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    TINASHE ALBUMS - $1,882,335 SINGLES - $694,810 TOTAL: $2,577,145
  2. Michael.

    Late Night With Seth Meyers (US) - TV Promo
  3. Michael.

    Today Show (US) - TV Promo
  4. Michael.

    E! News (US) - Press
  5. Michael.

    Viva La Vida (Europe - Spain) - TV Promo
  6. Michael.

    C à Vous (Europe - France) - TV Promo
  7. Michael.


    Honestly, that’s what I thought. When I stopped helping you with the Sel section cause I’m a lazy bitch, I was really scared to check the weekly post count but it wasn’t as terrible as I thought it’d be. I guess the other sections flopping too makes Selena look better
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    BBC Radio 4 (UK) - Radio Promo
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    The Telegraph (UK) - Press
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    BBC Breakfast (UK) - TV Promo
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    oh wow oh wow what a moment too bad there are no Selena stans to make this legacy live on
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    Selena is so Rare I forgot about her
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    Well I truly got tired of Selena oop
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    my first and last post in this section
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    GQ Magazine (US) - Press