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  1. and this would be an "achievement" because...................
  2. this painting video has been around twitter in various tweets and they all have lots of rts and favs queen of viral tweets!
  3. I thought of that but the weirdest part is that I can hear the songs from the albums that's what I don't understand at all
  4. I've been searching for Hilary's previous music on Spotify for a very long time and I've only ever found "Breathe In. Breathe Out.", her previous albums doesn't appear to me at all but a playlist "This is: Hilary Duff" was created yesterday and all of her previous music is there but not on Hilary's profile. Has this happened to you with an artist that you hear? I clicked on "Dignity", "Metamorphosis" and the albums appear to me like this:
  5. Well, the singles from "Britney" + "Me Against The Music" had a reason for flopping, Britney was banned in radios in the US + I think her label on her first eras didn't sold too much physical copies of her singles because they wanted to focus on album sales which was a regular thing to do at that time hence the big album sales they had. And well the rest of the singles were never performed or promoted (Do Somethin' was performed for the first time ever in 2009, five years after the release) and you forgot "Slumber Party" at #88 ddd #JusticeforSP tbh! I still think that if it weren't for that radio ban, Britney's singles would've done so much better and she would've gotten more #1s.. EDIT: ddd sorry i just saw that the justification for Britney + MATM was already explained
  6. let's all mourn together and pray this thread isn't deleted by the admins https://www.rabb.it/hectorj91
  7. we were supposed to have a response from Ron today with his decision of keep this going or just shutting it down but I guess we ain't going on since he hasn't come here yet
  8. we still here hoes! https://www.rabb.it/Ronlop
  9. Heaven? Hell? Yes! Promote the 4x, #1 hit single by Arianal!