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  1. i'm feeling so weird today

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    2. Kenny Mccormick

      literally me every fucking day 

      welcome to the club hon

    3. TattooedHeart

      34 minutes ago, Michael. said:

      idk i'm just feeling anxious for no reason

      This is about my life 

      sorry to hear that though :(

  2. Because they're too good for the US
  3. Bionic is a flop? Just like Glory.
  4. It's ok, Britney has 8 other albums that outsold Lotus and Bionic.
  5. It's just something used a lot in the stan world to drag other stans, at the end of the day we stan pop stars so commercial success is kind of important, right? But yeah it's stupid in the sense that it shouldn't stop you from stanning an artist you like.
  6. didn't watch that documentary but i suppose it's trash
  7. As if Gaga vs Madonna isn't still a thing, welcome to the stan world.
  8. exactly, i mean it's pretty obvious what she meant by that.
  9. yeah but like at least a "thank you" without being extra, she was being rude period.
  10. i loved this album, the singles were amazing. The visuals were absolute lazy trash though.