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  1. This thread is about "who's more talented?" so obviously i'm going to mention Tinashe's songwriting talents and make it clear that the other two don't have that so it's a point for Tinashe.
  2. Michael.

    Our faves are shook
  3. Michael.

    1. MATM 2. Telephone 3. LM 4. BL idc for the rest tho
  4. I need to educate you
  5. Talent doesn't always win
  6. inb4 the beyhive and navys come for my ass
  7. Overall I think Tinashe is more talented than both though Ok,Bey has the better voice but Tinashe can outdance her and produce and write her own music. And Rihanna...Well she's cute
  8. Michael. here

    Ariana wyd orangu1


    1. Chapman

      apparently it's supposed to be "thank you based god" orangu1 

    2. Michael.

      It doesn't sound like it orangu1They ain't fooling me orangu1

  9. Michael. here

    I'm still not over Rihanna sabotaging Tinashe



  10. Michael.

    Her music was never that good lbr.
  11. Michael.

    Even with ha decline she still grossed more than the female acts nowadays
  12. Michael.

    You don't have to come for me simply because my previous post was a joke. I usually don't have to explain my jokes but well
  13. Michael.

    What the hell are you talking about? The whole performance was live, Did you even watch the video before quoting me?
  14. Michael.

    Yep and she sounded exactly like Sia,when will any of your faves?
  15. Michael. here

    BOP bey6


  16. Michael.

    Yep that performance is live. You can tell at 1:53 she stops singing and then starts again at 1:57.
  17. Michael.

    Are you for real? That song still pays a lot in some radio stations in France,I hear it a lot here. I can't say the same about Xtincta
  18. Michael.

    What's the point of being a legend then if your career ended a decade ago?