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  1. This is so wack plss « i can’t clapback so let me avoid the point » teas
  2. The time you spent aligning the text on the right side, you should have spent it on improving your comprehension skills because nowhere does it say I stan her.
  3. I mentioned her because she made herself known as a songwriter first, not because she’s good.
  4. Taylor is literally unseasoned chicken: bland, basic, uneventful, etc. If I wanted to stan songwriters, I’d stan Julia Michaels
  5. I don't get how she would even think that? Her music doesn't even show off her voice that much, it's just ear-candy pop music.
  6. keyword: songwriter Notice how that's the only thing you could mention because you know she's mediocre in literally each and every other aspect of what she does.
  7. OT: In all seriousness, my advice to you would be to work on smoothing the edges in your cut-outs and fonts so it doesn't look as rough. Also, you could resize the titles and explicit tags because they look sometimes a little too big. The best one is Talk That Talk
  8. All hands on deck all in the front all in the back just like that
  9. As stated above, Meghan's impact is a lot more exclusive to America than Dua's. Plus, Dua served a whole album and a streak of hits. It's not comparable to Meghan who wasn't that huge outside of Savage and WAP
  10. The outfit and hair are similar but didn't think the performance was honestly Except for the fact there's a chair
  11. omg you read my mind i like that there are stores there
  12. Positions at the first listen ain't it but the album is a grower, not her best album but not her worst. This era feels uneventful though
  13. I didn't realize she was still such a big factor in the UK in 2020... she just seems so uneventful? Either way, it's impressive that she outdid Little Mix considering they're younger.