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Status Updates posted by Aidan.

  1. Hows everyone

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    2. Aidan.

      King of having an untaggable username dead7 Im alright

    3. LÉON

      I'm well, thanks for asking XxZHQYN.gif

    4. Jae

      missin u 

  2. Legend where are you

    1. Satori

      Sorry king! I was finishing my first year of grad school and had to write 80 pages of final papers that last month of the semester. I basically dropped off the face of the earth. Good to be back!

    2. Aidan.

      Omg congrats hard working legend cry7

    3. Satori

      Thanks! It was a wild ride but I’m recovering. :)

  3. Stan Legend K cry7 Snatching Avi cry7

    1. Robert.

      Yes, I do! cry7 Ty!

  4. Another Matthew stan oprah2

    1. Jay.

      who wouldn't stan a king like him demi1

  5. STAN CHOCOLATE scream1

    1. Milk

      Her 2nd best video cry9 v talented cry9

  6. Why did you delete the status asking for suggestions I am hurt

    1. Winnie

      Sometimes we only notice negatives, after someone makes a positive.

    2. Aidan.

      My suggestion was so good that you're going with it. Iconic.

  7. Congrats on your 2000th rep point

    From yours truly creep1

  8. The weasel runs at midnight

    1. Dr. Slay

      The weasels run in the day tho? um2

    2. Aidan.

      Exactly jj2

    3. Sylk

      Reply to my pm first MISS ICONIC <3

  9. VIP User? Looks like I've found myself a sugar daddy<3

    1. Sylk

      The only thing that makes me sweet is HONEY! tehe1 

    2. Aidan.

      @Honey Is this true? shock1

  10. Your set made me squirt

  11. I always make sure to look at at least one of your posts every day so I can drool over your set<3

    1. Sylk

      Thats its purpose! So when we get together at night you're all warmed up and ready to go! tehe1



  13. Happy Birthday Heaux jj2

    1. Divine

      Thanks you flop! jj5 

  14. Lukas... jj4 Is that you... jj4

    1. ChooseyLover

      For a moment I thought he was a new Britney stan. jj4

    2. Lukas

      Yes its me 

  15. YAS at your set. I'm a little obsessed with him now lmao... I can't believe he's only 18 scream1

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    2. Aidan.

      I am thinking very impure thoughts about him cheryl1

    3. Aidan.

      I'm too thirsty for my own good...

  16. YAS at your new set!!! whit1

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    2. Dr. Slay

      Omg the memories cry8

      I remember doing all of this cry8

    3. Sylk

      omg this was the era when my laptop was gone and i was rotting on my phone im OVER ny3 

    4. Aidan.

      Those were dark times cry8