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  1. We waiting on her to get right to the bops I'm tired of hero and wbt tiring asses Can't wait to see ensembles tho and boobs showcases
  2. We've just recently had a residency, is it really necessary that we have another Hope the production will be at least better than that mess #1 To Infinity Melissa you better get to work
  3. Greedyriah

    He didn't lie though
  4. I just wish she had a better promo team, El Anillo isn't even on top Latin playlists on Spotify etc., there is so much potential
  5. I'm feeling the new spanish oriented music so much omg, Se Acabó el Amor also smashed so hard and she looks stunning My poor ass weave is not ready for Dinero
  6. Greedyriah

    It is just not realistic for her to be the voice of the generation when we have multiple skinnier singers who outdid her multiple times over and over again, not to mention Xtines legacy all faded and forgotten
  7. idaTfaW.gif

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    2. Greedyriah

      Such an iconic gif, I still can't get over her face when the door closes


    3. Michael.

      Hilary: Buy my new single Spar...



    4. Greedyriah

      I can't with her explaining dfjdhkf


  8. I need the bitch to pull through with fresh performances and not 2013 recycled POM routines Otherwise collect them fans legend
  9. Oh bitch she really did pull through this time, the video is brilliant and I love the song Bonus points for Miguel Silvestre in the video
  10. 2013riah decided to make a comeback and yes I'm shivering with joy
  11. @Michael. hey baby


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    2. Michael.

      yes she came through with those autotuned belts


      btw how's life on Twitter?


    3. Greedyriah

      Life's gorgeous on twitter, I haven't been tweeting much these days but I love my mutuals there


    4. Michael.

      Kii i'm such a flop on Twitter


  12. Greedyriah


    Good morning good morning good morning
  13. Greedyriah


    Hello. Me I've Arrived
  14. Greedyriah

    Someone rang for moi?
  15. Greedyriah


    Mariah should be a priority I'm