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  1. hector

    i want a date already omg
  2. rihanna, i didnt even knew kylie had a tour named like that
  3. hector


    Omg this is her best single cover from all her droplets jfjwndbd im excited
  4. hector

  5. hector


    ugh i wish the sis would come to sa
  6. hector

    ugh same i'd be happy with any of them, finally we're getting a video
  7. hector

    i bet this is for do me as she said there was a video made for it but... idk why the colours make me think it's icy
  8. hector

    madame x. lover is just... terrible won't even do it bc i'll end up choosing all madame x songs
  9. señorita only deserves a kids choice award at best
  10. hector

    ugh!!!! i wish she would release a music video for there will be blood
  11. ok i didnt like it that much kfjbkjf i kinda hate kash doll's part
  12. hector


    beautiful song tbh, so real
  13. tbh im not surprised. hopefully they sue her and her team is obligated to end this horrible era and save the world
  14. hector

    Definitely Blackout bc it made me fall in love with Pop more than I used to be.
  15. they really said "fuck miley" and made a song with someone she doesnt like skfjbsjf honestly.... idk what to expect, i'd wish ariana just stopped dropping random ass songs for the sake of it. its gonna make everyone be over her and be overexposed
  16. hector

    Mine has to be: Close Your Eyes, There Will Be Blood & <demons> what about y'all?
  17. imagine if her team actually cared for this.... wouldve been a smash