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  1. LGBT

    Me looking for the deserved win
  2. LGBT

    Peppermint won that lip sync they just didn't wanna crown her bc she's trans
  3. Idk how someone earns the right to be rude and unprofessional but go off ig!
  4. Celeb News

    I turned my computer upside down and she could look worse considering she's making a face it's kind of boring for a teaser screenshot tho
  5. It couldn't possibly have less to do with him being white and it's sick that anyone would try to push their agenda over this whilst defending a corrupt country
  6. What the fuck he died because he tried to steal a poster a POSTER Why are we suddenly respecting North Korea and their twisted laws?
  7. Gurl if it was about being fat then a few trips to the cosmetic surgeon would fix her right up she doesn't need a surrogate for that
  8. Well I mean I guess I just think it's a bad song but some diamonds seem to channel their hate for froot into Weeds for some reason
  9. Gold and Weeds are NOT underrated but I don't think Weeds should necessarily receive the brutal hate it gets from the fanbase! Tea on Happy though. Probably one of Marina's best ballads if not her best. Also Immortal is depressing AF and that's why no one likes it. Every time I listen to it it sucks all of the energy from my body
  10. I get that these are public records but maybe they shouldn't be? There's not a whole lot of reason for the public to know about this.
  11. Oh man. This is gonna have serious repercussions, I think.