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  1. Michael.


    thank god bc I was worried that it was a single
  2. Michael.


    Trying too hard as in trying too hard to be controversial/weird It just came off as non-sensical & disgusting
  3. Michael.


    the way I yelled
  4. Michael.


    Yeah I hate those name changes like am I supposed to keep up with who they are? Absolutely not
  5. Michael.


    The Vilanelle guy is the worst the way he got clocked real quick hihihi
  6. Michael.


    The Fetish video had potential but it's just messy She was trying too hard
  7. The point of the thread was to post Selena's achievement in HER section??? Tf are you on lmao, take the L and exit poor thing
  8. Michael.


    She better come through bc she's kinda over after So Good her recent singles made no noise
  9. Michael.


    @Dennis Reynolds I see at least 3 member who deserve a warning in this thread That's if trolling outside of BGs is still against the rules?
  10. I think we should start giving credits to producers only from now on The singers don't matter
  11. Michael.


    Bad Liar was so exciting to me, I loved it I was excited for Fetish too but the video kind of let me down
  12. Yes. Because people didn’t listen to Selena’s vocals throughout the entirety of the song. They did it for Kygo.
  13. 2 of them are with DJs, she sings the entire song by herself but stay pressed.