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  1. dark hair I mean the looks she served in AHOD alone >>>
  2. Discussion

    it's a cute girl
  3. saving some things here as I speak for future reference
  4. Tinashe Jorgensen Kachingwe is an upcoming music sensation ready to shake things up in the R&B world. She started making a name for herself on Youtube by posting music covers and videos about her life like many others did before her but this girl wasn't an ordinary youtuber, she had a real talent for music. Citing artists such as Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and Christina Aguilera as her inspirations, she began to make music in her home studio where she wrote and produced a few mixtapes and started crafting her sound. Besides the fact that Tinashe is extremely talented, she's also very ambitious and she's aiming for superstar status, that's why she has decided to join Everest Records that will accompany her on her journey and rise to stardom. Her debut album is set to be released very soon, the singer revealed that the sound of the album won't be very different than her mixtape days but rather a more mainstream version of it. She says that she'd be going for the sexy/provocative route, stating that she has always been fascinated by how her idols are so confident about their sexuality and how it inspires her a lot. When she was asked if she was planning on touring for this album, she answered that there will definitely be a tour coming to promote the project saying that performing is her favorite thing to do as a singer. Sounds promising!
  5. I have NEVER thought about it like that, that is so disgusting. Thank you for opening my eyes! Time to boycott the bitch now, send the Bee to the hive and lock her up.
  6. Rumor

    don't jinx it the lead is coming
  7. bitch what is this i'm shook if this bitch announces a new collection of socks i'll cut a bitch
  8. put Beyoncé on a stage with nothing but a mic and do the same with Madonna and then you'll have the answer
  9. Britney's peak was iconic, Madonna can't relate to that level of fame
  10. that's because Mariah is a global legend who is remembered and loved by every demographic across the world while Madonna's legacy is a gay myth
  11. Mariah for sure, no one remembers Madonna's music while Mariah's 18 #1s are all pretty much remembered in all honesty it probably has to do with Madonna looking much older, ageism strikes again