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  1. Michael.

    You're missing the point love but it's ok we're gon' be alright
  2. Michael.

    Many monsters have been clinging to Shallow's success a lot though, so I'm assuming her sudden chart power doesn't need to rely on a movie campaign!
  3. Michael.

    "all I wanna do is kill YoUrr BAAAAAAAAHHDAAaaaaYYYYYYY OOOOhhhAAAHHHooOOhzAaaAA!!!!!!"
  4. Michael.

    The Katy, Rihanna and Gaga one are my favourites! to whoever made these
  5. Michael.

    This is true. However he's right when he claims that she might not be able to reproduce the same success with her upcoming projects that will be non-movie related and that won't have an entire promotional campaign as huge as ASIB.
  6. the beyoncé of her generation
  7. Michael.

    He actually likes Ariana, the hate began when her stans started mocking Xtina and that's when his sudden dislike for her burst out. I recall him having no problem with her before that whatsoever...
  8. Michael.

    I don't understand, she had 3 top 10 singles including 2 #1s, the album's doing great and so is her tour so what more are you expecting from this era exactly?
  9. Michael.

    Well finally CALtube is back, playing with half of the features of the game was not the tea.
  10. i'm not even done with the video but that acting and her speaking french has me cackling
  11. Michael.

    Her vocals are so tragic, it’s the only thing ruining it for me
  12. « it could be good for her when it comes to the UK market » which is clearly visible in the quote above. Mariah’s chart power is over so this song’s not going to do anything to her career, feature or not. That’s what my post is about.
  13. The song’s not going to do anything to Mariah’s career let alone Stefflon’s though
  14. Michael.

    yes to ALL.