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  1. people are blowing this jlo thing out of proportion
  2. this is the problem with jlo, she has amazing visuals but her songs do NOT live up to them at all... why can't she get good producers
  3. hector

    definitely, she gives me alessia cara vibes for some reason
  4. hector


    oh i hope she’s featured on his song tbh, j balvin is good. as long as it isn’t b*d b*nny i’m good!
  5. ariana - 6k madonna - 4,7k britney - 3k katy - 961 dua - 740 gaga - 641 mariah - 584 kylie - 311 taylor - 234 rihanna - 226 selena gomez - 159 lana - 134 xtina - 58 ellie - 42 beyonce - 25 i know it said one but i couldn't help it
  6. hector


    i honestly didn't care for them kasjbfs ugh... but from the two i liked swimming more
  7. hector

    1 madonna 2 britney 3 ariana 4 rihanna that’s all
  8. omg no ew stay away from her get a job etc
  9. hector

    Madame X > sweetener > when we all fall asleep... the rest seem boring just by looking at the pictures
  10. Didn't she say in her memoir that she was asked to have a Madonna-esque voice? I mean...
  11. tu,n tbh but both iconic
  12. hector

    Rihanna, Britney, Madonna and Ariana >>>
  13. hector

    Chromatica I vs Medellin Alice vs Dark Ballet Stupid Love vs God Control Rain On Me vs Future Free Woman vs Batuka Fun Tonight vs Killers Who Are Partying Chromatica II vs Crave 911 vs Crazy Plastic Doll vs Come Alive Sour Candy vs Extreme Occident Enigma vs Faz Gostoso Replay vs Bitch Im Loca Chromatica III vs I Don't Search I Find Sine From Above vs Looking For Mercy 1000 Doves vs I Rise Babylon vs Funana Love Me Right vs Back That Up to the Beat 1000 Doves (Piano demo) vs Ciao Bella
  14. hector

  15. Stream: https://open.spotify.com/album/0p2yf6DucEgvj8Uk8KXJJv?si=PLR7NV68Q4qEXrw0rnmq-w
  16. hector

    the say so remix is awful... both are honestly but i like more levitating
  17. hector

    blank space..... a garbage song and video so..... imma go with no tears left to cry
  18. hector

    the way i struggled skfjbkfs secret vs womanizer and erotica vs gimme more were so hard
  19. hector

    Everybody vs ...Baby One More Time Like a Virgin vs Oops!... I Did It Again Live to Tell vs I'm A Slave 4 U Like a Prayer vs Me Against The Music Vogue vs My Prerogative Erotica vs Gimme More Secret vs Womanizer Frozen vs 3 Music vs Hold It Against Me American Life vs Work Bitch Hung Up vs Make Me... Madonna: 7 Britney: 4