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  1. I feel attacked
  2. alt talent won sis don't be bitter
  3. Well that's a little dramatic isn't it
  4. Celeb News

    Don't we all, Faith?
  5. Stupid and not helpful at all... the 'restrict masturbation' jokes are funny on the internet but this is just counterproductive.
  6. from what I've listened to, her lyrics are not what I'd call tasteful I don't like Madge either but I really don't see CupcakKe's musical appeal
  7. Chained to the rhythm is very poorly written and I don't know how anyone can deny that. I hate hoeanne with every inch of my body but the songwriting is pretty good (albeit basic) Katy just hasn't offered that thus far.
  8. Katy, despite her many bops, had 0 impact. Sorry. She never brought anything new to the table and if she disappeared there wouldn't have been much change... What Gaga did is a little different but ultimately she influenced smaller artists more than big-ticket ones that own the charts now.
  9. Because she can't sing?
  10. Taylor Swift swallows Ed Sheeran no seriously this is TERRIFYING
  11. Biology made the "looks" rule, not men. Also, if it has little to no impact how come people like Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, one direction, etc. became famous entirely by attracting teenage girls with their looks? i agree it's different but you can't possibly say that it's non-existent...
  12. Discussion

  13. She deserves to be copied.