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  1. here

    the fucking expose rip3


  2. Share some with @Cosmic while he waits at the bus stop
  3. Fucking drag
  4. I can feel the whole house getting food poisoning before we even eat it
  5. But you downvoted the post
  6. Event

    Next song is Let's Get To It Perhaps her best title track. 10/10. Upcoming Songs
  7. Event

    I Believe In You scores an excellent 9.45/10 - tying with both Loving Days and Dreams in the Number Nine spot causing the games first three way tie Scores so far
  8. Are you now. Interesting.
  9. Smells amazing btw
  10. Thanks Bitch I'm not blind I see that you did no need to announce it
  11. Event

    Now on to the last two PWL Videos First - What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before) Great looks again. But kind of boring overall. 7/10
  12. Event

    Finer Feelings scores a 7.94/10 Scores so far All videos have been rated for Let's Get To It Based off of the video scores - The album Let's Get To It scores a 28.26/40 (70.65/100) Album Ranking So Far (/100)
  13. Downvote if I should self evict. Upvote if I shouldnt
  14. We been knew sweetie