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  1. The point of the thread was to post Selena's achievement in HER section??? Tf are you on lmao, take the L and exit poor thing
  2. She better come through bc she's kinda over after So Good her recent singles made no noise
  3. @Dennis Reynolds I see at least 3 member who deserve a warning in this thread That's if trolling outside of BGs is still against the rules?
  4. I think we should start giving credits to producers only from now on The singers don't matter
  5. Bad Liar was so exciting to me, I loved it I was excited for Fetish too but the video kind of let me down
  6. Yes. Because people didn’t listen to Selena’s vocals throughout the entirety of the song. They did it for Kygo.
  7. 2 of them are with DJs, she sings the entire song by herself but stay pressed.
  8. Wolves - 861,482,805 We Don't Talk Anymore - 1,006,724,621 It Ain't Me - 982,172,550 Taki Taki -1,016,543,952 The only other girls to achieve this are Sia, Dua Lipa & Ariana Grande.
  9. She can do a cute 1,2 step choreo Not the greatest dancer but she could pull off a dance music video I don't count Look At Her Now bc it's so over-edited and quick that you can barely grasp what's happening
  10. I was thinking about how Selena's droplet era is more exciting than Rare era Bad Liar, Fetish, Wolves, It Ain't Me >>>
  11. She did what the girls should have did 2015 Selena had her foot on these girls' neck
  12. I wouldn't know since I'm not interested enough to keep up with it
  13. He claims David Guetta isn't really a producer and that he has a team of creative people behind him, according to his "contacts"
  14. How accurate. My english teacher is a rock/metal lover and he plays in a no1cur band , and he's always trashing popular artists and pop music in general. I can't tell you about the amount of rants he had regarding pop music in class. He thinks Beyoncé is ok and he absolutely LOATHES David Guetta.
  15. It’s above a 4 month album? How shocking 4 weeks in the top 10, FLOP SEETHE
  16. I like it? I don’t know what’s with the dramatics here I agree that the title takes too much space, like almost half of the cover but it’s still cute. I don’t know why and maybe it’s just me but it reminds me of a Christmas album cover somehow
  17. What the hell is the point of bumping 15263 threads like let it rest
  18. Rated R is one of her best albums, it's up there next to ANTi. Also, the era was awesome (visuals, performances...) Not to mention the booklet, Rated R photoshoot was... the moment She knows how to serve an aesthetic. It was bold
  19. The Phresh Out The Runway slander on my screen is not sitting right with me The best is S&M and worst is Pon De Replay (aged like milk)
  20. Just re-visited GGGB and wow, it reminded me of why I stan this woman in the first place