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  1. Alesus

    sounds awfully a lot like what a slasher in disguise would say
  2. Alesus

    lol, yes. i've been included in every tag when someone dies and i signed up as well
  3. Alesus

    I vote for #music, because why not
  4. Alesus

    i refuse to die a do nothing bitch. i command all Slashers to reveal themselves in my PMs at once or there will be hell to pay! --------- as for the victims, PM me if you're Team Life! we need to stick together.
  5. Alesus

    hello, world.
  6. Alesus

    that'd be great!
  7. Alesus

    i missed the deadline
  8. who are you signing? 

    1. G like MC

      Brandon flowers 

    2. Joanne

      Kesha's BF bey3

  9. i saw you peeking in the CAL thread bey1 are you interested?

    1. Madonna

      I was absolutely mesmerized by your artwork, sis! cry1 If I had the time to join, I would but I am really busy and stressed out at the moment, unfortunately :(

    2. Alesus

      no worries :)

  10. you'll get a message from Warner tomorrow!

    1. basedkatyperry

      Thank you! I just got back from vacation so sorry! 

  11. d Why you closed the thread?

    CALW is coming?

    1. Edu

      I've 2% left, hurry up

  12. hi, could you grant me administrator access for the CAL subsection please?