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  1. Michael. here

    i'm bringing sexyback,them other boys don't know how to act nat2

  2. Michael. here

    This place is about to blo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ow,BOP nat2

    1. Russian Roulette

      i don't know but i'm still bopping to this and Supernatural cry7 

    2. Michael.

      Animal remains her most underrated song imo.  aretha1

    3. Russian Roulette

      moo4 lemme listen a biT

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  3. Michael.

    The irony of your posts considering who you stan is quite hilarious.
  4. Michael.

    Celeb News

    I read David Guetta RIP
  5. Michael.

    That would be tragic.
  7. Michael.

    why did y'all forget this though?
  8. Michael.

    The album sold like 20 million copies which is more than any Xtincta album,why are you trying?
  9. That's because you're a 5H stan too. Tinashe is by far better than 5H
  10. yep,one is a shadow of the other one
  11. But remind me who started the drama,yea a fan of her. And yet you still blame the Britney Army somehow when we're just standing up for Britney.
  12. Btw since when inspiring 5H is an achievement?
  13. Hey little girls Your fave can't get a solo #1 hit song since 2001 and y'all still trying? Go support your fave instead of trolling on forums,maybe if you do it right she might be able to tour again. How sad the only way you can watch ha is on that dusty red chair because the girl can't tour since 2007.
  14. The fact you're using Britney's mental illness as a joke just proves how stupid you are. Girl bye,your attempt is cute ngl.
  15. Delusion? That's rich coming from someone who denies Britney inspired a ton of artists but k sweetheart.
  16. Girl,can't you see how desperate that Xtina fans is? She's still not over the fact her fave is a shadow,poordat