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  1. Snow


    She hasn't confirmed anything, but I think it's probably gonna be a single. I mean, there are 3 new songs but Boyfriend is the only one that she keeps hyping up. Feels pretty weird to do that if it's not a single.
  2. Snow


    Okay but Bad Bunny is STILL in the Top 5? KING
  3. Snow


    Apparently a music video is also coming? Don't quote me on this though. Take it with a grain of salt.
  4. BOYFRIEND by Selena Gomez Released along with two other new songs, 'She' & 'Souvenir' as part of the Deluxe version of Rare
  5. Snow


    I mean, it's basically 6 tracks since IDSB comes out a week before the album, which isn't too different from how the era actually went with the LWYMMD, RFI, Gorgeous, CIWYW, New Year's Day & End Game on album release week. But New Year's Day can go and be released later on since it's a throwaway single anyways, so that cuts it down by 1.
  6. Snow


    I love them tbh. I usually listen to them to relive good memories of movies that I've watched.
  7. Thank you Also, for what it's worth, March 3rd was definitely not "very early". In fact, it was pretty late. We have known about the virus since last year. The Chinese government may have fucked up their response to the virus, but they didn't know what they were dealing with. The rest of the world however did, and most still didn't take it seriously. People were warned. Repeatedly. It's time to hold your incompetent & ineffective government officials accountable.
  8. Dua Lipa is heading for Number 1 on this week’s Official Albums Chart with Future Nostalgia. Dua’s second studio album leads all formats this week (physical, download and streaming) and is outperforming Lewis Capaldi’s Divinely Uninspired To A Hellish Extent (2) by almost 2:1. She narrowly missed out on the Number 1 spot to 5 Seconds Of Summer on last week’s chart, debuting at Number 2 with the biggest opening week of sales by a female artist in 2020 so far. Last week’s victors in the highly competitive chart battle, 5 Seconds of Summer fall to Number 13 midweek with Calm. x
  9. Snow


    Isn't that album push tho? It's probably gonna fall back to around it's original position before. Yeah but why can't we have a #1 hit that has longevity? DSN debuted & peaked at #2 (and stayed there for like 3 weeks), it could've absolutely gone #1 and still serve this longevity.
  10. Snow


    This isn't really surprising tho. I knew something was wrong when someone said it was gonna debut with 250k last week. 62K is already a massive improvement from her debut album's numbers (which was like 4-7k? ), so now all she needs to do is to play her cards right and go for longevity instead. If she does it well enough and she gets another big hit from the album & she decides to push it + release the deluxe, then maybe, just maybe, it'll get a higher peak, possibly #1, since album sales are so low nowadays (a rapper was #1 with 58k last year..). That's wishful thinking though.
  11. Snow


    This is great, but it's ridiculous that she STILL hasn't gotten a #1 hit there from this era
  12. Okay this actually looks better now that the metal is grey instead of black
  13. Snow


    Physical won as expected I think I can agree with most of the rankings
  14. Snow


    Oh so NOW you're joining Trakt Join TV Time next it's better