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  1. 12 minutes ago, ajp said:

    In honour of your return, I’ve changed my avatar photo to thank the Pop Gods (at least for a few days). 


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    just pace yourself this time - so you don’t get burned out




    Believe me I have no energy for forum drama anymore rip4

  2. 24 minutes ago, Lord Stoneheart said:

    but at what cost rih9 

    SBIT:TDC's impact legend1 


    I was analyzing the list properly and there are some random ass inclussions rip2 All I See, More More More, Fragile, IFYDL(Acoustic) carla1

    Though some make sense (MMM & Fragile being from her most succesful album) others dont (IYDLM acoustic). I'm assuming PYIMP is listed like that but its combined streams with album version and radio mix on SBIT/UK and that's why it's so high bey7

    OCD Intensifies

  3. 1 minute ago, Sylk said:

    Also I genuinely believe Katy does not deserve this, in this story it's clearly stated that she was drunk we all do stupid things when we're drunk and with the TD guy it just sounds like a random moment... although it was wrong, I don't think Katy had any predatory intentions. I don't stan her but I've known about her long enough to know her character and it's very unfair to treat her like she's harvey weinstein or something

    Girl tea its just where were at now post me too I guess everyone has to be guilty until proven innocent even women