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  1. Body Ache is awful but It Should Be Easy is lowkey underrated, that voice can go but the song is a bop
  2. the deluxe tracks save the album
  3. Diamonds just called and said no
  4. bitch serving visuals this era huh
  5. Photos

    that's hot
  6. Madonna is a legend and her catalogue is more remembered than Rihanna's, who is even arguing about that? It's like you Madonna fans need people to repeat those things OVER and OVER again because y'all so insecure
  7. Glad you agree that Serbia is irrelevant Isn't a song released 10 years ago considered old now? alright Anyway we both know what I meant by old hits Good for Bleach i guess
  8. Serbia is irrelevant anyway I mean if your only indicator to prove that Rihanna has no memorable hits is fucking Serbia then let me cackle a bit All i know is that her old hits are still gaining millions of streams and that I do hear Rihanna on the radio here even though I rarely listen to the radio but when I do I usually hear Diamonds, Disturbia, Unfaithful and Umbrella But enjoy listening to old hags on your floppy radio
  9. Does your fave even sing anymore? I don't recall her last era
  10. Game

    stop going off-topic OT: omg we love little legends
  11. Game

    that's exactly what you did with Britney, so let's enjoy our WPs together!
  12. Game

    start by changing your set
  13. Game

    Oops I did it again i played with your heart got lost in the game
  14. Game

    i got two two letters for you we love Hannah Montana