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  1. hector


    Living For Love Medellin Crave
  2. https://open.spotify.com/album/7DCZNNlAtw903BWWwtslPD?si=enomPdW0SFi6Euh40ejkPA i don’t know why i can’t embed, if a mod sees this please fix it!
  3. hector

    it’s a good album tho i only listen to consideration and kiss it better the most
  4. hector

    if available, i want three one for kylie, one for maluma/zayn/brendon and one for britney if it's possible you can take the $15 million from maluma's acc. and also 1 million more as a tip so u can buy something pretty xx @Ronlop
  5. hector

    havana vs no tears left to cry nnn you could clearly see madonna was not having it and was ready to call ariana to get her award and when she read the envelope she was like. ......what is dis hunny and called camila sksksks
  6. bitch who cares, why are y’all fighting like this lmaooo congrats moo tbh iconic christmas song and i’m happy it finally reaches #1 (if it does) i can’t at madonna and moo stans keeping this nonsensical hate when both madonna and mariah don’t even care 💀💀💀 y’all embarrassing