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  1. hector

    lmao you’re so obsessed with cal, go check yourself honey you need it
  2. hector

    you're so annoying ew lmao that song's awful
  3. future nostalgia is average at best, she can be compared to gaga’s albums bc of that, not madonna’s
  4. hector

    i didn’t lie
  5. hector

    lmao the superiority complex... embarrassing stanning lindsay still doesn't change the fact lana has never evolved musically and it's ironic that most lana stans here were: either having something to say about abel's vocals or saying he hasn't evolved and that his music sounds the same when lana's vocals are.... average at best and you could put her songs on shuffle and think they all come from the same album.
  6. hector

    they do but it's still promo so i don't think the "no promo" excuse works when a single or album has had these type of promo
  7. hector

    funny how lana has no range vocally and no musical growth but her stans want other artists to have it
  8. hector

    do u really think i give a fuck lana stan lmao
  9. hector

    what about it gaga stan
  10. hector

    i stan madonna, britney, the weeknd and ariana so yeah
  11. hector

    and i don't expect a lana stan to know what's evolving or having range
  12. hector

    wow what a comeback, so hurt!