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  1. It's not a bad game in the sense that it still has the essence of a Sims game, but the game felt... uncomplete? I bought it when it came out, and I got bored in no time because the base game was not enough to keep you hooked. Unless you spent more $$ on expansion packs, it was not worth the price I paid for at the time. Also, the sims are ugly if it weren't for mods. Other than that, not having an open world didn't bother me because it slows the game down.
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    Operacion Triunfo (Europe - Spain) - TV Promo
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    RTL Late Night (Europe - Holland) - TV Promo
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    Le Grand Journal (Europe - France) - PAID PROMO
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    The Ellen Show (US) - PAID PROMO
  6. The concept was cool, but the editing was a little bit messy... Like the transitions sometimes were a bit off Would probably not watch it again, it's just a compilation of landscapes I-
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    Sis 8 weeks is still plausible honestly Beyoncé and Mariah’s section took MONTHS to even be considered for a perma-section Months of spamming and listening parties, we have it much easier tbh
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    Capital FM (UK) - Radio Promo
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    Good Morning Britain (UK) - TV Promo
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    Graham Norton (UK) - PAID PROMO
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    I'm such a flop for not posting here but I've been so focused on CAL so I kind of lost Selena on the way
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    isn't it 100 posts per month for spotlights sections? let's ask @Dennis Reynolds legend But since we are perma section material, we can easily do 200 posts per month like the other girls
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