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  1. Michael.

    As stated above, Meghan's impact is a lot more exclusive to America than Dua's. Plus, Dua served a whole album and a streak of hits. It's not comparable to Meghan who wasn't that huge outside of Savage and WAP
  2. The outfit and hair are similar but didn't think the performance was honestly Except for the fact there's a chair
  3. Michael.

    Nelly Furtado came to mind I-
  4. Michael.

    omg you read my mind i like that there are stores there
  5. Michael.

    Positions at the first listen ain't it but the album is a grower, not her best album but not her worst. This era feels uneventful though
  6. I didn't realize she was still such a big factor in the UK in 2020... she just seems so uneventful? Either way, it's impressive that she outdid Little Mix considering they're younger.
  7. This case will go on for a while I'm afraid, but the fight isn't over especially now that the movement has gained so much attention from the media and such. There's still hope.
  8. How’s that relevant to the fact she slayed that performance ? The girls are not doing it like her
  9. I was quite shook by her confidence and stage presence here, work that stage sis
  10. Michael.


    Me neither but since I watch a lot or celeb videos on YouTube, I always get talk show interviews and such recommended to me which is how I know about that interview
  11. Michael.


    That’s probably one of the only evidences of promo from the Rare era how could you not seen it
  12. Michael.


    She looked so pretty and classy here
  13. Michael.


    yeah I gave up on FOTP like mid-august and was quite shook to see that Selena was given a section in the meantime Lowkey thought you would get bored of it too
  14. Michael.


    hello!! I've been watching from afar, you've done an incredible job at keeping up with this section
  15. Michael.


    Guess who's back from the dead?
  16. Michael.


    Honestly, that’s what I thought. When I stopped helping you with the Sel section cause I’m a lazy bitch, I was really scared to check the weekly post count but it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it’d be. I guess the other sections flopping too makes Selena look better
  17. Michael.


    oh wow oh wow what a moment too bad there are no Selena stans to make this legacy live on
  18. Michael.


    Selena is so Rare I forgot about her
  19. Michael.


    Well I truly got tired of Selena oop
  20. Michael.


    my first and last post in this section
  21. Michael.

    Right. I don’t get the old artists!!1 argument. Most 80s acts were already either not charting or struggling to crack top 40 even before streaming took over so I don’t understand why they’re putting the blame on streaming when those artists were already has beens to begin with.
  22. Michael.

    Rihanna. Her tatoos were a moment, she had the girls copying her. A trend-setter Her hand tattoo and the one in between her boobs, wow what a moment in her career
  23. Michael.

    80s artists generally struggle to score hits 40 years into their careers, it has nothing to do with streaming. Let’s not act like Madonna would still be getting top 10 hits if streaming wasn’t dominant. It’s called being past your time which is ok. The concept is not new.
  24. Michael.

    Funny enough all the people I see complaining about streaming are stans of a certain 80s diva Older artists don’t have a chance? JLo is over 50 and she’s a solid streaming force. Why? Because she was able to adapt and keep up with the industry while still appealing to the young generation.