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  1. Some of it still feels off but I think this is probably a decent representation of where my head is at right now.
  2. It's pretty good and tbh quite the serve. I can definitely see the radio eating this up if it gets pushed.
  3. I agree, musically GYC isn't even my favorite out of those 3, but I have a lot of good memories attached to it so I'm very biased Also, The Saturdays.. Living for the Weekend was such a good album, Disco Love and Gentleman >>> I'm so mad it was their last full era let me revisit them.
  4. Chromatica I || Roar Alice || Legendary Lovers Stupid Love || Birthday Rain On Me || Walking On Air Free Woman || Unconditionally Fun Tonight || Dark Horse Chromatica II || This Is How We Do 911 || International Smile Plastic Doll || Ghost Sour Candy || Love Me Enigma || This Moment Replay || Double Rainbow Chromatica III || By The Grace Of God Sine From Above || Spiritual 1000 Doves || It Takes Two Babylon || Choose Your Battles Chromatica - 9 Prism - 7
  5. Let's say that for whatever reason, you had to unstan one of the artists you're stanning right now.. ..and you have to pick a new artist to stan. Which artist would you replace, and with who? And optionally: why?
  6. I'm overwhelmed by the options, I don't know over half of these songs 💀 But Glad You Came, Sweet Melody and What About Us are Top 3
  7. Fff not her being a stan I got excited for a bit cause tomorrow is Friday
  8. Oh yeah, I saw that but it was way too big and I needed something rectangle thanks though!
  9. They can't, because they're actually licensed by the labels they take a portion of the profits, but they also help the artists reach audience that they don't normally reach. There are plenty of channels like those with 10-15M+ subscribers.