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  1. Aidan. here

    gang bang is madonnas magnum opus

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    2. Chris Morlock

      49 minutes ago, Satori said:

      One time I went to lunch with my one of my coworkers, a really nice middle aged lady who's a fucking riot, and had this song playing and she flipped the fuck out when it was over and I told her it was Madonna.  Like legit screaming in shock.  For ages after that when she'd see me she'd scream "Naooowww drrrreeeeeeeeyyyeeeiiiiiiiiive, bitttttcchhh!!!!!!!!111!!!1!!!" fall7

      this is SENDING me lmfao1  

    3. Satori

      It was honestly the best @Chris Morlock sia2 She was fucking SHOOK:  “OMG that was maDONNA?! Waaaowiwoqowoeeo I did not expect that I can’t believe that what is wrong with her that was MaDONNA?! I can’t believe that!!1!1”

  2. Aidan.


    In My Arms Speakerphone Like A Drug I Dont Know What It Is Sensitized Sexual Gold The One Extra Ordinary Day Something To Believe In Stars White Diamond (Ballad Version) Do It Again Deluxe Tracks 13) Simple Boy 14) No More Rain 15) Cosmic Same singles except now I would do two B Sides each with the remaining 10 tracks from my deluxe double album idea So sorry original selected B Sides Once exception tho I would keep You Are There so congrats STBI you get three B Sides So basically I would still have the whole double album in there somehow
  3. Aidan.


    Single disc version incoming
  4. Aidan.


    I did a whole big thing of my own Disc 1 - The Pop Comeback In My Arms Speakerphone Like A Drug Sensitized Sexual Gold Love Attack Simple Boy Cherry Bomb Lose Control What's It Gonna Take Do It Again Disc 2 - More sentimental and personal The One No More Rain Extra Ordinary Day You Make Me Feel Stars I Don't Know What It Is White Diamond (Ballad Version) Something To Believe In Cosmic Disc 3 - Deluxe Edition Acid Min Boombox Ruffle My Feathers (Remix) Spell Of Desire I'm In The Mood For Love Singles In My Arms (Lead) Sexual Gold The One Something To Believe In Speakerphone B Sides For Singles In My Arms - Down Down Sexual Gold - Fall For You (Version Two) The One - Come Down Something To Believe In - You Are There Speakerphone - Love Is The Drug
  5. Aidan.

    Celeb News

    Another Edinburgh date added
  6. Aidan.

    Celeb News

    Actual tour Like Kylie Summer 2015 - It will likely be the Golden Tour revised to add more hits
  7. Aidan.


    You better go!!!
  8. I Just realized you didnt include Giving You Up Not on my watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. There was an article where she talked about the possibility of a GH but I cant locate it