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  1. Max is right, I went back to my nap for a bit then watched a movie.
  2. Oh it's literally above Solid Top 10, but Your Biggest Mistake & Every Time You Go deserved better
  3. Have not checked the full results yet but I know the Top 5 and a good song won so that's a win for us already!
  4. I missed it.. shouldn't have taken that nap
  5. Shawn Mendes' documentary 'Shawn Mendes: In Wonder' has received a score of 38% on Rotten Tomatoes after initially debuting with 33%. REVIEWS "If he has a dark side, there's no trace of it here." "When it was done, I wasn't sure I had watched anything at all." "It's a pity that the documentary vehicle that surrounds him isn't more forthcoming about the man beneath the wife beaters and airtight skinny jeans who sends so many swooning, but surely must, at times, feel lonely late at night like the rest of us." x
  6. Need more botox on that
  7. Snow


    Oop new page! Gonna bail again, maybe I'll come back today, maybe I won't! We'll never know! Max's gonna respond to this with "hopefully not" I know it in my bones
  8. Snow


    Don't be so mean, we at least have 10% legit content.
  9. Snow


    I will check it out! I have been wanting to check out the no1currs but haven't had the mental strength to
  10. Booked and busy, some girls can't relate i.e our fave
  11. Snow


    Not you having my post in your sig sjdfsdjfsj
  12. Snow


    75% of this forum is shit post
  13. Snow


    Omg you actually listen to her I don't, but I'm happy for you
  14. @Ghostface come collect your man he's wilding