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  1. deserved #1 but well... her team didnt do much
  2. Billie Eilish - 25 BLACKPINK - 25 Miley Cyrus - 15 Halsey - 15 Rina Sawayama - 35 Nicki Minaj - 20 Charli XCX - 25 The Weeknd - 30 + Doja Cat - 30 Dua Lipa - 35 Ellie Goulding - 20 - Selena Gomez - 15 Kylie Minogue - 35
  3. god let it be a new album pls
  4. i was in between borderline and burning up, i love both askfjabsfjka
  5. yeah, literally... 4 years ago i would've never imagined taylor doing a song with lorde but now thanks to jack... i can see it
  6. this is a really great song tbh, did not expect this from her
  7. i didn't like it at first but now i do tbh, the only thing that bothers me is that... why can't jack antonoff do something else!? this could easily be given to either taylor and lana, literally no growth from him but it's def different for lorde and i appreciate that
  8. choices were made by fotps

  9. is there a way to remove / edit the stan badges? 

    1. Dan


      You can remove/add stan badges if you hover over FOTP at the top of the home page, click settings and click Stan Badges :D 

    2. Tomás


      In the theme designer page! Click on the lil brush next to your PMs and there you should be able to disable or edit them 

    3. hector


      thank u girls!

  10. she did something to her cheeks, didn't she... but she looks beautiful anyway so, queen!
  11. i still can't believe she got married
  12. huh! this is interesting, idk but she does fit this movie... i didn't like chapter 3 so let's see how this goes. hopefully she makes the song for the movie too
  13. yeah... they should tbh my point is that the label is updating videos that don't have as much views as la isla bonita, vogue, 4 minutes (with the exception of hung up and frozen) when they should be doing that, especially with la isla bonita since that video is basically going to be madonna's first 1b video
  14. 90s tbh! i would've said 10s if her album run wouldn't have been MDNA - Rebel Heart but the 90s were like... THE moment for madonna in every way, i just love it
  15. let's pray olivia does block them, their #1s seem very inorganic and pretty much forgotten... i didn't even knew they had three #1s
  16. i like her (even though i still think she's like a better version of alessia cara) but idk... this song doesn't do that much to me, deja vu is still her best imo
  17. AHHHH FINALLY! now... i don't know why they can't just upscale / update her biggest videos like?? la isla bonita has like 600 million views or whatever and you still see the pixels