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  1. Upon thinking further about it, Dua has 3 ultimate fan favorites: Don't Start Now, New Rules and Levitating. Also Electricity if we wanna stretch it a bit. Every other single other than that can very easily lose to album tracks. So yeah I don't think I'll do Singles vs. Tracks because of two fears: 1) a subpar, underwhelming finale matchup 2) boring track vs. track rounds. HOWEVER I do want to make it different from your game even just a little bit, but still keeping it relatively vanila. But that's proven to be harder than I thought.
  2. Yeah I can definitely understand that. And yet at the same time people actually enjoy the Fave section games more, because it helps the residents save said sections. You've practically single-handedly saved a bunch of sections for months now, and I don't think you realize how grateful the residents are. Yesterday I actually saw someone semi-complaining about you not hosting a game for Dua's section, to which I replied that I had one planned under your permission. So yeah, they are most definitely in demand. And yes for the games to actually work, they cannot require a lot of effort. FOTP
  3. Yup. At this point though I think she will re-record Reputation regardless of the masters situation, simply because is still under Big Machine. Taylor's feud with Scott Borchetta is every bit as bitter as her feud with Scooter (if not way more considering Scott literally backstabbed her), she's gonna r e-record it just to get it out of there and have the TSV signed under Republic to minimize the coins Scott can get from the album.
  4. Yup, it's literally just angsty teen stuff. We all said things we don't agree with when we were a teen. I did too, it's part of growing up emotionally. I Tbh I don't really hold it against her for using gay as an insult. It's definitely a degree of problematic, but also it was written in 2004/2005.. the world was a VERY different place back then. The current generation doesn't understand how it used to work back then. I vividly remember that using 'gay' as an insult was the 'cool' thing to do for some time. Pretty sure I've done it too. Besides, as teens I think we've all done and said thi
  5. Oh yes! I am including all of Dua's songs, she totals up to 54, ignoring most of Club Future Nostalgia. So far I've planned out by randomizing the entire list and dividing them into groups for 4's for matchup. I do like your idea though, but I'm not super sure about it. Katy & Gaga both have notably strong singles, but Dua's feel more even with the album track, usually. I will definitely think more about this though! I might also PM you.
  6. That's When, maybe. The others.. well! And yes 3 months is what I'm thinking as well. And yes I agree! I think the forum could use a bit more games & events though, those seems to always lead to a user peak of some sort for some time. The Member Awards for example were excellent, especially considering over 45+ unique members were nominated. Prevented us from having a super sharp drop after the Election season. I do hope that we'll survive this year too, but we're on a slippery slope downwards so I'm not too confident on it. I do wonder what kind of other section games we c
  7. Honestly the only way she's getting her masters back is if the other shareholders of her masters push for it. Scooter's not going to let it go willingly (if he did, he would have sold it back to her a looooong time ago), but the other shareholders with partial ownership of the masters know that she's gonna keep on 'destroying' them every way she can and that'll only devalue the masters more and more. So ideally I think they'd want to work with her, not Scooter. Unfortunately I don't know if Scooter can be bought out of the masters by these other shareholders considering how petty he is.
  8. Honestly I don't think she can re-create those same emotions even if she wanted to, she's just not that person anymore. She's 31 and with a partner she's been dating for like 5 years now and is most likely gonna marry. She can easily channel a Mean, but I don't see her delving deep into the emotions of Better Than Revenge again. And yes, in your eyes you try to not be mad at your cheating partner, but rather the person they're cheating on you with. It's a messy mindset that Taylor had, completely disregarding that Joe was the one to made the conscious choice to cheat on her. Part
  9. I'm quite doubtful Scooter will give it up anytime soon honestly, he likes the control he has over her and he's actually been making a lot of money off it. Sadly.
  10. Her feelings at the time were 100% absolute valid and as I said, she was young, dumb and reckless so yeah. It's easy to say now that she should have written different things, but honestly it's a different time now. Like seriously, NO ONE cared about these lyrics back then. But people are more aware of these themes in songs (inc. blaming the girl for the actions of the man, as in Better Than Revenge; you can't really 'steal' a person), which I think makes it all the more important that she actually re-works the song and possibly even re-write a good portion of the song to fit her current sel
  11. I'm doubtful tbh, if anything she'd probably do LWYMMD since it's the one defining song of the era. Yes Reputation is pretty solid vocally already, it's made by 'improved Taylor' unlike Speak Now which was made when she had very shaky vocals. She may also feel the pressure to actually change the instrumentals of some songs considering how new it is
  12. The whole song is kinda problematic but I think it mainly boils down to one line in the song: "She's an actress, whoa / She's better known for the things that she does / On the mattress, whoa" People are mad about it and I can understand why, even if she was an angsty 19/20 year old when she wrote that song. I honestly can't see it going well for her if she were to re-record the song at 31 and keeping all the same lyrics.
  13. CIWYW is a stellar song and it's my Top 5 from the album. I just can't see it being the lead single of anything I don't think she can improve much anymore vocally tbh. Folklore/Evermore have been peak Taylor vocals thanks to her delivery.
  14. Maybe, but she's also dickmatized by Joe so at this point it could be King of My Heart
  15. Watch her make it a girlboss anthem against Scott & Scooter
  16. Delicate as the lead single? Questionable, it's her biggest radio hit since the 1989 era. It's been overplayed to death. But I like it thematically. Honestly I think Don't Blame Me would be a great choice if she's gonna showcase her vocals, but Rep is relatively recent and I don't think she's improved all that much on that since then.
  17. Well, this is true. Mean is at least very yeehaw.
  18. It's mainly to let people know she's '''changed''' The song is obviously petty as fuck and she's been consistently dragged for being a 'fake feminist' over it What do you think about Long Live? It'll be a sentimental pick
  19. It's unlikely, but it's a fun thought. Back to December in the middle of the summer would be.. interesting! What would be the Reputation lead single though? It doesn't really have any mellow songs and she's unlikely to release New Year's Day or Call It What You Want as the lead
  20. Oh lord, I am not ready for this. Omg when Enchanted (Taylor's Version) is here.......
  21. @mylifelies @Ghostface @fab Okay but listen.. Better Than Revenge as the lead single. With different lyrics.
  22. Mean is too petty to start the era with I think I don't see it being Mine. What would be the purpose? It's her least known lead.
  23. Honestly I didn't even catch that, I need to look at this bitch and her tweets with more critical eye because EVERYTHING is an easter egg with her
  24. Sparks Fly would be an amazing choice! I'm also seeing Back To December, Long Live and Enchanted being thrown around as potential lead singles though.