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  1. Aidan.

    Hmm maybe. But I don't think it really fits Gaga. So perhaps it's good that things turned out the way they did.
  2. Aidan.


    I wish physical releases of singles were still common. Now that everything is going digital and streaming there's not many physical releases of singles. For my favs I still buy CD's and if there are singles to buy, I will buy them! It was sooooo exciting collecting The Fame, TFM and BTW because there was so much! I wish she had put out maxis for the rest of BTW too. I remember looking for the other singles maxis from BTW and realized they were no longer a thing
  3. Aidan.


    I paid sooooo much for Eh, Eh. Like 50 dollars or so I think? I got that in 2010 I think? But it was already fairly rare then because it was only released in select places. You and I and Marry The Night I got as Christmas gifts, but yeah they were fairly cheap when they came out. I actually only got the Applause single recently, from Amazon pretty cheap. It's actually still available on there. I thought all copies would have been slimline but I guess it depends on the place/region. I wish the other Artpop singles were released physically too.
  4. Aidan.


    Some of them are! The Cherrytree EP is really good!
  5. Aidan.


    Nice! I need to get a record player so I have an excuse to buy vinyl! I have the Froot/Happy vinyl single and the Primadonna One Track Promo on the way too
  6. Aidan.


    Thank you
  7. Aidan.

    I saw her last October bc my friend wanted to see her and I went with her. I agree her attitude is off I got that vibe at the concert too. We were gonna go see her again last month but then we were like fuck it because we couldn't be bothered
  8. Aidan.


    So I thought I would post my Gaga collection for yall. I started collecting in 2009 and still am when I can find stuff and have the money! Here it is! Albums/EPs List: The Fame (Canadian Standard) The Fame (UK Standard) The Fame Monster (Standard) The Fame Monster 2 Disc Born This Way (Standard) Born This Way (UK Bonus Track) Born This Way Deluxe Artpop Cheek To Cheek The Cherrytree Sessions The Remix (Canadian) The Remix (UK) Born This Way - The Remix Singles/Etc Just Dance Remixes Poker Face Remixes Love Game Single Love Game Remixes Eh, Eh French Single Paparazzi Single Paparazzi Remixes Bad Romance Single Bad Romance Remixes Telephone Single Telephone Remixes Alejandro Single Alejandro Remixes Judas Single Judas Remixes The Edge Of Glory Single You and I Single Marry The Night Single Applause Single The Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Garden
  9. Aidan.


    Here is my Marina Collection The Family Jewels (UK/Canadian Standard) The Family Jewels (US Standard) The Family Jewels (Japan) Electra Heart (Standard - US) Electra Heart (UK Deluxe) Froot Froot Cassette Hollywood Single Hollywood One Track Promo Primadonna (German Single) Power and Control One Track Promo Immortal/I'm A Ruin Vinyl Single
  10. Aidan.


    This is my Florence Collection Lungs (Standard) Lungs (Australian Deluxe) Between Two Lungs (Lungs Deluxe) Ceremonials (Standard) How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (Standard) MTV Unplugged Dog Days Are Over 2008 Single Dog Days Are Over Promo Rabbit Heart Single Rabbit Heart Promo Drumming Song Single You've Got The Love Single Breaking Down Promo
  11. I LOVE ha look Fits her well... as pretty much anything does
  12. Aidan.

    Not at all
  13. The premiere is now scheduled for this Sunday, 24 April at 7PM British Time
  14. Aidan.

    Honestly really never with any of my faves? Although when Gaga got vomited on I was like because a) that's gross, b) I HATE vomit (duh) - I have a phobia of it . I mean I get the whole art thing but it was just tew much. But I love Gaga and will never unstan ha Marina - Never though there's been a few times where she's said she's gonna do stuff and then she doesn't and it's annoying but I get over it fast. That's just Marina being Marina and I LOVE HA TO DEATH Florence - NEVER, EVER. She can do no wrong. Could literally set me on fire and I'd thank her. Zayn - I started stanning him even more after he left One Direction, so never GOD I LOVE HIM Adele - NEVA! Tho the long wait between albums is trying
  15. Aidan.


    I can't believe Alejandro is 6 y.o. already Happy Belated to this iconic BOP
  16. Well I'll just leave then...
  17. Ugh I think every song on the album deserves a video. It's amazing And thank you for telling me I'll fix it
  18. Apparently the full thing will feature every song from the standard HBHBHB in some way!! Edit: All songs from the standard were included except for Caught. It was SNUBBED!
  19. YAS at your set. I'm a little obsessed with him now lmao... I can't believe he's only 18 scream1

    1. Aidan.

      I am thinking very impure thoughts about him cheryl1

    2. Aidan.

      I'm too thirsty for my own good...

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  20. Disappointed bc I was really excited, but knew it was going to happen as soon as I saw Prince had died Florence did the right thing! She must be upset! Very respectful
  21. Aidan.

    Celeb News

    SO SAD I remember watching her on the surreal life and celebrity rehab. RIP