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  1. i love dolly but the comparisons are kinda on point if you think about it. it's not about the music but more about how dolly can do that and be praised and we know what happens when madonna posts a picture on instagram jdkb cher is awful, sorry
  2. this song is meh. idk... dua isn't interesting to me. i will bop to her songs but she's just there... the song could've been much better if she didn't keep the "stay-stay-stay" part on the bridge alone because it made the rest of the song sound very dull.
  3. cute she referenced slave 4 u... but thats it. nothing else is especial about this
  4. idk, her voice sounds equally nasal and whiny than camila's so that's where the comparison is made. i disagree on the rest because yeah, she can dance, but she was trained to dance in an specific way and you can tell (her snl performance says it all) so it seems like she's just kicking her leg high and then doing like 56 other dance moves in 2 seconds, all over the place. i just dont see it for her, she's annoying to me. she's not doing anything new either, tinashe, chloe and normani already did but the difference is that they didn't have a machine behind them, sadly
  5. she basicall is, RCA said they are going to "push her" so
  6. god no. we don't need another camila cabello, we didnt ask for the first one so we clearly dont need its copy
  7. could've been better tbh. feels more "cohesive" than feed the beast at least... i will never understand why her team decided to scrap future starts now and add that horrible slut pop reject that had NOTHING to do with the rest of the album sonically or lyrically
  8. her team only makes fuck ups at this point... love she's kinda more mainstream now but i miss when she was indie
  9. This marks the very first female solo rap song to reach #1, it also reaches a new peak in daily streams (the best for a female rap solo song thus far) "all-american bitch" debuts at #1 on US Spotify with 2,9M streams "Bongos" fails to reach the top 50 and to have similar numbers as "WAP"