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  1. Lol finally knew who u were b4. rip4 

    Well listen I hold no ill will towards u over anything we had over the past and hopefully u don't either. Take care. rav2

    1. havok


      What are you talking about? Refresh my memory, please. 

    2. H.O.N.E.Y


      Ok Selig.. lol3 

    3. havok


      Oh, you mean that you didn't know I'm Selig? Everybody knew tho. bey4 No problem tho. ¡Saludos!

  2. Katy has so many bops. Currently getting my life from her best song Hot N Cold.mess1

  3. @Monster You should take out Stripped's intros and interludes, there's absolutely no point in having them. You all chose the wrong albums for most of them. It should've been: Beyoncé - Lemonade Gaga - TFM Lana - BTD:PE Rihanna - Anti Taylor - 1989
  4. So I just got more than 21 pages worth of downvoting notifications from @Brinty Kii, how's that even possible? xtina4

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    2. secret


      It was really easy tbhchi1

      took me about 2 mins oprah14

      actually you didn't get me pressed we haven't talked on BG in a while I was trying out something which I was gonna try on missy but I couldn't find that cunt's profile so I chose you instead 

    3. havok


      I see. nat1 Well, I legit don't remember you (sorry). I thought you were Pigtina because he had already done that to me once but it's not. Anyway, it doesn't work. oprah14 But let me congratulate you for finding a way to do it. 

    4. secret
  5. Which are Bey's most emotional performances for you guys?
  6. Imagine being dumb enough to think that an album that barely moved 370K in its first year will suddenly sell 2x that in the next years. When have I ever bumped a 1 year old thread? I have barely been here for a year myself. Your lies are cute attempts, but that won't make you any less pathetic. Report you? I don't even know who the hell you are. Why are newbies always so ridiculous and cringeworthy? Is that why she sold out a 10K arena last year in a small European country? Someone needs to order an English 101 online course and stop embarrassing itself.
  7. How pressed, sad and pathetic do you need to be to dig up and bump a thread from one year ago and go on a down-voting spree? What a sad lame life, poor thing.
  8. Nice icon wub1 you think you'd be interested in joining the 2017 Lemonade megarate?

    1. havok


      Thank you. That would be fun, it's in Bey's section? 

    2. Anna-wa


      Yes yes it is.

  9. Who needs the US when you're global? Too bad your local fave can't relate, but wait, she doesn't even have US' support anymore so we can't even call her local now, she's just utterly and completely DONE. Poor thing. Rebel Heart 1 million // Rebel Heart Tour $169.8 million The Elusive Cunt 300K // TSSFT $29 million
  10. So? that won't erase the fact that she has countless lip-synched and pre-recorded vocals throughout her whole career too. She is a FRAUD for trying to fool the public while claiming to be a vocalist singing live. Nothing you say about Madonna will change the fact that Mariah lip-synched the hardest parts during this horrid performance, PERIOD. Kii at you celebrating your own weak and terrible comebacks. Cringeeeee. Also kii at goats pretending that Mariah is an angel.
  11. LIVING FOR LOVE Chart (2015) Peak Belgium (Ultratip Flanders) 4 Belgium Dance (Ultratop Flanders) 21 Belgium (Ultratop 50 Wallonia) 43 Belgium Dance (Ultratop Wallonia) 18 Canada (Canadian Hot 100) 92 Czech Republic (Rádio Top 100) 46 Finland Download (Latauslista) 7 France (SNEP) 50 Germany (Official German Charts) 40 Hungary
  12. Stop lying. She lipped the entire climax, except for the last line. The climax starts at 1:14 with all those phrased E5s, which are the ones the bitch avoided. And she lipped pretty much all of the FLAB performance, avoiding all the D5s, F5s, A5s, and whistles like the FRAUD she is. Who are you trying to fool?
  13. Because his delusion knows no limits. In his eyes, Mariah is perfect and can do no wrong. He has a excuse for everything the bitch does wrong. @light741 Btw, WTB's climax starts at the bridge and the bitch lipped all that part. That strained C5 won't change that fact. She also lipped FLAB's vocal climaxes. Like, the proof is hitting you in the damn face and you're still excusing the bitch. Lord...
  14. You mean for the gays, right? Otherwise Pink is nowhere near irrelevant. GP adores her. I don't see her as successful though, she was only a thing during the Breakaway era. She's the epitome of a local act and even now, the US stopped caring about her basic ass.
  15. There's nothing iconic about Gwen, she's an overrated has-been. A one-era-wonder as a solo act and also with ND. Kylie is an icon, and CGYOOMH alone is bigger than Gwen's entire existence. Not to mention Kylie can actually sing and pretty well, also her music is better. Stop disrespecting Kyliesus by comparing her to that inferior woman.