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  1. I was browsing through youtube peacefully when a Xtina Master Class ad pops up in which she starts belting the usual "oooOOOhhhh yeaAAaah"

    celeb news] Nicki Minaj Shades Cardi B? - Celebria - ATRL

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    2. Michael.

      right i'm just trying to watch sum videos chile

      stop growling miss

      celeb news] Nicki Minaj Shades Cardi B? - Celebria - ATRL

    3. LittleDudeNT5

      The fact that they gave her a Master Class for doing the same vocal tricks for 22 years. trash1

  2. I was driving around the other day and heard "S&M Remix feat. Britney" on the radio and was surprised they played that forgotten remix in 2020 dead1 

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    2. Gravity

      The impact 

    3. Lynk

      The original is better. Britney sounds sick on the remix

    4. Chris Morlock

      @Lynk her label makes her sing nasally as a way to "sound sexy"

  3. Join us loves, don't be shy brit16 


  4. @Royale reacting to Circus by Britney. Check it out guys  wub1 


    1. Princess Aurora

      @Royale Do you have a YouTube channel ?

    2. Michael.

      Yes he does


  5. Faggot

    1. Royale

      Used to be bi but now I’m just.. hetero!

    2. Michael.

      They switch like faggots indeed

  6. and i pay my mama bills

    i ain't got no time to chill

    fan base] SOPHIE - Base - ATRL

  7. when i'm back on the prowl

    you bitches better 

    have my moneeeeeeeeeeeeey

    cuz i'm coming for yooooou



    1. Royalty




  8. Keep this pussy in Versace said I'm pretty like Tinashe

    mrsoliviaspecteredits | Tumblr

    1. LÉON


      Tinashe rhymes with Versace?

      What? jj4

    2. Michael.

      Not really, Tinashe is pronounced TEA-NAH-SHAY but in the song she pronounces it as TinaSHE

    3. LÉON

      And here I was thinking it was just pronounced "Tin-Ash" jj4

  9. Is there any FOTPer who live in London ? mad2

    1. rihce

      I'm moving there next year bey2

    2. Entea

      Manchester outsold

    3. Michael.

      I’m in London so I was expecting to meet up with a FOTPer eventually bey1 

  10. Me and @Royale are about to watch A Star Is Born, we just paid for our tickets so it better be worth it... bey7 

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    2. Chris Morlock

      it is not boring moo12 

    3. Michael.

      This movie was ok-ish, but honestly I was expecting something... bigger? Considering the whole hype around it, it really wasn’t all that. moo12 

  11. @Royale hoe 💋



    1. Royale

      Always using my name even when I quit to get relevance. Sad huh? 💋

  12. it’s my birthday so let me stream Katy’s best song



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    2. Dan

      Happy Birthday :D 

    3. Michael.

      Thank you, you guys are so sweet! jj2 

    4. Urbanov

      You’re that bitch jj2 

  13. I found myself a masc daddy 

    life’s truly good yas1 

  14. Tinashe’s so brave


    1. Arya

      Tanisha, her mind amazes me cry9

  15. I have been stanning Rihanna since Fenty Beauty and it so much fun to see her grow oprah4 I remember going to her Fenty Beauty launch party and there was like 1000 people there and now she’s doing makeup tutorials for 10000 people! I’m so proud of her. She still seems to be the same girl I saw in October 2017, humble and sweet yas2 I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us for #SavageFenty

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    2. Arya

      Stealing my replies! What's good @Freaky Prince?



    3. Freaky Prince

      I called you and you know I have the #1 comment

    4. Arya

      Kylie and Stormi are ready for tour ♥️ shop.aryascott.com

  16. They literally just talked about Cardi on the news rip4  They talked about her incredible achievements and records as a female rapper and mentioned her MTV VMA win, a phenomenon lol3 

    1. Freaky Prince



    2. H.O.N.E.Y

      Nicki just threw her tv out the window. 

  17. it better not flop with all that payola

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    2. Urbanov

      You still have time to edit that soundcloud upload and bleep his name


    3. Philip

      The show slayed, commercially and critically



    4. Michael.

      Wait I was mentioned?

      Now I’m interested rih6 

  18. I just heard Girls Like You for the first time on the radio and they were playing the version without Cardi lol3 

    1. Brightflower

      She should sue or smth, its a hit because of her lol3

  19. you better bring your ass here in october


  20. damn over 70 members active, FOTP come through clap3 

  21. if you haven't already, please vote GvPYUwj.gif