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  1. Michael.

    the blasphemy
  2. Michael.

    it still sounds fresh, especially the hook which would still smash if released today
  3. Michael.

    Rude Boy dated? Literally where
  4. Michael.

    For Madonna, this would be absolutely tragic but for Mariah? Honestly, I don’t think she has ever been a touring force nor known for her performances, on top of that, vocalists like her are generally very weak in the tours department so it doesn’t even shock me. She should be doing slightly better though, especially in small venues like theaters, but she has gotten so much bad press over the years for her vocals and it’s not like her tours don’t consist on the same shit. People would rather play one of her CDs to hear her belt than pay to see her live.
  5. Michael.

    While it’s not a sold-out smash, it’s not a total tragedy either though.
  6. Michael.

    I feel like Broke Sugar on the Bubbling Under
  7. Michael.

    While I do agree that these words can be offensive, they’re still used in a whole different context. Nicki’s comments are homophobic, she has already used an homophobic slur years ago and now she’s using another term which obviously qualifies gay people in a pejorative way. Not comparable to gays calling themselves bitch and cunt in a playful and troll-ish way.
  8. Michael.

    Because Michaels are legends
  9. inb4 he was pretending to be a Mariah stan all this time a @Savage tea
  10. Yeah i’m Joking lol I feel like Madonna will actually live another 20 years, she seems healthy and happy but so does Mariah tbh
  11. Does that mean I’m Not A Girl is a certified instantly recognizable CLASSIC? Yes. And to answer your question, let me give you a hint:
  12. Because Madonna is closer to death
  13. I used to think I had the answers to everything But now I know That life doesn't always Go my way, yeah Feels like I'm caught in the middle That's when I realize I'm not a girl Not yet a woman All I need is time A moment that is mine While I'm in between I'm not a girl
  14. I used to think I had the answers to everything But now I know That receipts don’t always go my way, Feels like i’m caught in the middle That’s when I realize I’m not a fan, not yet a stan All I need is time To figure out who should I stan Madonna or Mariah I need a moment that is mine Do what feels right While i’m In the middle I’m not a stan
  15. I didn’t say the song was bad but it’s quite a basic single