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  1. Michael.

    the racismé jumped out expose ha!
  2. Michael.

  3. Michael.

    Oh well, perfect then! Thank you.
  4. Michael.

    Thank you guys! Btw is there a way to find my releases in the archives because I need "The Ride" and "Anything" please?
  5. Michael.

    Do I send my noms to you?
  6. Michael.

    mess so much has happened I-
  7. Ariana being the new Britney progressive
  8. Michael.


    the lack of details, I could have made up this shit myself so I'm not taking this seriously for now...
  9. Michael.

    Celeb News

    She's so articulated and genuine!
  10. Me and @Royale are about to watch A Star Is Born, we just paid for our tickets so it better be worth it... bey7 

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    2. Chris Morlock

      it is not boring moo12 

    3. Michael.

      This movie was ok-ish, but honestly I was expecting something... bigger? Considering the whole hype around it, it really wasn’t all that. moo12 

  11. Michael.

  12. Michael.

    we don't stan coconut anymore and that's the tea
  13. Michael.

    homegirl paying her bills with those YouTube coins she’s earning from make up tutorials that no asked for and that keep popping up in my recommended videos, i’m ditching her hoe ass if she keeps up with the games i accepted that makeup brand but this bitch is really out here adding beauty guru to her résumé now she’s O.V.E.R until she drops her lead that’ll smash and break Spotify records and that I will stan hard goodbye 👋
  14. Michael.

    The Weeknd is really my go-to male artist and that’s about it.