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  1. Believe me I have no energy for forum drama anymore
  2. Hows everyone

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    2. Aidan.


      King of having an untaggable username dead7 Im alright

    3. LÉON


      I'm well, thanks for asking XxZHQYN.gif

    4. Jae


      missin u 

  3. She is a terrible actress tbh
  4. Was browsing the Ultimate Kylie booklet a moment ago and realized the pic they used for the SBIT is in there in one of the collages They literally just photoshopped her outfit black and called it a day
  5. She really should bring it back in a new arrangement and not acoustic We need it to be the power ballad that it is
  6. Imagine not being able to understand OF is one of her most personal songs ever
  7. She really turned Devil, HOYH and NTL into sad songs of longing The versatility is amazing I would love a PWL redux tour actually Do all or most of the singles and some album tracks
  8. One of the strongest on the album yes No ma'am
  9. Came across this KMO Review what the FUCK was I smoking Sexy Lube an 8 Less Sex a 7.5 Tbh Beautiful would probably get slightly higher now - Parts of the production are okay
  10. Maybe this song is actually nice
  11. We love an Abbey Road Sessions stan!