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  1. Why does Tik Tok makes you a clown? It’s not even that bad and a fun platform for creators. But obviously you can’t get with the times.
  2. Not to mention streaming is a more accurate representation of what people are truly listening to on the long-term. When someone bought a single in its first week of release, it wasn’t guaranteed they would still be listening to it in its 5th week of release because you can’t keep track of the amount of plays a bought single gets. Whereas with streaming, people have to be interested in your song for weeks to keep it charting and not just buy it once and never use it again.
  3. Ever since we've entered the era of streaming, it has been very often discredited and undermined... But does streaming truly make it easier for artists to achieve success like some stans have claimed in the past? I feel like it's even harder for artists to breakthrough nowadays because the industry is oversaturated with new artists now that music is more accessible than ever with streaming. People move on to the next song/artist much quicker, people consume music faster and longevity is harder to achieve. What are your thoughts?
  4. I think the direction she went for with Liberation really suited her but the album didn't have much replay value for me. I come back to Twice, Deserve and Pipe sometimes but that's about it. Like I Do is cute too.
  5. Being friends and far up someone’s ass are two separate things but you wouldn’t know that. You’re literally present everytime I argue with Kevin, you’re the one to take things seriously Idk who you think you’re fooling love.
  6. Targeting a woman by using slurs like « whore » doesn’t have sexist/misogynist undertones? Regardless of your intentions, you could use better words to voice your dislike towards her but you choose to pick the degrading words. I couldn’t give less fucks about Taylor, but at least stay consistent with the causes you defend.
  7. Of course you would call out @Kristina for rooting for Kanye and yet not saying shit about @Madonna supporting Kanye too. Also kind of ironic of you to say Gilly-lite when you’re constantly defending @Madonna and licking his ass. You don’t see me far up @Gilly‘s ass like you with Kevin.
  8. You’re so committed to denounce sexism!!1 and ageism!!1 when it’s about Madonna and yet you’re the first one to tear women down. You’re so transparent and you clearly don’t care about any of the issues you’ve ranted about in the past except when it involves pictures of Madonna’s wrinkly hands.
  9. The Barbz from what I’ve seen are... obnoxious and delusional so definitely them.
  10. I couldn’t bother to listen to 1000 Doves in full so that one
  11. On YouTube, there’s a solo version of Birthdays Cake its cute
  12. Omg, I didn’t know it was her birthday. I can’t believe she’s pushing 30, she’s still that Disney girl I loved to watch on TV. Happy birthday to whisperlena, only people with taste appreciate her.
  13. You’re so corny Especially with those gifs no one finds funny. Looking like a local.
  14. I didn’t even read the long ass OP but thanks for the breakdown I upvoted because it was so out of pocket but that was already explained so quit bringing up the same ol’ shit. Re-brand yourself.
  15. The OP made fun of Madonna’s hands, how’s that ageist to begin with? Mariah is old and has better hands. It’s not necessarily an age thing. And that thread was MONTHS ago, not weeks just to point that out.
  16. Where then? Show me my ageist posts concerning Madonna? I’m waiting Upvotes are not counted love
  17. congrats? but why are you making this about yourself again?
  18. The thread that backfired on your ass and only made a fool of you?
  19. Supporting ageist stuff? do you dream of me in your sleep? I remember laughing about Mariah’s 19#1s OP but I don’t care enough about Madonna’s wrinkles to drag them?
  20. Another hit thread in the bag thank you fossils, goal accomplished
  21. Talking about warnings outside of the WPs discussion thread is forbidden though Self-drag a bit
  22. I couldn’t care less about that thread Wrong guess, try another one?
  23. No. But you are dumb as fuck, having any discussion with you is a waste of time at this point. You complain about ageism but support these fake edits of Madonna looking 20 when she’s 60. You have no logic nor concern about ageism.
  24. What does this have to do with me dummy? I’m not the one to cry about ageism, which is the point.