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  1. Future Nostalgia is Dua's most successful work so far. For many artists, their response to mainstream success have been to make more songs with the sound that gave them that success. Should Dua do this for her next album too and make a "Future Nostalgia 2.0"? Or would you rather she experiment with new sounds?
  2. Ugh I just LOVE her energy now that she's not being held back anymore
  3. This is going on in case you guys are interested! @Members @Members (No BG) @Members (No CAL)
  4. Despite a pretty promising start, Chromatica came and went. Fans point to the pandemic as the reason, as it caused Gaga & her team to cancel a lot of their promotional plans. But did Chromatica ever actually had the potential to be a successful era? Had there not been a pandemic, do you think it'd have been much bigger? Or would it just have been more or less the same?
  5. https://www.lofficiel.com/pop-culture/la-nouvelle-saison-d-euphoria-est-enfin-la-zenday
  6. A popular theory suggests the third album will be called "After Life".