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  1. Believe me I have no energy for forum drama anymore
  2. Hows everyone

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    2. Aidan.


      King of having an untaggable username dead7 Im alright

    3. LÉON


      I'm well, thanks for asking XxZHQYN.gif

    4. Jae


      missin u 

  3. How in the fuck did it end up above
  4. Sometimes she writes her E's normally like e Then sometimes she writes them like that - A C plus an S
  5. So apparently shes with long-term collaborator Biff Stannard, as well as Jon Green (Who worked on Radio On and Lost Without You) and The Bonfires (Not sure who they are)
  6. I just noticed the ribbon emoji Shes recording a cover of Last Christmas for SBIT - The Christmas Kollektion
  7. Probably not great tbh Shes so pure
  8. New York City (New vocal take) is coming