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  1. That's why we hate faggots! Stream Songs For You if you don't wanna be a faggot
  2. Michael.

    Fancy by Iggy comes to mind
  3. Michael.

    bold of you to assume her anus smells bad in the first place, this ain't about yours
  4. Michael.

    I think Mariah smells the best for some reason, she always looks so glam and clean if that makes sense
  5. Are you Dutch? 

    1. Michael.

      No I’m not, I’m Portuguese... why? jj2 

    2. G like MC

      I was trying to figure you out!

      Obrigado! ❤

    3. Michael.

      Oh alright hahaha happy1

  6. Michael.

    It was a cute performance lol... not terrible nor amazing
  7. There are way too many... I’m lazy when it comes to listening to albums from artists that aren’t my faves, I don’t feel like sitting through a whole album if you’re not my fave so I’d rather stick to the singles and avoid any potential fillers.
  8. Spoiler

    Waiting for you to post again in the picture thread 


    1. Michael.

      Did you forget my face? jj2 

      I might post again who knows if the demand is high ny1 

    2. G like MC

      I was RihVisiting it last night jj2

      Perched if you do

  9. Michael.

    It won’t flop and I’d say that it will even do better than Anti’s first weeks, it won’t perhaps chart as long but it will have stronger sales... Streaming is more dominant than it was in 2016 and she’s a streaming force so her SPS numbers will definitely be solid, plus the anticipation will give her a boost but she’ll need to live up to the hype because if she disappoints then it’s over.
  10. I assume she has several songs that people know and could name from her, perhaps she doesn’t have one in particular that is bigger than the rest of her catalogue but I doubt someone with a minimum of musical knowledge couldn’t name a Madonna song... To be frankly honest, I didn’t know La Isla Bonita was by her until last year but I had definitely heard the song before.
  11. Michael.

    No... she’s not a force anymore. She can get a top 20 hit at best nowadays and that’s a great feat for her actual standards.
  12. What I see is that no one dressed up as Xtina when she’s part of the performance that they’re doing a tribute to.
  13. Lil Kim is that type of artist who is always gassed up by hip-hop fans as the OG etc. but when a new project drops...
  14. Lol, she’s darker than some actual black artists let’s not