sure they've learned from that. People saying the company is going to 'tank'- it's not. Companies have survived WAY worse advertising mishaps. The Weeknd and G-Eazy ending partnership seems more opportunistic than anything.
  7. I just really doubt the hoodie was in reference to that. People call kids little monkeys all the time. I guess whether the intent matters is subjective.
  8. wait don't people call little kids monkeys all the time? i know my mom did. i'm surprised anyone even drew the conclusion that it could be racist, i never would've thought of that.
  9. Nuclear Chicken

    Celeb News

    sis... we been KNEW.
  10. Nuclear Chicken


    Wait... people think that this family HAPPENS to all experience gender dysphoria? Every one of them? Even when gender dysphoria is incredibly rare? Pls help me understand.
  11. Nuclear Chicken


    The idea itself isn't that farfetched, but they do still make money from music sales. That and the source just isn't that credible. We'll see!
  12. Nuclear Chicken


    Update: DMN brought this exact same rumor up in May of 2016 (https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2016/05/11/apple-terminating-music-downloads-two-years/) The rumor was shot down by an Apple Rep shortly after (https://www.recode.net/2016/5/11/11660982/apple-itunes-music-downloads-not-true) Doesn't mean it isn't true, but take it with a grain of salt. DMN isn't very reputable and cited anonymous sources. It's just a really unlikely rumor right now.
  13. Nuclear Chicken


    DMN ain't reliable lol. It's probably fake.