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  1. Sheeran also revealed he has FOUR other albums either in the works or done, including a reggaeton-influenced album featuring J Balvin, Burna Boy & Daddy Yankee, and teased future collaborations with Shakira, Pharrell, Justin Bieber. x
  2. Honestly, I don't even blame y'all for panning the Drake song cause even I don't like it. I really would've went with another song but.. I picked songs at the end of a long day, and after 2 hours of it my ears just.. really needed a break I do wish I could've ended my journey here more gracefully, but ah well. I'm grateful to even be lasting this long, especially with how I decided to play this game. I really didn't think I'd make it past the Top 10, let alone Top 4. So this was good! Congrats to @Kristina for making it to Top 3 (again!), and good luck to everyone! And thank you for hos
  3. Wait there's another elimination? I thought this was the final round
  4. Ashley O - On A Roll: Went crazy for this when it came out! Not so much anymore now, but its still pretty good. Aaliyah - Try Again: Never liked this song much, and it also sounds very much like its time.. but I can see the appeal. Billie Eilish - ocean eyes: A Billie classic, and the song that introduced me to her! One of her best. Kesha - VIP: A bop, and a pretty good pick I think! Although it may be too simplistic for the finale to some. Drake - Best I Ever Had: I don't generally like Drake's music.. but this was okay. He used to be more bearable than he is nowadays.
  5. Liam Payne shocked fans as he sported a drastically different look on Thursday.
  6. Well yes, otherwise it'd take 5 hours to finish.. but it still totaled to 3 hours and 15 minutes with little to no breaks. That's incredibly physically demanding for anyone.
  7. This round is the hardest for me cause most albums don't even go past 12 tracks and those that do.. the quality has dropped off by Track 15
  8. 43-44 songs.. this is why I kept reminding people about the performer's state during the whole Ticketmaster debacle cause people were like "just add more dates!!!1" and its like girl. Imagine if she had to do 50 more of these shows
  9. So, "prior to 2015".. does that mean albums released in 2014 and older or does that include 2015 as well? Just making sure!
  10. Omg I actually survived the round thank you @max king! Was fully expecting to go that I had my exit post written
  11. Doin' Time and Edge of Seventeen, a killer combo. Well done!