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  1. we can't afford to remove sections tbh
  2. it's bound to happen, it's going down with a Selena section at least
  3. well i feel like the time is limited for the forum itself I fear
  4. you did a flawless job regardless while I jumped ship
  5. @Snow not you still SHAMELESSLY spamming here I stan the dedication, truly
  6. Me neither but since I watch a lot or celeb videos on YouTube, I always get talk show interviews and such recommended to me which is how I know about that interview
  7. That’s probably one of the only evidences of promo from the Rare era how could you not seen it
  8. She looked so pretty and classy here
  9. yeah I gave up on FOTP like mid-august and was quite shook to see that Selena was given a section in the meantime Lowkey thought you would get bored of it too
  10. hello!! I've been watching from afar, you've done an incredible job at keeping up with this section
  11. Guess who's back from the dead?
  12. Honestly, that’s what I thought. When I stopped helping you with the Sel section cause I’m a lazy bitch, I was really scared to check the weekly post count but it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it’d be. I guess the other sections flopping too makes Selena look better
  13. oh wow oh wow what a moment too bad there are no Selena stans to make this legacy live on
  14. Selena is so Rare I forgot about her
  15. Well I truly got tired of Selena oop
  16. my first and last post in this section
  17. On YouTube, there’s a solo version of Birthdays Cake its cute
  18. That was after your random rant in the Selena thread, not only you’re late but I’m also allowed to say whatever shit I want to. So if you’re coming here to start a beef, fuck out of here because once again, you’re in the wrong section. And why would your name keep a section alive? I’m giggling
  19. Sis 8 weeks is still plausible honestly Beyoncé and Mariah’s section took MONTHS to even be considered for a perma-section Months of spamming and listening parties, we have it much easier tbh
  20. I'm such a flop for not posting here but I've been so focused on CAL so I kind of lost Selena on the way