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  1. Michael.

    No, as Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar. Try another example
  2. Michael.

    Yeah, I guess she’s genuinely loved by all these celebrities but it’s clear that it seems a little bit forced. I mean a celebrity praising her is one thing but some of them are even posting extracts of the video on their Instagram like Cardi, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were probably paid to do it.
  3. Michael.

    Too bad working with the biggest and most notorious hit producers doesn’t guarantee a hit, star power does and that’s something you can rely on only if you still have it
  4. Michael.

    You’re such a flop troll, not even entertaining.
  5. Does she truly write her raps? Because girl can’t barely come up with a clever clap back on Instagram, makes it hard to believe it...
  6. Is there any FOTPer who live in London ? mad2

    1. rihce

      I'm moving there next year bey2

    2. Entea

      Manchester outsold

    3. Michael.

      I’m in London so I was expecting to meet up with a FOTPer eventually bey1 

  7. Michael.

    Tinashe | BBC Breakfast (UK Promo)
  8. Michael.

    Tinashe | Late Motiv (Spain - Europe Promo)