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  1. Charts

    I heard some sales will be donated?
  2. I think everyone has them
  3. where is gaga I mean SB, grammys, the cure, coachella, tour announcement and probably some other things too
  4. OMG I THOUGHT IT WAS 'I DONT NEED NO LICE' instead of lies
  5. here

    Whew that was a long sleep

    but I guess I am back bey5

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    2. Monster

      For now, she has one! yas2 Under the Spotlight section!

    3. Yüyi

      She better keeps it


      Already found my way to it. Posting as we speak


    4. Monster

      We have to keep it active so it can stay! yas2 

  6. Single

  7. I'm underage too but the most important reason why I dont want any sexual content happening with me, is because I am a CHRISTAON and The lord GOD himself forbids the gheys and the act of sex, l'activite physique. SO STAY AWAY WITH YOUR PORN K, everyone better pray an repents for its sins so that you wont end up in hell like 6 time grammy winner, academy award nominy, the one and only women of the year (2015) : ladie GaaGaa (#buyArtPoponitUNES)
  8. can the updates be a little later
  9. so wait, I'm now with the arianators