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  7. BELINDA, ARIANA GRANDE, SHAKIRA & MALUMA SING "BEAUTIFULLY BIZARRE" Singers unite to give longtime friend and collaborator, Brendon Urie, a tribute after last night's incident August 17th, 2017 | United States Last night, the world stopped for the invited artists on what was supposed to be Madonna's 59th birthday party but everything didn't went as according to plan moments after the celebration started in the iconic Hotel Plaza as singers Fergie and Ali Ali planned an attack on the evening. According to CNN, ABC and various other news outlets there were sadly four dead and 40 injured and one of those was one of Republic Record's biggest stars and Super Bowl National Anthem singer, Brendon Urie that got shot in a very severe way trying to protect his friend Ariana Grande who was present at the moment that the terrible attack occurred. The news of the event started spreading online fast and made it be one of the most talked about moments of the year with more than 200K tweets about the incident and 104K tweets with the hashtag "#PrayForBrendon" that many stars used after knowing he was one of the victims of the night. After this, his music sky rocketed on the new music platform "Encore" tonight making Brendon earn more than 3 Million streams on his #1 hit single "Oblivious", more than 880K on his latest single "El Diablo" and 500K on the single he released for the Beauty and the Beast live action movie "Beautifully Bizarre". Brendon's debut album "Love Lost In Vegas" has accumulated 3.8M streams just from today and it seems that it won't stop as fans have been showing support towards him during this drastic times. Now, as a tribute to their friend, Belinda, Maluma, Shakira and Ariana Grande all artists signed to Republic Records are going to perform a rendition of Brendon's ballad "Beautifully Bizarre" on The Late Late Show with James Corden, watch below. "Here to perform a very beautiful rendition to Brendon Urie's latest single "Beautifully Bizarre", please welcome Ariana Grande, Belinda, Maluma and Shakira". Said James Corden with a very calmed tone voice in comparison of his always bubbly personality. Then the stage was shown all dark and one light slowly started to glow and you can see Ariana Grande standing there holding the microphone stand and with teary eyes singing her signature humming before starting to sing the first verse of the song completely alone. The camera focused on Ariana's face as she showed such emotions to the rendition of the song and as it was ending, the pre chorus of the song begun and another light starts to glow and you could see Maluma now singing slowly the words of the pre-chorus but with a lot of passion. As the chorus followed up, the whole stage lighted up in a very beautiful peach tone and now every artist on the stage could be seen and they were belting together the chorus of the song. The camera now shows the audience members with very sad faces on them and lip syncing to the words said by the singers, camera also showed James Corden singing along. Then the next verse was up and it was Shakira's turn to sing, and the camera showed her beautiful blue dress and then her face as she kept belting the notes from the original track while holding the microphone stand. Belinda, Maluma and Ariana where singing as background vocals Shakira's parts at some points adding a humming just to continue with the mood of the song was having at the moment that Shakira was singing as she was almost cracking her voice from sadness. Shakira then ends her verse and looks at Belinda who started singing now the next verse of the song while looking at the camera, you could even feel the emotions from her a lot as she sang. Then she looked at the audience and kept singing the high notes of the song while at this time, Ariana Grande was belting some ad-libs and beautiful falsettos that merged with the orchestral instrument that the song has that at the moment was played by a orchestra. When Belinda's verse started to end, the four started holding their hands and sang the pre-chorus of the song and when the chorus came in, beautiful white paper made as butterflies started being thrown to the stage and the audience from the ceiling as a beautiful honour of the victims of the attack made this passing week. The camera shows the audience singing along the chorus of the song and grabbing the paper butterflies, Ariana, Maluma, Shakira and Belinda then started singing the chorus of Madonna's song "Bottom of the Ocean" two times as the beautiful paper butterflies were still falling from the ceiling and now the peach light on the stage was as bright as the sun. James Corden is now seen also grabbing some paper butterflies and you can see him mouthing "This is so beautiful" and then the camera goes back to the stage and now you see Shakira, Belinda, Maluma and Ariana holding hands but holding them high as they end to sing the Madonna song with a very beautiful tone and the hashtag "#GunsAreTheRealEnemy" are seen behind them and the performance ends. The camera shows now the stage and the fans scream and clap for the singers as they were now seen hugging each other and whipping their tears from the face and then James Corden comes to the stage and hugs each and everyone one of them and congratulating them for the beautiful rendition made of Brendon and Madonna's song tonight, he thanks the audience for coming tonight and for the singers to perform and the show ends with the audience clapping and cheering as the screen turned black the hashtag reappeared and many places for donations where shown in the screen as well.