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  1. This is the perfect time to bring back THIS iconique moment that I bookmarked so I would never lose it
  2. I was so excited when she did Breathe thinking omg Im gonna actually get to see her sing this live Then she cut it Then she cancelled Now I havent seen her at all
  3. And the fact she rehearsed it makes it even worse Electric cowboy boots
  4. Two songs that were meant to be in their respective tours
  5. Yeah Falling has never been performed in any way Surrender and Automatic Love only 2 or 3 times I think Automatic Love should definitely make a re-appearance
  6. Aidan.


    He needs them hair plugs Hes probably bald now after Kylie cut him off
  7. Aidan.


    I used to think he was so hot
  8. Aidan.


    We WILL be removing the ugly album cover when I buy the song tho!
  9. Thinking back to the glory days of when Kylie used to include at least one rarity or obscurity in her setlist since Fever 2002 This is stuff like Limbo in Fever 2002, Dreams in the Showgirls, Loveboat X 2008, If You Don't Love Me Les Folies What tracks do you think should be aired in a larger tour down the line among all the hits and current album tracks I think Love Affair is definitely one that should be considered as it is popular within the fanbase plus one of her most popular album tracks in the UK according to digital numbers - It also has never been performed before Loving Days is another as it is again a popular track in the fanbase and also never before performed Turn It Into Love should be performed in its entirety at last as a big smashing arrangement - Every time she has performed this track it has been part of a medley or mashed up - So I think its about time she airs this in full Like I have said a million times there is no reason she cant make room for at least one song thats more obscure and she has not really done this since Les Folies Golden Tour had a tiny bit of I'll Still Be Loving You but thats hardly enough to satisfy the super stans Shes really out here thinking The One and or Your Disco Needs You are obscure What do you all think
  10. Aidan.


    Some more UK stats Love Affair needs an airing
  11. Aidan.


    The red dress is great Anyway Daily Misogyny in 2019 - No ma'am
  12. Aidan.


    I am perched for this
  13. Aidan.


    So Marina DOES stan Kylie I have always wondered if she did I see Marina singing along too
  14. Aidan.


    Messuplie singing the faggot national anthem tonight
  15. Saying Golden is her worst album is the height of delusion LMAO
  16. She switched like faggots at the 2nd last show of the tour and changed the second half of this arrangement
  17. After years of painful and time consuming research - Kylie scientists have finally created a formula to control the stans of Kylie's three lowest tier albums They even added a DIY add your own ingredient if you want to repel X stans as well ( @P.O.P will be happy) Kylie Scientists International Present the 3 in 1!! It is 99.99 on Kylie.com now and comes with a cassette re-issue of Step Back In Time in a piss coloured slipcase with My Secret Heart, Beautiful and Put Your Hands Up as smoke signal bonus tracks (To listen - Throw the cassette into an open flame and fucking burn it)
  18. oh, sip sip heres the tea
  19. She needs to bring this title track back like she used to re-up Light Years