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  1. Katy did THAT!
  2. yes, she's very talented but by hype I meant all the hype she gets for her success and stuff
  3. I'm gonna have to say Beyonce. Why? - She has pretty much sold the same amount of albums than Rihanna (slightly more) - She has sold less albums than Taylor Swift - over 100 million singles sold which is pretty common for every big pop girl - Overall her records sales stand at over 170 million records sold which is the case for any other big pop girl such as Gaga, Katy, Taylor etc. And yet she gets much more hype than all of them.
  4. wait if i understand well they're saying it's rigged because it's on addmefast? Addmefast doesn't work for polls, it's a social exchange site It's not a bot, or am I missing something?
  5. Just because you were living under a rock doesn't erase the fact that Britney was a huge pop phenomenem Your attempts are not cute.
  6. None tbh. How many kids do you think care or remember Madonna nowadays? Maybe some of them know her by name, but would most of them be able to name one of her songs? And we're talking about the biggest female artist of all time, let alone Britney or Beyoncé in 30 years who had far less impact and success than her.
  7. Britney had more cultural impact and she has the bigger career overall, what Bey has over Britney is touring and singles success I suppose.
  8. If it's a poll and Toxic is in it, it'll always win.
  9. her hair isn't naturally curly like you showed in the OP
  10. are you trying to say Rihanna is 'less black' because of an eye color? Rihanna's mother is a mix of African and Guyanese and her father is of Barbadian and Irish ancestry, her european ancestors are the result of her green eyes. She's black, period. Mariah is not seen as a black woman because her skin is pale and her hair is naturally straight, why even bring up Rihanna anyway.
  11. Britney would be knee Gaga would be fad
  12. Gaga changed her image because her old one was getting tired so no
  13. it's amazing so yes, imagine not stanning this song HARD! I can't relate