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  1. Michael.

    issues my ass they are so transparent
  2. Michael.

    I could see it being made by someone else too
  3. Michael.

    The same exact thread would have been made if Liberation was a bigger success than Glory anyways
  4. Michael.

    I'm pretty sure if they didn't call themselves The Carters but rather Beyoncé & Jay-Z they'd be doing better.
  5. Michael.

    Singles are definitely more important than album sales in 2018 and Beyoncé realized it real quick when she jumped on all those songs with trendy artists recently. At the end of the day Rihanna’s name and voice is heard all across the world with a single hit which is enough to maintain her relevance while album sales won’t give you that since most people don’t listen to albums so Rihanna wins with her allegedly quick lil’ hits. She would have gotten that platinum certification with or without that deal so yeah she doesn’t need a shtick.
  6. Michael.

    can't wait to see the same familiar users running in this thread to say no
  7. Michael.

    Honestly her taking a huge break isn't necesarily a bad thing in her case, she could milk it as this huge comeback and we know she can pull it off.
  8. Tell us more about music taste The One Behind All
  9. girl give up, you’d have no chance with him even if you wanted to stop trying
  10. Michael.

    You were about to get this downvote for saying Superlove but you redeemed yourself with AHOD
  11. Michael.

    Video Girl is my bitch