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  1. I was kind of disappointed by this album because I was expecting more.... bangers?

    The first half of the album is so loud and then it just slows down, perhaps the tracklist order was a bad choice...


    Highlights: WTF Do I Know, Midnight Sky, Prisoner, Night Crawling, Gimme What I Want

    Forgettable tracks : Never Be Me, High, Golden G String


    Drag me if you want, but Plastic Hearts would have been better as an EP of the first 7 tracks interesting1

  2. On 11/1/2020 at 1:20 AM, Snow said:

    Well.. before the Selena section was a thing, I paid basically zero attention to Selena laughcry1 like yeah of course I liked her and bop when she releases something, but I was never really dedicated enough to watch her interviews and all that stuff whit2

    Lowkey dragged her for releasing a ballad as a comeback single actually, but of course she clocked me by going #1 with it whit2

    Me neither but since I watch a lot or celeb videos on YouTube, I always get talk show interviews and such recommended to me which is how I know about that interview whit2 

  3. 10 hours ago, Snow said:

    Omg I've never seen this, she's the cutest giveup1 I had no idea she did Hot Ones wtf? I need to watch that

    That’s probably one of the only evidences of promo from the Rare era how could you not seen it whit2

  4. On 10/30/2020 at 11:23 AM, Snow said:

    Thank you! giveup1 

    Honestly it's a bit of a miracle this section is still around considering how disinterested the rest of the forum is with Selena dead1  didn't think we'd make it THIS long

    yeah I gave up on FOTP like mid-august and was quite shook to see that Selena was given a section in the meantime rip3 

    Lowkey thought you would get bored of it too rip2 

  5. 41 minutes ago, Snow said:

    Tbh I'm surprised we're even still doing better than literally every other section except Taylor (and that's only because of Folklore) considering neither of us really seriously pushed this section for most of July gaga1
    August is a bit of 50/50 though, we'll fall for sure but if Selpink happens.. gaga1

    Honestly, that’s what I thought. When I stopped helping you with the Sel section cause I’m a lazy bitch, I was really scared to check the weekly post count  but it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it’d be.

    I guess the other sections flopping too makes Selena look better gaga1 

  6. 48 minutes ago, Snow said:

    Well tbh at least we got what we wanted. We were the #1 section for a while and even still the #1 spotlight section of July & #2 overall gaga1
    Not ever section has that to their credit gaga1

    oh wow oh wow what a moment gaga1 

    too bad there are no Selena stans to make this legacy live on gaga1 

  7. 1 hour ago, Gilly said:

    this. The fossils in here crying and screaming “its not fair!!!!” as if their dusty ass favs would be slaying if tIK ToK and streaming were out of the equation. lol3

    Right. I don’t get the old artists!!1 argument.

    Most 80s acts were already either not charting or struggling to crack top 40 even before streaming took over so I don’t understand why they’re putting the blame on streaming when those artists were already has beens to begin with. lol3