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  1. She hasn't spoken about her departure from the group when she first came out so it's kind of transparent that she's doing it now for publicity and nostalgia factor since she's flopping
  2. You've named a few that have faded already
  3. Make it a movie, then the movie's theme song, and bag an Oscar for best original song legend
  4. Normani has the biggest potential, she had everyone on a chokehold when the Motivation mv came out A-list stars were posting and tweeting about her at the time... She was giving it girl energy but she fucked it all up
  5. we can't afford to remove sections tbh
  6. it's bound to happen, it's going down with a Selena section at least
  7. well i feel like the time is limited for the forum itself I fear
  8. you did a flawless job regardless while I jumped ship
  9. @Snow not you still SHAMELESSLY spamming here I stan the dedication, truly
  10. I saw it too, but the director needs to get a grip. Lil Nas was inspired by Twigs, but he made it his own thing. Everyone is inspired by everyone, nothing is 100% original nowadays. Other than pole scene, the video itself is not even close to resembling Cellophane.
  11. Me neither but since I watch a lot or celeb videos on YouTube, I always get talk show interviews and such recommended to me which is how I know about that interview