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  1. Aidan.


    This was fun. Bye.
  2. Aidan.


    Exclusive appearance
  3. Aidan.


    Believe me I have no energy for forum drama anymore
  4. Aidan. here

    Hows everyone

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    2. LÉON

      1 hour ago, ajp said:

      Fine, but I threw my back out lifting a bottle of wine. eve1


      dead7 screaming

      @Aidan. hi doppelganger how you be?

    3. Aidan.

      King of having an untaggable username dead7 Im alright

    4. LÉON

      I'm well, thanks for asking XxZHQYN.gif

  5. Aidan.


  6. Teasing Rescue Me again She better fucking include it
  7. Aidan.


    Holiday was like
  8. Girl tea its just where were at now post me too I guess everyone has to be guilty until proven innocent even women
  9. Aidan.


    I am so uncomfortable
  10. Aidan.


    Was browsing the Ultimate Kylie booklet a moment ago and realized the pic they used for the SBIT is in there in one of the collages They literally just photoshopped her outfit black and called it a day
  11. Aidan.


    Madonna - 7. Honestly a little bit iconic and represented her early style well Like a Virgin - 9. SUPER iconic and while its not a masterpiece content wise - The album and its imagery are iconic for sure True Blue - 7. This is a good image but the cover has never done much for me personally Like a Prayer - 9. Despite her face not showing this image is super iconic and tbh by this point she didnt need her face on the cover to sell the album - So simple really but I feel like it captures the album well in a way Erotica - 5. Errrr, no ma'am I get its supposed to be dark and sexual but a better image could have been used and also the font is damn ugly Bedtime Stories - 9. I prefer when it is right side up and I dont like how the title blends in - Should be pink like her name but she looks so amazing here Ray of Light - 10. Her best album cover without a doubt - Captures the whole album in one image and she looks great - The album logo is also placed perfectly and looks fab Music - 8. Good shot of her but the album logo is too artsy fartsy and formal American Life - 6. I get what she was going for but it is not executed well enough Confessions - 7. A good shot but I have never been totally snatched by this cover - The logo is a tad cheesy and while the red hair is snatching, I feel lied to because she didnt have hair that red ever - I do love the continuity between this cover, the Hung Up single cover and the music video Hard Candy - 3. Absolutely tragic Way too overly try hard sexually and she simply does not look good - The logo and background are okay MDNA - 5. Okay but does nothing for me Rebel Heart - 7. Good shot and would be even better without the ugly text Madame X - 7. Again a good shot but the name placement looks so awkward and I dont like the album title on the lips either (Tho I get why she did it like that) If I had to rank off of the top of my head Ray of Light Bedtime Stories Like a Virgin Like a Prayer Music Confessions Madonna True Blue Rebel Heart Madame X American Life Erotica MDNA Hard Candy
  12. Aidan.


    She really should bring it back in a new arrangement and not acoustic We need it to be the power ballad that it is