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  1. Are you thinking of signing up? Join us!
  2. That depends on the music corporation. Since you’re just starting, you’ll get on Sony and they will give you a monthly budget! Most of the money you see on that site is money we made with albums, singles, campaigns and the monthly budget the corp gives us
  3. Tbh, if they are going to do life action movies they SHOULD do first iconic films like The Little Mermaid, with actual actors instead of CGI stuff. I love this idea of bringing back old iconic/classic Disney stories for the new generation like this but idk, I'm not here for this one. I'll for sure see it but I'm just patiently waiting for TLM
  4. it was about damn time! they were big pioneers for pop boy bands back in the 2000's. biggest gag is they getting it before justin
  5. You just add the name of your label and the artist you're signing up! @Ronlop (as far as we know!!!) is still the host of the game and it'll come back "soon". The game right now has been paused sadly!
  6. pop masterpiece deserved roty and soty tbh
  7. i saw omg finally!
  8. Stream “Ray of Light” on Spotify
  9. Butch were ya at
  10. Music Video

    This is nice, but nothing will top "Right Were You Want Me"
  11. "I'm fast food's first lady" LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO this is iconic
  12. ok little dickx stan
  13. d right?
  14. Am I not adding Madonna on this list because I stan her? No.. You're missing the point Britney, Xtina, etc may have had flopping albums but Madonna not being a fad? Sis go take a look on their social media (which literally is a way to see who's remembered or who's not) and both outdo Madonna's followers by miles, her streams by miles, her views by miles... I'm not saying they are better, they are just not as a fad like Madonna is now so not including her is just bias, most of the girls in this list outdo her in that but werk i guess