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  1. btw y'all stream like a prayer on youtube!
  2. after raini rodriguez i assume bc no one can top her!
  3. kbkjf i can already tell. ugh tbh madonna's 80s music is the definition of ART!
  4. spotify renamed confessions on a dancefloor again........... my last.fm gonna be fucked up
  5. oh wow it isn't that bad sksks i'm looking forward for the rest. live to tell for #1!
  6. ugh a shame bc most of my fav madonna stuff is from the 80s hopefully i dont miss the other ones. btw do u know where's the first song posted? bc i wanna see the ratings and get mad!
  7. omg HOW did i miss this
  8. hector

    not really, all of those albums/songs sound really dated now tbh so
  9. hector


    that pic does seem it was made in picsart or something kasjfbajs
  10. hector


    right? she looks so good in that video, as if she was born 4 seconds before recording it. A youthful legend! i didn't even notice the necklace
  11. hector


    girl she looks snatching i cant im so ready for this bop
  12. hector

    the way cardi stomped
  13. hector

    pfff just cancel the whole damn tour sis, the embarrassment