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  1. I cannot be sure
  2. Life really does imitate art!
  3. Omg I've made Kontact with Stoneheart. He said he saw someone who looked like me on his way to work He sends his love
  4. Discussion

    Yes it's great. Why does that video sound like it was recorded with a Lemon tho
  5. Discussion

    I'm Kanadian
  6. I was thinking. Stoneheart definitely contributed at least 100 posts, probably MORE each week. We're DONE
  7. Omg I turned over on to my side and fell asleep
  8. The title track is making my wig do its own walk around the US
  9. Mrs. Jesus is my 2nd fave so far I confirm
  10. I will let her borrow my very comfortable, expensive flip flops!