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  1. oh wow this thread, a moment in my stanning career
  2. Michael.

    I see you defend Beyoncé only when it's convenient
  3. Michael.

    For christ's sake, that ASIB soundtrack really gave some of you monsters an ounce of hope thinking you can compare Gaga to Beyoncé It doesn't matter if she flops, what REALLY matters is the numbers she will do with B7 and not a Disney soundtrack and her albums are ALWAYS an event no matter what and even if she shows a decline in her sales with her next era, she won't have a hard time STOMPING on Gaga regardless. Wait for Gaga's new album for a good laugh, because god knows she has pulled all the tricks she could at this point (home-wrecker, superbowl, movie campaign etc.) Pointless to even bring up Gaga because she's not on Beyoncé's level even after two flops.
  4. Michael.

    She has potential to be a good performer, but I don’t think she’s always consistent with her performance. She has nice live vocals and can do some choreography, she’s certainly not the worst performer out of all the other new pop girls.
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    Tinashe | UK PROMO
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    Tinashe | UK PROMO
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    Will do it right now.
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    Tinashe EARNINGS: $125,065
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    Tinashe | The Late Late Night Show with James Corden
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    Tinashe | Dancing With The Stars
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    oh wow the best feature is back
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    Tinashe | Le Grand Journal (France) - PAID PROMO
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  15. Michael.

    Why do some of you K-Pop fans act like they invented dancing? Normani, Tinashe, Beyoncé could kill this ... Nothing to see here
  16. Meh, Selena has sold millions of albums, does that make her a great singer? There's plenty of other reasons that would explain why she attracts huge crowds that have nothing to do with her skills as a performer... The bond she has with her fans is a significant factor, she has always had one of the biggest fandoms (I mean hasn't she sold one million copies first week with three albums ). But anyway we don't measure an artist's performance skills by the number of tickets that said artist sells and that's on period luv.