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  1. 11 minutes ago, SeekingThrill said:

    Suddenly Madonna is a flop because some of her singles didn't spend a lot of weeks on Shitboard.  lol3  Ironically, many of those songs are iconic.

    On the other side, Moo spent 16 weeks at the top with One Boring Day, a song that is forgotten. jj3 


    Is @Michael. pressed because @Madonna dragged Blackout in Did In The Zone deserve a Grammy?   thread?  sia2 

    I couldn’t care less about that thread lmfao1 

    Wrong guess, try another one? 

  2. 2 hours ago, Infrared said:

    post Mariah sis juicy1


    1 hour ago, STJ said:


    The irony of this post dead2 Didn't know Britney was the benchmark for longevity jj2 

    Here are some stats you left out:

    360 weeks - Rihanna

    283 weeks - Mariah Carey


    Britney is not Madonna's peer bey4  Leaving out Mooriah's and Paula's stats to make your narrative of the 80's and 90's charting system affecting madonna only:

    #14 We Belong Together - Mariah

    #38 One Sweet Day - Mariah

    #77 Rush Rush - Paula Abdul


    I see the point of the thread though, the good sis Madonna is the most successful overall, but if you look at each decade individually, she's overshadowed by her peers, then in the late 90's and onwards she was overshadowed by Shania twain and younger artists. 

    The skulldrags lmfao1 

  3. 3 hours ago, Moira O'Hara said:

    When i say troll i mean a Madonna *fan*, not a Madonna *hater*. Fans make fun of their fave too you know, but they keep it cute. I'll not even try it with you anymore. lol2

    How is having  a picture of Madonna photoshopped to make her look younger funny to begin with? rip3 

    Either way you’re still glorifying a younger aesthetic and yet always bitching about ageism. Pick a side. whit2

  4. 9 hours ago, Merryem said:

    oh wow, oh wow. not the stupid love songstress having more longevity kylie2 

    Doesn’t Madonna have 48389596 singles released plus countless collaborations with younger artists (Nicki Minaj, Anitta, Britney etc.) and she couldn’t surpass the Alice songstress kylie2

    But I thought Ariana gave Gaga a hit, why couldn’t these artists give Madonna a hit? kylie2 

  5. 9 hours ago, Moira O'Hara said:

    1. I didn't photoshop them, i found them on twitter by a troll Madonna account

    2. Google "sarcarsm"


    And they had longevity based on the sales. How can a single without longevity sell that much? rih6 2 million people bought a physical single in just 2 weeks and then everyone stopped buying it? Thinking is essential. rih6

    Right. Sarcasm lmfao1 

    You loved that troll so much that you decided to pay him tribute, sure Jan. 

  6. 4 minutes ago, Moira O'Hara said:

    She's literally along with Mariah the best selling female artists in US with similar sales, even tho Mariah was more supported and promoted. How she don't have longevity but Mariah has? rip3

    Why do you have OVERLY photoshopped Madonna pictures in your sig and avi that make her look 23? rip3 

    Then you will drag people for being ageist towards Madonna but you’re out here editing her 60 year old face. The contradiction  rip2 

  7. 13 minutes ago, Villanelle said:

    Only someone born yesterday wouldn't understand the phrase 'born yesterday' 



    Here’s the origin of it since YOU don’t seem to understand yourself.

    The phrase has been in use since the late 1800s but there is no definitive origin. The most obvious observation would be that with age comes wisdom. Thus, if someone was not born yesterday it means that they have been around for a while. This has given them ample opportunity to gain the necessary experience. 


    Anything else? Now fly away pigeon ari5


  8. 3 minutes ago, Jjang said:

    She has 4 albums with fantastic chart runs (Madonna, TIC, LAV & TB) and then LAP / ROL / Music / Evita had decent runs. If I remember correctly. And I agree, her U.S chart runs are not that impressive, but it's well documented (understand: this is different than an excuse) fact that Erotica took a massive toll on her U.S career and American Life was pretty much the end of her commercial power in the U.S and she never recovered since. Again, what more do you want to hear? I already told you she's the most irrelevant act of all time brit13

    That being said, once again, her global achievements are unmatched. And she has records that will never be broken like when she spent almost 9 consecutive months at #1 with True Blue on the official European chart or like when she had the #1 song (HU+Sorry) on the Global Charts for 20 consecutive weeks. The parks of being global you know. But these artists slaying the Billboard charts are also to be commended clap3

    Their total weeks in the top 10. 

    We only care about AmeriKKKa here sir so quit talking about those Russian charts brit13 

    2 minutes ago, Jjang said:

    Their total weeks in the top 10. 

    I didn't leave it out. It just wasn't really the topic. Plus, I didn't have those numbers to begin with.

  9. 2 minutes ago, Jjang said:

    How are you holding these receipts against her? brit8

    Rescue Me - literally a video-less single she never mentioned, promoted or performed reaching the top 10 dead1

    Don't Cry For Me Argentina is a 5 minutes long ‎Orchestral song sis, it's legendary that it charted to begin with brit13

    From the OP:

    Literally these are not half as big as LAV/LAP/MG/LIB/Vogue and they spent like x2 the weeks in the top 10. It's clear that chart runs drastically changed with the times, it just happens that in this particular list it negatively affects her. I don't understand why you're pretending like it's such a big deal when she still has more weeks in the top 10 than Janet/MJ/Whitney/Prince etc 

    She's deemed the biggest artist of all time because her achievements on a worldwide scale are unmatched. She pretty much killed her US career with AL in 2003. No fan will tell you otherwise so I don't understand what kind of revelation you want to hear from us

    I'm not holding them, they're just out there along with other fave's chart history on ATRL? brit8 

    And everything you're saying is irrelevant. Nowhere did I mention that any of the song in the OP were bigger than said song, I'm simply comparing chart runs. brit13 

    Her chart runs are not that impressive, especially her albums. Post-80s, her albums have STRUGGLED to stay more than 10 weeks in the top 10. 

