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  1. Event

    Is it from Let's Genuflect To It?
  2. Event

    Is it from Fag Years?
  3. LGTI is a festive album!
  4. Ah I love facts! Welcome!
  5. Event

    No. Another clue: It's a very good sing from a very good album
  6. Discussion

    Hmmmmm this tea is almost scorching!
  7. Suddenly I fell on the delete name button Why not
  8. Nope Just one sign up per item!
  9. All tea! She had them big American Dollars for everything she wanted! Wait you attended the Piss Me Once tour? How blessed you are to have seen her in person!!!!!
  10. Fever2002 is her best Poor Aphrodite Les Folies
  11. I'm actually in a pretty good mood today too. Hmmmm It's Madonna