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  1. Why don't she just name her album "discoteca" or something with the word disco in it.
  2. This is off topic since they won't let me start a new topic on here but did you know that Kylie has got a song called Every Christmas Day from Kylie Christmas. She basically has atleast 1 unreleased song from every album. Someone was talking about this on Popjustice. So I thought I would mention on here.
  3. I do like this album. I go back to it every once in awhile.
  4. Enjoy Yourself is better in my opinion. It had this kind of 50s sound too it and I noticed today while I listened too the album that the background vocals had this ooh sound in almost all the songs. Did anybody else notice that while listening to the album?
  5. Light Years, Fever, Body Language, or X songs.
  6. I saw on the news when i look her up on Google which is like everyday but i wonder if it is going to be anything like Kylie Savorettis MTSWY or pop. He said he didn't want showtunes on the album so who knows what the song will sound like
  7. Kylie does kind of have a British lisp.
  8. I know I saw and I am excited. I check her Instagram and Google her daily just because she is my fave.
  9. I don't mean to be rude but Aphrodite has songs that are just too the same and too upbeat. I don't know how to explain but maybe it's because of the concept Aphrodite. It's a concept album. I do love the tour design for Aphrodite though but as an album it's a little bit too much the same.
  10. Aphrodite is such a filler album. I still listen sometimes though.