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  1. Theres some Christmas bangers on this album The cover is honestly nice - A 7
  2. Aidan.

    The Garibay EPs are UNDERRATED
  3. Aidan.


    1. Through The Years - ajp 2. Through The Years - Aidan
  4. Aidan.


    1. Cowboy Style - Beyoncé 2. Cowboy Style - Aidan
  5. I need What Do I Have To Do from one show I know it wasnt performed here tho
  6. Well maybe William made a couple points with the water droplets shoot A 7
  7. Aidan.

    Poland having taste again
  8. Aidan.


    BG and KIds will be eliminated fast anyway
  9. Aidan.


    Erotica vs. Survival Fever vs. Secret Bye Bye Baby vs. I'd Rather Be Your Lover Deeper and Deeper vs. Don't Stop Where Life Begins vs. Inside of Me Bad Girl vs. Human Nature Waiting vs. Forbidden Love Thief of Hearts vs. Love Tried to Welcome Me Words vs. Sanctuary Rain vs. Bedtime Story Why's It So Hard vs. Take a Bow In This Life vs. Let Down Your Guard Secret Garden vs. Your Honesty Erotica - 6 Bedtime Stories - 7
  10. Aidan.


    A moment that is most iconic in her career
  11. Aidan.


    This is my fantasy setlist I have had for a while
  12. Aidan.


    I know and the crowd literally goes
  13. Aidan.


    MASSIVE BANGER The tour had many good arrangements but this one was not one of them for me
  14. Aidan.


    I actually havent liked an arrangement of CGYOOMH since the X08 and FYFM version
  15. Aidan.


    I think if she gave Wow the boot this tour then theres no reason for her not to give other songs the boot too The only song I could honestly see her never dropping because it ABSOLUTELY has to be there is CGYOOMH But even then Madonna has dropped Like a Virgin and Vogue several times (I think both are her two signature hits) But I guess its a matter of what Kylie is comfortable with and dropping CGYOOMH in a large tour is unrealistic As far as I know she has only dropped it for the Anti and Kylie Presents Golden mini tours as well as for Mardi Gras in 2012 which was a choice Other than that - If shes doing a set of songs then CGYOOMH is there