  10. 18 minutes ago, Jjang said:

    Not really an excuse but ok

    Some of her top 10 hits from the 90s had short runs too, since you want to leave out the 80s


    Rescue Me (1 week top 10)

    Erotica (4 weeks top 10)

    Deeper and Deeper (4 weeks top 10)

    Don't Cry For Me Argentina (3 weeks top 10)

    You'll See (5 weeks top 10)

    Ray Of Light (4 weeks top 10)


    Even in the albums department, she falls behind her peers

    Weeks spent in the top 10 on the BB 200:

    1. Mariah Carey - 220 weeks top 10

    2. Michael Jackson - 184 weeks top 10

    3. Whitney Houston - 165 weeks top 10

    4. Madonna - 150 weeks top 10


    Her stats are still great nonetheless but it's interesting how she's deemed as the biggest female artist of all time, and yet she falls behind her peers in SEVERAL departments.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Jjang said:

    Why do people not do their research brit8

    Singles in the 80's had a drastically different/shorter chart runs and that's a fact. 

    None of this is bad brit8 This is coming from an era where in most of these respective years the song that spent the most weeks in the top 10 only spent about 8-10 weeks when a normal sized hit can be 20 weeks inside the top 10 these days


    But anyway because she's the most irrelevant act of all time clap3

    The 80s represent ONE decade of her 3 decades music career brit8 

    but go off with the excuses, you're good at that. lol3 


  12. 17 minutes ago, LittleDudeNT5 said:

    Imagine consistently having top 10 songs for 30 years only to realize you're still a flop because not enough of them stayed there for more than two months fall9 


      Reveal hidden contents

    Btw 10 weeks is a fucking long time dead2 


    A lot of her top 10 songs had short runs, Rain On Me teas lol3 

    Lucky Star (5 weeks top 10)

    Material Girl (6 weeks top 10)

    Borderline (1 week top 10)

    Dress You Up (4 weeks top 10)

    Hung Up (2 weeks top 10)

    Live To Tell (6 weeks top 10)

    Deeper and Deeper (4 weeks top 10)

    True Blue (5 weeks top 10)



  13. Madonna's HOT 100 history:

    I'll Remember (10 weeks top 10)

    Secret (10 weeks top 10)

    Take A Bow (15 weeks top 10)

    Music (12 weeks top 10)

    4 Minutes (11 weeks top 10)


    In comparison, here's some other FOTP faves:

    Mariah - 11 songs with +10 weeks top 10

    Rihanna - 21 songs with +10 weeks top 10

    Beyoncé - 10 songs with  +10 weeks top 10

    Lady Gaga - 7 songs with  +10 weeks top 10


    Why are numbers lower with the amount of singles she's released?

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  14. Loose-Women-UK

    Loose Women (UK) - TV Promo


    Tinashe has become one of the biggest forces in the music industry for the past two years and one of the youngest faces of music. The R&B songstress returned to the music scene with a powerful trap-influenced hit earlier this year when she announced to social media by surprise her comeback single entitled 'Roll The Dice'. The track was directly linked to an album that the singer later announced to be called 'Haywire' which was released this week.


    Marking a new start for the singer after the fiasco that happened last year with her somophore album 'Kachingwe' and despite Tinashe's hiatus, her comeback has been very anticipated as many fans wondered for so long the reason of the singer's disappearance. It's safe to say that Tinashe is becoming more and more etablished in the music industry seeing how she scored her second top 3 hit on the charts with 'Roll The Dice' and how 'Haywire' looks like it's shaping up to be Tinashe's biggest and most acclaimed record of her career.


    Now that Tinashe is back on track with a new body of work, the pop star is currently on the road for another promotional campaign. In fact, Tinashe is currently in the UK to promote her new project with her most recent appearance being on Loose Women. Check out what the singer revealed below.



    On supporting other female artists


    When I first created this album, it wasn't my intent to only have female collaborations on it. It happened naturally, I pictured these amazing women on some of the tracks and that's how it came about. It wasn't something planned, but it's definitely a good thing to have more female collaborations in the music industry and especially two women on top of the charts is incredible to witness. This year was most definitely full of surprises for me, I don't think I've realized that I have a

    #1 single and a Mariah feature on my album yet.


    On having her label's full support


    My record label has always been very supportive of my artistic perspective, so no one's ever really tried to shift my persona in a major way or anything like that. They do tell me little things sometimes like what type of outfit they think I should wear and they give me advice on which track is a keeper or should be released next, but it's nothing like "you need to sing this way and act like that". Although, nowadays they rarely say anything because they've gained so much trust in me and my guts and especially with this new album, they trust me a hundred percent.



    You can purchase Tinashe's single 'Roll The Dice' as long as her latest one 'Lie To Me' with Ariana Grande. While you're at it, you can also buy and listen to 'Haywire' which is available on all platforms.