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  1. Alesus

    Oh wow @Harry_CAL, your mind. This campaign is next level
  2. Alesus

    Omg @hector sis, you looked so good in this
  3. Alesus

    Rihanna $1,721,091 Bella $1,335,177 Bella's Opening (New Update for UK Leg) @Ronlop You've excluded 'Still' from the charts once again, despite it charting the same as MYN during week 4 and a little lower this past week. Can you fix that?
  4. Alesus

    Sis, you couldn't even update to macOS Mojave? Flop playlist!
  5. Alesus

    $100 dollars you didn't scroll to the end Unless you did and that''s still too small? Thank you lege!
  6. Alesus

    Bella Covers V Magazine (WW)
  7. Alesus

    Rihanna On Dance World
  8. Alesus

    Bella On Radio X