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  1. The insider was correct. Katy has confirmed it's coming Friday! PRE-SAVE
  2. Welcome to Round 18 of Albania's Got Talent! Let's see how you voted last round. RESULTS Blow Your Mind (Mwah) - 34 Fever - 26 New Love - 21 No Goodbyes - 15 @saiga said it best: who would've thought Fever would be so polarizing? In the end though, it was goodbye for No Goodbyes. The Mwah! Button , currently held by @V For Vendetta, has remained unused. It's now time to vote. Copy paste the list below and assign the songs to the scores. 3 - 2 - 1 - 0 -
  3. Oh shit this one is tough I LOVE both. Gonna have to go with Afterglow though, ghostin is too sad to listen to too many times.
  4. There's been a mistake on BB's part. Miley is now #8 and Billie is #10.
  5. 'Without You' is Miley's first Top 10 hit in 4 years, and also her 10th Top 10 hit overall:
  6. Out this Friday according to an insider.
  7. I was refreshing to see if someone posted it, but I was looking at a different section