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  1. all i'm seeing is empty seats but cute story DWT would have grossed just the same as PWT if it had the same amount of shows, not to mention Rihanna's total tour gross is far bigger than Katy's who had like only ONE succesful tour in her entire career.
  2. Except Rihanna has literally never been a touring force even during her prime unlike Gaga. This is just another proof of Gaga's power fading. Albums: over Singles: over Tour: over streaming: never started sad
  3. Y'all had the nerve to make empti jokes so i don't see any problem with us shading your decaying fave now. Seethe.
  4. lmao so monsters have been shoving down everyone's throats that Gaga was on a sold-out tour and I see this? Let me save this real quick for the kiis.
  5. Well she did not lie
  6. No she hasn't. Both Rihanna and Beyoncé have sold more than 35M albums, JLo has sold less than that. You may be overstating JLo's career a bit: Her last successful album was in 2002 (She had Rebirth in 2005 which wasn't a big flop but wasn't a smash either in 2005) Her only hit that really stands out is OTF which sold over 11 million, before and after that she never reached big numbers like that again. Her best selling single excluding OTF sold around 3M which is not a lot in comparison to the other pop girls since we're comparing here. Her last effort was a total flop which sold less than Glory, Lotus, Witness... her albums and movies get mediocre scores, they receive mixed to negative reviews
  7. Review

    Can't wait to hear your thoughts!
  8. Review

    Oh wow taste? It's rare to see that nowadays
  9. Review

    Were you shook by her vocals on Bated Breath?
  10. Review

    AHOD was her Rihanna moment on the album only the slut anthem
  11. Rihanna has received five nominations at the 2018 #iHeartAwards: - Female Artist of the Year - R&B Artist of the Year - Song of the Year (Wild Thoughts) - Best Collaboration (Wild Thoughts) - Hip-Hop Song of the Year (Wild Thoughts) x
  12. Review

    Tea i bought the sweater
  13. Review

    Ikr me doing the dance break at the end
  14. Review

    Indigo Child got the girls shaking
  15. Review

    Do you like it so far? watch the video bitch
  16. Review

    All Hands On Deck is the song that made me stan, the choreo, the video, the fierceness, the tits
  17. Review

    punch me I'm sorry it ruined her career plus it's really not that good.
  18. Review

    Girl don't hide your excitement
  19. Review

    Pretend, we can skip that.