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  1. Aidan. here

    She is a horse


  2. This is turning into a multi city residency kind of thing
  3. Aidan.

    Welp was a private event Didnt think she would bring dancers for that
  4. Aidan.

    You are on the case
  5. Aidan.

    Alrighty homos the latest news is she was in Venice with her dancers What is she doing
  6. Aidan.


    And the straights said the devil is a bad thing
  7. Aidan. here


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    2. Aidan.

      I honestly laughed myself to tears over this lmfao1

    3. Satori

      I probably would have cried but I had just finished sobbing my way through ha Eurovision “performance”

  8. Theres no specific article I can link but I think this was the tweet that started the discussion Also if you look at the Twitter feed about it you can see a whole bunch of different opinions https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=lgbt mosque&src=typd I am having issues with people saying they support the LGBT community but seem to have issues with the Mosque due to what is considered a sin in Islam I would appreciate some more context and insight and opinions on this because I am confused as hell
  9. For example you have all your fave girls music in your library but theres a couple songs you cannot stand and will never listen to So you delete them I normally have all songs but 1st time I did this was when Artpop came out and I so hard at Jewels N Drugs I deleted it forever Recently I deleted some of Kylies X demos that are truly trash and I have barely listened to even once and I know I would never want to listen to again Some others could have went but I saved them as they might be cute for a spin once a year when I come across it and forget what it sounds like I also cleared out some remixes that I never listened to as well What about you all