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  1. sounds awfully a lot like what a slasher in disguise would say
  2. lol, yes. i've been included in every tag when someone dies and i signed up as well
  3. i refuse to die a do nothing bitch. i command all Slashers to reveal themselves in my PMs at once or there will be hell to pay! --------- as for the victims, PM me if you're Team Life! we need to stick together.
  4. who are you signing? 

    1. G like MC

      G like MC

      Brandon flowers 

    2. Joanne


      Kesha's BF bey3

  5. i saw you peeking in the CAL thread bey1 are you interested?

    1. Madonna


      I was absolutely mesmerized by your artwork, sis! cry1 If I had the time to join, I would but I am really busy and stressed out at the moment, unfortunately :(

    2. Alesus


      no worries :)

  6. you'll get a message from Warner tomorrow!

    1. basedkatyperry


      Thank you! I just got back from vacation so sorry! 

  7. hi, could you grant me administrator access for the CAL subsection please?

  8. you still playing CAL?

    1. Aurora


      Hey, yeah I'm still planning on joining. Just after your last message something huge took up my time all last week. It's over now though so hopefully I can get into CAL. :)

  9. are you still playing CAL? Max needs to slay!

    1. Robert.


      Oh, definitely! It's just that I'm still waiting for a corporation to message me and sign Max


      (I hope Ron hasn't forgotten about me slaycat )

      Btw, I've witnessed your NEO roll-out campaign and just....WOW! You deserve all the success!


    2. Alesus


      Thank you so much! I've added you to the CAL group chat, just message ron there and he'll add you. it's possible he's forgotten

  10. hey is it possible to edit the code of a post so I can remove the gaps between images?

    1. Americunt


      Hold down the shift key while you press return/enter. It'll just do a carriage return without the additional line spacing.

    2. Alesus


      thank you!

    3. Alesus


      you're a life saver! the gaps were driving me insane: 


  11. hey is there anyway to edit the code of a post so I can remove the gaps between images?

    1. RihannaRTT


      Afraid not. It's something I'd like to have back too, but IPB software doesn't have that functionality. 

  12. her flow bitch better hurry up and drop that damn album