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  1. Michael.

    Tinashe Singles: $374,684
  2. This girl was not ready for marriage regardless of what happened with Liam. Miley is too carefree and young, the next step after marriage is generally creating a family and she was not prepared to be a wife anyway so this divorce didn't come off as a surprise to me.
  3. Michael.

    Tinashe | The Noite (Brasil)
  4. Michael.

    Tinashe | The Today Show (Australia)
  5. Michael.

    Tinashe | Radio Promo (USA)
  6. Michael.

    You just dislike her A LOT as I’ve seen you mention her multiple times on battlegrounds and it’s ok sis but don’t let that hatred get in the way of common sense.
  7. Michael.

    This will always be a reach. Pedophilia is a fucking serious word, don’t throw that shit like that like it’s fucking nothing. You might not be into the whole baby theme or find it weird, but it doesn’t even come close to what you’re claiming.
  8. Michael.

    Excuse me but Carousel is a bop
  9. Michael.

    Tinashe: Singles: $437,904 omg Tinashe snapped, top 5 hit on lock
  10. Michael.

    No, as Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar. Try another example
  11. Michael.

    Yeah, I guess she’s genuinely loved by all these celebrities but it’s clear that it seems a little bit forced. I mean a celebrity praising her is one thing but some of them are even posting extracts of the video on their Instagram like Cardi, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them were probably paid to do it.
  12. Michael.

    Too bad working with the biggest and most notorious hit producers doesn’t guarantee a hit, star power does and that’s something you can rely on only if you still have it
  13. Michael.

    You’re such a flop troll, not even entertaining.