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  1. Hurt's video is truly great and the song is one of the best inside Xtina's catalogue. And since Britney fans love to do everything by the numbers, doesn't hurt have more views on YouTube?
  2. Katy has so many bops. Currently getting my life from her best song Hot N Cold.mess1

  3. @Monster You should take out Stripped's intros and interludes, there's absolutely no point in having them. You all chose the wrong albums for most of them. It should've been: Beyoncé - Lemonade Gaga - TFM Lana - BTD:PE Rihanna - Anti Taylor - 1989
  4. So you agree, good. No mistakes were made and it's been proven repeatedly but whatever helps you sleep at night child. Methney stays a mediocre performer and is now a mediocre dancer, xoxo.
  5. My fave DID THAT! And at forty-fucking-eight years old! Putting the younger generation to shame just like that. Only the best performer of all time!
  6. Aren't you tired of repeating yourself over and over? if you're too stubborn to stop then at least be a little creative. Or is your obsession with having the last word and "winning" that big? Imagine being that pathetic! This only proves that I truly did a number on you and all the times I have dragged that excuse of a human you worship has literally traumatized you, all of that while the drug addict is not even aware of your lame existence. That is sad, it's never that serious dude. These bitches are enjoying their rich life and here you are hyperventilating because someone doesn't share you
  7. Didn't I repeatedly tell/prove that I NEVER claimed Madonna's choreo was "more energetic" than Methney's cheerleading moves? Yet you kept ranting about that as if I did for MULTIPLE posts even after explicitly told otherwise, but sure I'm the one that ridiculed myself11!!1! The massive lack of self-awareness is truly cute and comical. P.S. I can downvote too. The fact that you went on a down-voting spree just proves who really lost in here, stay pressed, xoxo.
  8. She has had ok/good vocal moments throughout her career. Then why did they lip-synch most of the time? In before the "heavy dancing" excuse. "Singers" that lip-synch most of the time are mediocre to me. I'm not the one that kept arguing about something the other never even said and kept doing it even when confronted about it with factual evidence, but whatever helps you sleep at night. You ridiculed yourself as per usual but you will continue to pretend that you somehow "won". What's new?
  9. Incorrect. Madonna could deliver more than just visuals, she always delivered a whole concept, including pretty much everything: vocals, dance, visuals, theatrics, a social or political statement, etc. She was nowhere near the vocal trinity in regards of singing but this false narrative that she couldn't sing at all is ridiculous and needs to stop. Where did I say Whitney cared more about dancing? that sentence was clearly about the Jackson siblings, I thought that was obvious.
  10. It does, Whitney was an excellent performer in the sense that she could mesmerize everyone with just her voice but she was still one-dimensional since all she could deliver was great vocals. I've never found Céline to be that great of a performer, she's not bad but she isn't all that either. I don't think that's excusable, they were supposedly singers, yet they cared more about dancing than singing.
  11. Never said Céline or Whitney were bad, but they were one-dimensional. They're better vocalist than Madonna, but none of them were ever better performers. As for MJ and Prince, I'll give you that although MJ's constant lip-synching doesn't sit well with me.
  12. What peers? She's a better performer than Mariah, Whitney and Céline. Not you repeating yourself AGAIN and still failing to understand what's going on in here. I don't feel like explaining to you the exact same thing for the 10th time so I'll just quote myself and call it a day. You're literally impossible to reason with, xoxo.
  13. And you still don't get it even after I isolated and highlighted the information for you. How can anyone be this dumb? omg. I NEVER said a thing about Madonna being "the better dancer" or the one with the "more energetic" choreos. You're literally arguing about things you made up in your empty skull. So you LITERALLY proved NOTHING wrong. But knowing you, you'll ignore this once MORE like you've been doing for the past 5 posts. Tragic! I never said Methney was a bad dancer in her prime, I said she wasn't all that, others are able to dance and sing at the same time. You know, the
  14. God, it's like talking to a wall or a brainless creature, but wait, that's exactly what you are. I have already said to you multiple times already that I NEVER assured nor claimed that Madonna ever delivered highly energetic choreo but it seems that your excuse of a brain is completely unable to process such simple information since you can't let that go and keep acting as if I did, or maybe you just love to make a complete imbecile out of yourself and ridicule yourself over and over and over. That must be it, the struggle of slow minded people I guess. And you dare to talk about low lev
  15. Your response only proves that A) You haven't even read my posts or B) You have the reading comprehension skills of a toddler. I NEVER stated that Madonna's choreo was ever more "energetic" than Methney's cheerleading moves, so why would I need to prove it with videos? It's tremendously bold to claim that Madonna, an actual professional dancer, who has always been praised for her discipline and physical condition "COULD NEVER" deliver some cheerleading choreo a la Methney if she wanted. You have absolutely NO evidence to back up your claim yet you're pretending that it's a fact. How intelligen
  16. You should have just quoted your previous post instead of writing a new one because you just repeated yourself, as per usual. Methney's dancing abilities are highly overrated by her stans, that's a fact, whether you like it or not. You all pretend that she was some sort of Messiah of dancing when she was nothing of the sort. I never claimed Madonna delivered highly energetic choreography, so what exactly are you so pressed about? I simply stated that if she wanted to she could have done it because she's a professional dancer and she was always very disciplined, it just wasn't her style.
  17. Do I need to explain to you the role "wouldn't" is playing there? Exactly what I said, it's MY opinion and you won't change it. I'm not impressed by her cheerleading moves and I never will, so quit trying. Did you mean "excelled", you're talking about skills she lost more than a decade ago. Stop living in the past, it ain't cute. I would love to see Methney deliver like Madonna does at her 50s but we both know that will never happen so hush and just deal with the fact that Methney IS a mediocre performer and Madonna is superior and will always be, xoxo. Dude, this i
  18. I simply asked a question, I never assured anything or did I? Someone needs to sharpen those reading comprehension skills. And please, don't flatter yourself, I couldn't care less if it was you or any other britard saying that. I'm sorry but I'm not impressed by her ancient dancing when I can easily get a better result with any other professional dancer and nothing you say will change that. You know what's actually impressive? The ability to deliver choreo while singing live, too bad your fav can't relate. Well, I am talking about exactly that. And to be more specific, how a woma
  19. So I just got more than 21 pages worth of downvoting notifications from @Brinty Kii, how's that even possible? xtina4

