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    Came on here to say how glad I am that she spoke out on this. I absolutely respected her choice to stay silent in the past and I've always been all for keeping artists and politics separate, but with the recent happenings I feel like it's extremely crucial that all hands are on deck, and I'm glad she's doing her part
  2. Snow

    People has been saying she's over literally every era since Fearless. "Fearless was her peak", "Speak Now flopped and she's over", "Red is her peak and she will never be as successful again", "1989 the end of Taylor as foretold by our prophets Kim & Kanye".. and each and every time, people are proven wrong. This is just gonna be another one of those instances. Even when she loses, she wins. The fact that Reputation still managed to sell 4M+ WW in less than a year despite the bare minimum promo she's giving it says enough. She'll be fine.
  3. Snow


    some people love personalities and not net worth ig
  4. I'm pretty sure this is fake. I looked it up and the picture used is from the There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back video (and the edit looks fanmade). The song exists, but it's probably an Illuminate reject. It apparently leaked like a week ago. It's also too early for him to release anything. He just finished his tour like three weeks ago, so exhaustion aside his album probably isn't even half done yet
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    Taylor Swift - 95 (-) Fearless - 100 Speak Now - 100 Red - 105 (+) 1989 - 100 Reputation - 100
  6. Snow

    His highest charting album missed Top 10 in the UK and his solo Top 10 hit count also stands at exactly 2 there. Most likely even less everywhere else. But what do I know.
  7. Snow

    Pitbull comes to mind. I think he's massive in Latin America but the rest of the world, eh, not really. When he does get covered it's usually because of the artist he's collaborating with and not himself. He only has like two solo Top 10 hits and they're both from 2009.
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    Omg I'm so sorry queen! I really tried but I got busy and also every time I come on here the site is just so slow and broken for me like the avis/stan badges/gifs and it makes me not wanna post In fact you're actually broken right now: And also a lot of the times it literally doesn't let me post or even reply to PM's anyway like the reply box just literally doesn't load so I just gave up I'm fine with being removed from the OP though! I can't see myself ever being active here under these circumstances
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    Yours Truly: 13 My Everything: 29 Dangerous Woman: 48
  10. Would've tanked completely. I'd be surprised if it even charted at all, seeing that Right There couldn't crack Top 80
  11. Only 1 vs Dangerous Woman
  12. i noticed your username... do i know you from somewhere?


  13. Snow

    Pretty sure they already did a year ago.