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  1. Full Performance: More of Ava's whistle notes:
  2. A lesser known fact is that Roblox icon Ava Max can indeed do whistle notes and has done it several times in different songs! Is Ava, not Ariana, the Whistle Princess that was promised™?
  3. Yes but he's tanking everywhere else, including a #29 peak in the US
  4. Yes, at #8 and #10 with some Scandinavian countries missing entirely.. it's tanking sis
  5. Miss Dua already said she'll milk the album as much as she can, going as far as saying that she'll return to releasing singles from the standard once she's done with the Moonlight Edition.. so yes, there'll probably be more singles, because she's definitely not done yet
  6. Aren't Nordic countries supposed to be very friendly? Why are they tanking?
  7. DL has a 7 points difference with Leave The Door Open & a 18 points difference with Lemon Pepper Freestyle, both within the margin of error. This is very early predictions so #3-#5 can still go either way for Olivia, Bruno & Drake. But #1 & #2 are locked at this point.
  8. Why can't I normally link Twitter anymore
  9. Yes, Bruno Mars is back! He's now in a Duo with Anderson .Paak called Silk Sonic.
  10. I butcher the fuck out of Hips Don't Lie every time it comes on.