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  1. britney sweetie i am SO sorry
  2. Hi sis! You're not responding to my mentions, so I'm writing here. Would you be please willing to support the Tei Shi stan badge? oprah2 


  3. Imagine thinking that being a kind, loving person, who has enough insight to take the time to create a beautiful and lasting memory for a fan, is 'kissing butt'. Have a nice day.
  4. It's more about success, ability to appeal to the GP, marketing, following pop music trends effectively, etc. To use success on the charts as a way to claim that a song is good is a little foolish. That being said, the ability to make songs that do well on the charts could be considered a talent in itself. Think Sia's hitmaking talent.
  5. Because Kesha accused a high-profile producer of raping her, and Gaga didn't accuse anyone. It's not about sympathy points either, just publicity.
  6. I think he's a legitimate artist that deserves respect, but he's not my thing. I don't like deep voices.
  7. Crazy frog... oh my god. I’m having flashbacks.
  8. This is so funny oh my god
  9. I’m so tired of this ‘country reinvention’ trend. Y’all will never do it better than Kesha so my vote goes to Demi
  10. Single

    That too.
  11. Single

    I’m fine with it being on an album but as a lead single?
  12. Single

    I’m hoping it’s a one-off sort of thing like crowded places tbh.
  13. Single

    it's cute but that trumpet-y synth that plays throughout the whole song girl what were you thinking...