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  1. What’s with the Ava Max hate? She has released SOLID pop music, and she gets played pretty often on the radio here.
  2. Not everyone has a voice made for pop music. A singer that comes to mind is Lea Michele, she tried to launch a singing career with catchy pop tunes but her voice was too Broadway and she never really took off despite having a flawless technique and a wide vocal range.
  3. Yes, it does. Her tone is very pleasant for pop music.
  4. She makes bops and has a good voice for pop music. She’s not the most exciting pop star but I think she’s good, I don’t get why she gets people bothered sometimes. I think she has done a great job at finding her sound and what works for her, she’s definitely found her niche and Rare was kind of a testament to that.
  5. Yeah when he tagged the whole Gaga section I knew it was over
  6. ddddd not the Britney stan i- I was such an annoying Britney stan, but I met worse and don’t stan ha anymore
  7. I remember your username but I don’t recall interacting with you
  8. omg I was listening to A year Without Rain (song) and an album track from that album played It's called 'Rock God' and it's lowkey a bop, first time listening to a The Scene album
  9. Yeah, I've posted a shit ton of articles this week only for the host to disappear
  10. I only remember promoting Tinashe there
  11. I was gonna pick A Year Without Rain lowkey because of nostalgia but I think I'm gonna go with Revival
  12. This should be pinned on the homepage's featured releases But FOTP chose to be homophobic
  13. I did. There was only one account that responded and they told me "Thank you so much for sharing!" with a pink heart emoji
  14. sis are you serious BGs was filled with Aaliyah threads from the same ex-FOTP member who was banned
  15. Yeah but Ron quit, and then was replaced by three other hosts. But one of those 3 quit. then there were only 2 hosts left and one of them disappeared since last week I-
  16. Would you believe me if I tell you that I sent several PMs about FOTP to Selena stans on Twitter
  17. Where did I state she didn’t have albums that sold well? I’m stating that she is a bigger hit-maker than she is an album-seller.
  18. They had different careers, and debuted in complete different eras of music. Britney had the bigger peak and was a bigger celebrity than Rihanna ever was. Statistically speaking, Rihanna has performed better in the long-run and has sold more records throughout her career. They have such different career trajectories that I can’t compare: Britney was an album-seller and Rihanna a hit-maker, Rihanna has more recognizable hits but Britney’s biggest songs had more cultural impact, both Britney & Rihanna transitioned successfully into different eras of music (physical to
  19. Honestly, I didn’t see what’s wrong with his statement but it could come off a little bit shady. But since this wouldn’t be the first time he comes for another female artist
  20. And that’s exactly why I’m here too lol Ive been either downvoted, or quoted. Otherwise this thread was certainly not on my mind. I have no reasons to be pressed especially after clocking your bullshit twice.
  21. Who said I was bothered? I meant that it’s the only reason why I was reminded of this thread.
  22. I love waking up to several notifications from Madonna stains claiming they’re not triggered at all Keep them coming silly girls
  23. Are your two brain cells ok? I’m not falling for the OP’s bait because it doesn’t concern me nor my fave, the only reason I came back to this thread was because @Madonna downvoted one of my posts when I logged in. I can’t say the same about you keeping those tabs open ever since Kristina opened the thread