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  1. inb4 that gay pretended to be cured to mock them
  2. it's very catchy even at the first listen It's like a gay bop but I don't see it becoming a hit because the geepee is homophobic It sounds more like an album track you would release as the last single
  3. lol why you lying? To know about Larry saying that you have to check for interviews/news about Britney, that's where we get that type of information to begin with.
  4. Sylk outsold
  5. yas queen diamandis
  6. Pretends to be shocked
  7. I'm joking, I love you
  8. 4 upvotes on my last post? i'm over
  9. Gaining weight? Never done that
  10. unapologetic skinny
  11. I'll make sure you're evicted when you wake up
  12. Do I look like I'm having a meltdown as i speak?
  13. Bully of the house, we been knew @Hermione is about to snatch my crown
  14. Finally a good hit gif here
  15. When she decided to sign you up