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  1. That post about Heather Heyer made me sick. Why are people so disgusting? I want it to be fake.
  2. But that child will be an adult someday... and then they will not be able to restore their foreskin... because their parents had it cut off... The argument is pretty simple: don't modify your child's genitalia, let them make that decision for themselves when they're an ADULT. Literally no one is arguing that a child should make the choice. That would be equally as moronic as the current setup. im also not sure how you could compare circumcision to other choices that parents make for their children. Like what? Choosing what they wear? Giving them a name?
  3. Mainstream pop is so bad right now. Not NOW as in we're on a downward spiral, but I feel like things are changing within mainstream radio and frankly I'm not here for it! But pop music is so broad. It's just ignorant to lump it all in with people like Katy Perry and Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. There's other stuff out there guys
  4. Frankly, male pop stars need to be rebranded, because they're boring as fuck.
  5. We love art!
  6. General News

    I cannot. Oh my god.
  7. I see you are not familiar with botched circumcisions. They are quite common, which I said before (and you conveniently ignored!) I suggest you do some research. Good luck!
  8. The "absolutely normal part of life in your society" is genital mutilation and it should be illegal. Sorry. Im an advocate for religious freedom in many ways but this issue should be cut and dry. It doesn't improve sexual health and damages the penis. It tortures newborns. Botched circumcisions are common and permanently destroy a baby's penis. It is wrong. I don't know where you're from but in most places babies are circumcised the day after being born, as far as I know.
  9. The hypocrisy. The FUCKING hypocrisy. I'm choking
  10. Music Video

    Allie... girl... why...
  11. It's not Justin's fault but can we not wish lasting injury on the photographer that's just not cool I hope they recover swiftly.
  12. It may or may not be more that my close friend is obsessed with him so she talks about him constantly and that makes me annoyed! I shouldn't get my feelings mixed up