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  1. Michael.

    Tinashe - singles- $443,520
  2. Michael.

    Your top 5 would have been perfect without Replay, it's by far one of the most forgettable tracks on the album
  3. This looks like a No Holds Barred thread made by Forbes, the way they SHAMELESSLY called her out
  4. Who said otherwise? I’m just stating that a tweet is public for everyone to see, it’s not exclusive to fans nor the people who follow her.
  5. Twitter is sensitive but Gaga really wasn’t slick with the bad timing and song choice
  6. That is not how Twitter works though? You can see tweets in your timeline from people you don’t follow.
  7. I don't think they're dragging her for not speaking on the issue but for shoving her happiness in people's faces during this time
  8. Do you listen to anything that isn’t sung by a guy with a beard and a 6 pack though? Djadja remains unbothered with her nearly 600M views
  9. and rightfully so, it's literally the best song in history
  10. RIIIIIIIIIGHT, that's exactly what I thought. Imagine a dude inviting you over to his place and you see big ass portraits of himself all over his house. That's so off-putting and narcissistic behavior
  11. Yeah but it was a hit in Europe, does the rest of the world truly knows it though
  12. What is this The song is like 2 years old, and was fine like it is. Plus it rarely works when an international artist jumps on a local song...
  13. People are doing the most... She's a pop star, were they expecting her to save America? They're dragging her for doing a pointless video, but any celebrity posting about George in their story is also pointless in that case. She's bringing light to the matter in a different way, the lashings are sending me though.
  14. Yeah, right. I don't see myself doing that either, but there are more chances of me going back to FN's singles than me listening to SL or ROM again
  15. I've heard both albums in full once and I thought FN has better melodies/lyrics and relies less on production than Chromatica does. Also Don't Start Now, Physical and Break My Heart is the perfect streak of singles I've seen in a long time so it wins by default.
  16. downvote ha, maybe it'll go away
  17. I feel pity so I upvoted this one
  18. In literally every thread about Madonna, you downvote any post bashing her without engaging in it so you sure are familiar with this concept I'm glad I got you pressed though, i'll keep on downvoting
  19. I'm just returning the favor love
  20. I never said being sexual was wrong? Another day of you missing the point.
  21. Michael.


    cause i'm a clown