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  1. 17 hours ago, Galactic-Tiger said:

    On the other hand, Rihanna probably smells so bad cuz she's got that dirtiness surrounding her that I wouldn't be surprised if her mouth smells just like her anus.wendy2

    bold of you to assume her anus smells bad in the first place, this ain't about yours wendy2 

  2. It won’t flop and I’d say that it will even do better than Anti’s first weeks, it won’t perhaps chart as long but it will have stronger sales...


    Streaming is more dominant than it was in 2016 and she’s a streaming force so her SPS numbers will definitely be solid, plus the anticipation will give her a boost but she’ll need to live up to the hype because if she disappoints then it’s over. 

  3. I assume she has several songs that people know and could name from her, perhaps she doesn’t have one in particular that is bigger than the rest of her catalogue but I doubt someone with a minimum of musical knowledge couldn’t name a Madonna song...

    To be frankly honest, I didn’t know La Isla Bonita was by her until last year but I had definitely heard the song before.

  4. On 9/23/2019 at 11:21 AM, Gabe. said:

    no shade as i love Toxic myself but who even remembers it these days? any recent iconic performances? CIL is still A FUCKING MOMENT.

    Are you joking? lmfao1 

    Toxic is really one of these songs everyone knows... It just isn’t one of those songs that you can deem as forgotten because it’s just so recognizable. 

  5. 23 minutes ago, Liam said:

    Atlantic funded $6m for her to shoot a feature length film alone. Consider the added costs of producing and promoting the album, they were banking on her hype from Crybaby. K-12 era will be lucky to break even

    But most of the revenue that came from CryBaby didn’t come from sales because the album wasn’t selling crazy either and actually took years to even get a gold certification and ended up platinum mostly due to streaming.


    I doubt they were expecting huge numbers because if so, they’re just incredibly stupid because she’s not a commercial force. She has a specific demographic and a big following, she really doesn’t appeal to the masses.