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  1. I couldn't make a decision, sorry
  2. Jeez y'all gonna hate me but
  3. I thought you were joking but no
  4. Is veto going to be soon?
  5. The fact you never won anything but veto, a cackle
  6. We been knew
  7. Hope it wasn't a threat
  8. Why that?
  9. I am so anxious ddd
  10. Um ok
  11. Rihanna will drop a universally acclaimed album with R9 Xtina will finally announce her retirement Gaga will still be a huge streaming flop
  12. Achievement

    Came to post this congrats
  13. Achievement

    yes bitch!
  14. I guess not!
  15. Let's see if @Alex. was lying or not about you not being the replacement
  16. Perched for the replacement!
  17. Veto won't save me, bookmark this!
  18. I thought Jury was playing veto I-
  19. Save my ass, king!
  20. Right