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  1. Yeah honestly, I don't really like remixes, not just for Ellie but for any artist but probably one of the Powerful remixes.
  2. For those that don't want to go on Twitter.. Camila's notes app response, expanded:
  3. Meanwhile, Blinding Charts Lights is STILL charting, and has a good chance of tying the record for the Most total weeks on the Hot 100, currently held by Imagine Dragons' Radioactive (87 weeks). Also noteworthy is that "Radioactive" charted before the new chart recurrent rule was established, meaning Radioactive had spent plenty of weeks below the Top 25. With the current chart rule, "Radioactive" would've had less weeks. In it's last week of charting, "Radioactive" ranked No. 49.
  4. No it was for a birthday sale on her store, the proceeds are donated to some organization, I forgot which
  5. I feel like the Moonlight Edition is dead at this point it's about to be half a year old soon, any hit potential the songs there had has gone away by now. I definitely think that she's better off moving on to new projects.
  6. Some of it still feels off but I think this is probably a decent representation of where my head is at right now.
  7. It's pretty good and tbh quite the serve. I can definitely see the radio eating this up if it gets pushed.
  8. I agree, musically GYC isn't even my favorite out of those 3, but I have a lot of good memories attached to it so I'm very biased Also, The Saturdays.. Living for the Weekend was such a good album, Disco Love and Gentleman >>> I'm so mad it was their last full era let me revisit them.
  9. Chromatica I || Roar Alice || Legendary Lovers Stupid Love || Birthday Rain On Me || Walking On Air Free Woman || Unconditionally Fun Tonight || Dark Horse Chromatica II || This Is How We Do 911 || International Smile Plastic Doll || Ghost Sour Candy || Love Me Enigma || This Moment Replay || Double Rainbow Chromatica III || By The Grace Of God Sine From Above || Spiritual 1000 Doves || It Takes Two Babylon || Choose Your Battles Chromatica - 9 Prism - 7
  10. Let's say that for whatever reason, you had to unstan one of the artists you're stanning right now.. ..and you have to pick a new artist to stan. Which artist would you replace, and with who? And optionally: why?
  11. I'm overwhelmed by the options, I don't know over half of these songs 💀 But Glad You Came, Sweet Melody and What About Us are Top 3
  12. Fff not her being a stan I got excited for a bit cause tomorrow is Friday
  13. Oh yeah, I saw that but it was way too big and I needed something rectangle thanks though!
  14. They can't, because they're actually licensed by the labels they take a portion of the profits, but they also help the artists reach audience that they don't normally reach. There are plenty of channels like those with 10-15M+ subscribers.
  15. Happy birthday to Ms. Gomez thank you for giving us Rebible!
  16. It would yes! But YouTube searches prioritize titles over description, and Marina would have to compete with a ton of opportunistic scalpers: and Marina isn't exactly that popular to begin with.. a lot of these music channels have nearly as many subscribers as she does, and some channels even have more. Not to mention she already has to complete with another "Oh No" song that's been trending.. so it's a good move overall!