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      It was really easy tbhchi1

      took me about 2 mins oprah14

      actually you didn't get me pressed we haven't talked on BG in a while I was trying out something which I was gonna try on missy but I couldn't find that cunt's profile so I chose you instead 

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      I see. nat1 Well, I legit don't remember you (sorry). I thought you were Pigtina because he had already done that to me once but it's not. Anyway, it doesn't work. oprah14 But let me congratulate you for finding a way to do it. 

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  20. Knowing you, I wouldn't be surprised if you actually believed that. Anyhow, "highly energetic" lol, the way britards always overrate Britney's ancient dancing is hilarious. Britney hasn't been able to do that either since 2004, so what's the point? Stop living in the past. Madonna can still deliver a great show even when she's 56 years old, meanwhile Britney has been struggling since she was what? 24? Yeah, I'm sure the Queen of Music, the most acclaimed, most successful, most iconic and legendary female act of all time is seething because of a has-been that couldn't even last half a
  21. So you think she's a better performer than Madonna? The fact that you talked about overreaction and then proceeded to type this whiny mess of a post. Sad indeed and pathetic, anyhow, it won't change the fact that your fave is a glorified has-been that is already over. Let that sink in and keep seething child.
  22. Quality, stellar, legacy. Those are adjectives that don't belong in the same sentence that "Lady Gaga". Stop whining and acting like a child because someone is not as deluded as you to pretend that the fad is anything but a glorified has-been. Downvote me all you want, that fact will never change, xoxo.
  23. God, little monsters are so lame that it gets to the point of being nauseating. Will you ever let it go? We all know that you were dying for you fave to be the next Madonna and at some point your deluded selves even believed that but reality hit your empty skulls HARD. Lady Gaga ended up being nothing but a fad that couldn't even last half a decade without flopping for filth and being the laughing stock of the entire pop world. She already lost the war folks, let it go. She will NEVER be a legend, she will hardly be remembered 15 years from now. You can try to discredit the legend Madonna as m
  24. Don't you all get tired of discussing the exact same shit? You all need sex desperately. Madonna has several classics that are very well known by the GP, some random video won't change that fact.
  25. Madonna is by far the better musician and singer. The only thing Tranet has over the queen of pop is maybe her cheerleading moves. Madonna is the superior performer too, her shows are miles ahead of Tranet's.