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  1. here

    Better be ready for WWIII if Le Pen wins y'all


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    2. Systemagic

      I think she would have this election in the bag if she was a man.

      Come through, misogyny!


    3. Hermione

      Praying for the FOTP Frenchies oprah4

    4. Tinashe

      As long as Kim, Putin and Trump won't have a fight we're safe.

  2. I use females more because they just sound better to me, female voices are more suited for pop music than male voices imo, notice how the biggest male pop stars like Michael Jackson have feminine voices like It really hasn't to do with relating to their music, I mean S&M has to be one of my favourite Rihanna songs and I don't relate to it. It's also much more exciting to stan a female artist since they're more versatile and risky with their music, image, visuals etc.
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    nominations sent, Rhat coming to snatch
  5. Event

    screaming at this being the first reply
  6. It sounds like a Rihanna song because she is the standard, get used to it girls!
  7. It's a french magazine, here's the translation: xxx
  8. Zayn has the better song, it went #1 what about Harry?
  9. Didn't listen to Harry's song and I don't plan to so Zayn wins
  10. Comparing us sales vs worldwide sales plus an album that had much more time to sell
  11. "i would love to see Mariah like 15 years ago" She also called Britney a legend in the beginning, the praise keeps coming poor joke
  12. A legend who has more hits than Mariah this decade
  13. looking snatched like a fan said
  14. She really does not give a fuck
  15. http://gagadaily.com/story/exclusive/on-the-set-a-star-is-born/ You could also add this, disrespecting their fave who was in the middle of the shooting of her movie.
  16. She's not respected.
  17. In which you included Be Alright of course
  18. Her Loud is coming, be ready girls!
  19. you ain't slick with this one
  20. What has the majority of these things to do with the topic since we're talking about deflecting?
  21. Maleficient because she's pretty
  22. So the time you spend here bashing pop girls are all dismissed because you didn't do it during spring-break!!!1 Whatever makes you sleep better at night I guess! They're willing to pay to enjoy HER show, to see HER perform almost 20 years into her career, all I see are false claims and your shitty opinions. Nothing more! Poor Britney I guess, people are paying to see her shitty show. She's so miserable! Explain why she inspired many artists if she's not respected? Such as Selena Gomez for C&GI or even Lady Gaga who said " i was born from her". Also Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Zara Larsson who called her a legend, why? Literally your claims of her not being respected are based on irrelevant articles made by even more irrelevant sources and posted by an even more irrelevant human-being. You keep reaching for the stars, and when did I say they HAD to be bigger touring forces than Madonna to be considered one in the first place? I've never said that, it's just you reaching to make a point again. I didn't say popularity didn't have to do with commercial success, read again! I said popularity doesn't always means you're going to be a bigger touring force than another artist less popular than you and I gave JLo as an example. You compared Xtina someone already known by the public and who once achieved big commercial success and Tinashe who is not popular at all and who has not achieved any of that, so it's common logic why she's not a touring force. Xtina used to sell millions of albums and is known to be a vocalist, so it shouldn't be that hard for her? Of course you're not going to do big tours if people don't even know about you and even if you're vocally talented.