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  1. what's the precious human right? To not have a photo taken of you? Since when were our faces private? We plaster our faces all over social media, on our driver's licenses, etc. they're not private. You can argue that having your photo taken against your will is a violation of privacy but that's just a minuscule taste of what celebrities go through every day escaping the paparazzi. Taylor is a celebrity. And she's protecting herself via minimally-invasive facial recognition. If someone is genuinely mad at this they aren't busy enough, imo.
  2. Nuclear Chicken


    ok wasnt here for it at first because i prefer her more intense vocals to her understated vocals but it's REALLY grown on me... I'm excited for this album omg
  3. Nuclear Chicken

    You've got to be kidding me
  4. Nuclear Chicken

    Chicks in skimpy outfits? First of all, that was slut-shamey and presumptuous. Second of all, whether or not their music is good is subjective. I just don’t find their legacy relevant in 2018 on top of John Lennon’s mistreatment of Yoko Ono and his first son just leaves a bad taste in my mouth whenever people try to make them culturally relevant .
  5. Nuclear Chicken

    Other than being the blueprint for the modern boy band (which is on the decline and died with one direction) where’s the impact? Sure, they were huge at their peak, but what have they left aside from inspiring a generation of kids named Jude
  6. Nuclear Chicken

    i grew up listening to the beatles as my mom and dad were both huge fans and i can confidently say they're overrated and modern beatles stans are very irritating also the band was over-all really gross and the members did a lot of weird shit + John Lennon was kind of a shit person we can leave them in the past
  7. you all need to stop harassing him but what the fuck was that bit about him saying part of him still believes being gay is a bad thing i hope just a poor choice of words
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    2016 1. Marina & the Diamonds (815 scrobbles) 2. Sia (456 scrobbles) 3. Aurora (299 scrobbles) 4. Lady Gaga (250 scrobbles) 5. Grimes (229 scrobbles) 2017 1. Tove Lo (1608 scrobbles) 2. BANKS (1198 scrobbles) 3. Lorde (1085 scrobbles) 4. Kerli (988 scrobbles) 5. Aurora (821 scrobbles) 2018 1. Avril Lavigne (2295 scrobbles) 2. Taylor Swift (1607 scrobbles) 3. Tove Styrke (483 scrobbles) 4. BANKS (372 scrobbles) 5. Tove Lo (331 scrobbles)
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    drunk in Manila convinced me
  10. Nuclear Chicken

    Omg yes, don't even get me started. Absolutely obsessed. Nice to meet you!!!
  11. Rest in peace! Truly an icon gone too soon.
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    @Ghostfacecongratulations legend
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    Is that a threat