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  1. « it could be good for her when it comes to the UK market » which is clearly visible in the quote above. Mariah’s chart power is over so this song’s not going to do anything to her career, feature or not. That’s what my post is about.
  2. The song’s not going to do anything to Mariah’s career let alone Stefflon’s though
  3. Michael.

    yes to ALL.
  4. Of course. I mean it's good that her brand is successful and all, which is all thanks to her name being attached to it. However, she already had a huge platform to get started and popularity to back her up, therefore, she had very little chances of failing right from the beginning.
  5. You make it sound like 5M is $5 Her starting with that much was already a privilege and made it much easier for her to build a name for herself, the fact her family is pretty much the most famous one in the world gave her another push too but that is just my two cents.
  6. Michael.

    This song is as good as unseasoned chicken so I’m not surprised.
  7. Michael.

    idk i'm not a psychic
  8. Michael.

    She won’t bounce back with a huge era and become all of a sudden the main bitch again. However, I can see her achieving consistent and decent album sales due to her dedicated fanbase. She’ll flop for filth when it comes to singles though, if Shallow couldn’t stay more than two weeks in the top 10 despite having a big movie campaign supporting the single then yikes, it’s really over! It’s safe to say that she’ll have good first week sales for her album and maybe some respectable accolades. I doubt she’ll get a smash single, I think she’ll have moderate success similar to Joanne.
  9. Michael.

    No stream Post Malone for clear skin
  10. Michael.


    Shut the fuck up
  11. Michael.


    using my name for clicks? I'm not suing because it's Michael praise so we tolerate it
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    my date hasn't started yet tyvm
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    i'm into that
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    btw I have a date so I can't stay bye