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  1. Madonna's use of emojis is cringe-worthy
  2. she's not far behind but she also has more albums than Rih and Beyoncé and she has more flops than bops I never said it wasn't impressive i'm just saying she never managed to come close to that success again, OTF is bigger than most of her other hits combined while Britney, Xtina and Bey have modern classics in their discography and have several singles that are pretty equal in terms of success
  3. Larry probably thinks this over-sexual young girl image still works for her stupid like he is so i don't see a reinvention happening anytime soon
  4. Yeah but ever since her comeback the market changed a lot Her whole brand just needs a reinvention, because her image/performances are so 90s/early 00s and so are the topic of her songs I don't see her happening again
  5. Sure but it's hypocritical to shame someone for not not being able to fit in the current sales climate and then use the "my fave didn't debut when albums were big" excuse when the same applies to someone who didn't peak in the digital/streaming era.
  6. yeah but he dismissed the overused argument "albums were bigger" which works with digital sales/streaming too.
  7. omg i love Rih but this is a clock Rih's longevity and sales are still very impressive regardless of when she became a thing.
  8. Celeb News

    bitch you better stan No Drama
  9. she really surprised me but I still don't see her going that far after Havana
  10. all i'm seeing is empty seats but cute story DWT would have grossed just the same as PWT if it had the same amount of shows, not to mention Rihanna's total tour gross is far bigger than Katy's who had like only ONE succesful tour in her entire career.
  11. Except Rihanna has literally never been a touring force even during her prime unlike Gaga. This is just another proof of Gaga's power fading. Albums: over Singles: over Tour: over streaming: never started sad
  12. Y'all had the nerve to make empti jokes so i don't see any problem with us shading your decaying fave now. Seethe.
  13. lmao so monsters have been shoving down everyone's throats that Gaga was on a sold-out tour and I see this? Let me save this real quick for the kiis.