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  1. same, i'm not surprised either! the song connected with lots of people. i'd hate if this era ends up being a two single only era
  2. sis is even higher than GIAW on spotify aksjfbakj and its an album track still, screaming. i hope she films the video and it's all like th cloud visuals UGH
  3. yeah tea, and the song is at like 92m on spotify already and rising
  4. On the 19th Latin GRAMMY Awards ceremony. This week the nominations were revealed and J Balvin leads the pack with eight nominations for his work with his new studio album "Vibras" and the singles from the album. Pabllo Vittar was nominated for "Best Urban / Fusion Performance" with his song with Diplo, "Sua Cara" which also features Brazilian Pop star Anitta. The list of artists nominated include Maluma, Luis Miguel, Karol G and more. Check it out: https://www.etonline.com/2018-latin-grammy-awards-nominations-see-the-complete-list-110043
  5. excuse me? throw this shit away! where's GIAW??? and screaming at NTLTC being below santa tell me, side to side and a cover did a straight do this? smells like it
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