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  1. 13 minutes ago, Hylia said:

    The snappening! Native Invader almost feels like a follow up to Scarlet’s Walk which is why it was one of my faves at first listen. I also felt the same way about Little Earthquakes being better than sunder the Pink for a long time but one day it just kinda hit me that I kinda prefer UTP. I still don’t know why FTCGH doesn’t get the same acclaim that BFP does but both touch on different topics, and both excel in said topics so honestly I’m not even mad. 


    Something @Skyline once pointed out to me is that stans who prefer her earlier work actually loved UP, so I’m glad to see someone else who doesn’t seem to gravitate towards one end of her discography. She definitely shifted her directions after Scarlet’s Walk but I love recent tori as much as I love older Tori.

    A great serving of tea cry7

    Also hell NAW at the watermarks coming back on the pics a mess

  2. 4 hours ago, Goldie said:

    Justus Nzeribe is also known as Sky Adams. I'm also seeing some other songs here called LOVE U with some of the writers you mentioned there, but those songs are all older than 2018... very interesting

    The ones you listed would be the ones printed in the album then!

    I think L.O.V.E. is actually a different song to Love and they misprinted them. I assume both must have been up for inclusion which is so odd. Perhaps the song on the album came from what else is in the database interesting1

  3. 9 minutes ago, Goldie said:

    What do the actual credits and the printed ones say? I'm curious now too

    These are the correct ones


    The ones printed in the album list 3 people. I believe one is the same in addition to Kylie in the ones you listed then a different 3rd person

  4. I assume percentages are generally based on how much a particular person wrote toward the song

    So like, if you are getting less than 1 percent of the credit you wrote like one sentence fall8


    I am always curious how writing works. I assume songs where it is more even it was a team effort where the artist and writers actually sit down and work on a song. Or on the case of like 10 people it might be a song that came in as a demo worked on by many people then polished off by a few people

  5. 23 hours ago, LittleDudeNT5 said:

    You already knew this was coming but Breath of the Wild deserves higher tbh um2 Although, I do agree with your sentiment of what you want in a future Zelda game. Similar open-world style, but brining back some traditional elements (like dungeons!)


    I'm playing Ocarina now, and will be playing the others in chronological order by release! I've played WW and Twilight Princess in the past but didn't finish them. 

    The open world is pretty much guaranteed, but I hope there is a spectrum of dungeons next game (that you can do in any order)

    Ocarina is great and is basically like the BOTW of the 1990s for Zelda seeing as it established a new benchmark for the franchise at the time