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  1. Michael.

    It won鈥檛 flop and I鈥檇 say that it will even do better than Anti鈥檚 first weeks, it won鈥檛 perhaps chart as long but it will have stronger sales... Streaming is more dominant than it was in 2016 and she鈥檚 a streaming force so her SPS numbers will definitely be solid, plus the anticipation will give her a boost but she鈥檒l need to live up to the hype because if she disappoints then it鈥檚 over.
  2. I assume she has several songs that people know and could name from her, perhaps she doesn鈥檛 have one in particular that is bigger than the rest of her catalogue but I doubt someone with a minimum of musical knowledge couldn鈥檛 name a Madonna song... To be frankly honest, I didn鈥檛 know La Isla Bonita was by her until last year but I had definitely heard the song before.
  3. Michael.

    No... she鈥檚 not a force anymore. She can get a top 20 hit at best nowadays and that鈥檚 a great feat for her actual standards.
  4. What I see is that no one dressed up as Xtina when she鈥檚 part of the performance that they鈥檙e doing a tribute to.
  5. Lil Kim is that type of artist who is always gassed up by hip-hop fans as the OG etc. but when a new project drops...
  6. Lol, she鈥檚 darker than some actual black artists let鈥檚 not
  7. Of course she wouldn鈥檛 give it to Nicki but beefs aside, bias isn鈥檛 cute. Nicki, like her or not, is a more skilled rapper than Cardi.
  8. Michael.

    Are you joking? Toxic is really one of these songs everyone knows... It just isn鈥檛 one of those songs that you can deem as forgotten because it鈥檚 just so recognizable.
  9. Bad sales for a bad song
  10. Michael.

    I鈥檝e listened to Gone and 2099 and I liked them at first listen, do her fans overrate her? Yes. But Charli herself isn鈥檛 any better, she鈥檚 constantly bragging about her music being the best. She鈥檚 far more annoying than her fans...
  11. It just felt rushed and ungenuine, plus the choice of putting those three together was RANDOM as hell. The beat slaps but the melody is boring, the lyrics are clich茅 girl empowering mess especially during Miley鈥檚 verse and Lana鈥檚 part just doesn鈥檛 suit the song. A mess, period.
  12. I thought you were being shady, I mean your post had a lowkey sarcastic tone so...
  13. Let鈥檚 not Melanie has a huge fanbase, the girl has 8 million followers on YouTube and she has no commercial appeal so it鈥檚 huge for an artist like her.