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  1. Michael.

    well congratulations to her! I’m curious to see how this will affect her music career though
  2. Michael.

    I really love this game but as much as I love it, it’s very time consuming and I just don’t have the patience and time to write articles right now. I’m barely active on the forum too. So no, I won’t be playing next season. But I really loved the community here and the overall experience. You guys are amazing and so creative so keep up with the good work, I must say that I was very impressed by the stuff I’ve seen in this game. You guys are true artists. I wish you all the best! ❤️
  3. Michael.

    I knew she was 58 but now it has finally been confirmed
  4. @Freaky Prince go off sis
  5. waiiiit you’re Brazilian omg WIG
  6. Highest score of the night!!!!!! Btw success!!!!
  7. idk why but TABS makes me cackle TABS
  8. kick me with those long ass legs godnashe
  9. Michael.

    Her tour looks cute but some of the outfits are so ugly and cheap.
  10. Michael.

    Celeb News

    Either way I worded it differently on Twitter
  11. Michael.

    Celeb News

    oh so is she going reggae or not I- She probably wants another era full of bangers again so she can have another Loud type of era. Smart girl.
  12. Michael.

    Is @Agugaga D.M.F on ATRL?
  13. idk you constantly pointing out that Rihanna is light skin as if that changes anything to her blackness definitely comes off as an attempt to dismiss her heritage Not you acting like Mariah’s racially ambiguous ass was ever an issue for her career. Let’s be fucking real for a damn second, it was a privilege for Mariah, her white-passing ass was more marketable and appealing for the white audiences and her having some heritage just made Americans curious at the time. Your post makes no sense. You say Rihanna, a woman with apparent African features, benefited from being light-skin but Mariah didn’t benefit from literally looking white? You’re bias. Everyone can acknowledge that Mariah has black heritage but when it comes to the way she looks, she looks more like a Latina, and on a good day. Plus let me add that Rihanna IS NOT racially ambiguous.
  14. Hypocritical of you to try to dismiss Rihanna’s blackness while trying to convince someone that Mariah is black. Rihanna is not white-passing, let’s leave it at that so don’t try it with the « if Rihanna is then Mariah is too!!!!111 » narrative. No one in Europe and other parts of the world would even guess that Mariah is of black descent let alone say she’s black. I also noticed that some of you lambs try way too hard to convince everyone that Mariah is black, why is it like so important to y’all? Y’all seem to lose it when someone says otherwise. a kii.