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  1. Lol, she’s darker than some actual black artists let’s not
  2. Of course she wouldn’t give it to Nicki but beefs aside, bias isn’t cute. Nicki, like her or not, is a more skilled rapper than Cardi.
  3. Michael.

    Are you joking? Toxic is really one of these songs everyone knows... It just isn’t one of those songs that you can deem as forgotten because it’s just so recognizable.
  4. Michael.

    Bad sales for a bad song
  5. Michael.

    I’ve listened to Gone and 2099 and I liked them at first listen, do her fans overrate her? Yes. But Charli herself isn’t any better, she’s constantly bragging about her music being the best. She’s far more annoying than her fans...
  6. It just felt rushed and ungenuine, plus the choice of putting those three together was RANDOM as hell. The beat slaps but the melody is boring, the lyrics are cliché girl empowering mess especially during Miley’s verse and Lana’s part just doesn’t suit the song. A mess, period.
  7. I thought you were being shady, I mean your post had a lowkey sarcastic tone so...
  8. Let’s not Melanie has a huge fanbase, the girl has 8 million followers on YouTube and she has no commercial appeal so it’s huge for an artist like her.
  9. Michael.


    The lack of TASTE in this thread Unapologetic sounds dated but I’d rather listen to dated trashy bops than TTT which is 70% filler... after Birthday Cake the album literally becomes boring, it should have been an EP.
  10. Michael.

    Celeb News

    The fact the album is not done yet Just shows how she’s not worried nor committed to it, she doesn’t seem to care about music at all anymore so I hope it won’t be reflected through the music.
  11. Michael.


    Good for her! Hoping that all of the hype and accolades she received for her side-projects will have a positive effect on her comeback to the music scene.
  12. But most of the revenue that came from CryBaby didn’t come from sales because the album wasn’t selling crazy either and actually took years to even get a gold certification and ended up platinum mostly due to streaming. I doubt they were expecting huge numbers because if so, they’re just incredibly stupid because she’s not a commercial force. She has a specific demographic and a big following, she really doesn’t appeal to the masses.