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  1. You'd know all about facial hair tho wouldnt you Anyway I am getting the Raid this songs shit Wow I really am the most controversial member in recent FOTP history huh Turns out the whole forum doesnt hate me after all just whatever you call this um ... Group
  2. Most pressed member at the next Razzies is YOU Dehumanizing me by calling me "it"? Where are your feminist values now Mannah? @Sylk is my friend and I share this award with him yes its true
  3. Omg this actually worked lmao
  4. Its a fucking FORUM AWARDS lighten up you hags Thanks every1 who voted tho
  5. Teasing Rescue Me again She better fucking include it
  6. Aidan.


    How in the fuck did it end up above
  7. Aidan.


    Sometimes she writes her E's normally like e Then sometimes she writes them like that - A C plus an S
  8. Aidan.


    So apparently shes with long-term collaborator Biff Stannard, as well as Jon Green (Who worked on Radio On and Lost Without You) and The Bonfires (Not sure who they are)
  9. Aidan.


    I just noticed the ribbon emoji Shes recording a cover of Last Christmas for SBIT - The Christmas Kollektion
  10. Aidan.


    Probably not great tbh Shes so pure
  11. Aidan.


    New York City (New vocal take) is coming