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    Beautiful People
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    Celeb News

    Wait IS IT? That would make sense actually
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    Celeb News

    There have been a rumor of a collab between Katy & Lil Nas X for a week or two now, titled Electric. But take it with a big grain of salt cause I can't find anything solid to back that up.
  4. No idea, but basically because she can't speak Spanish well some of them are saying she's "basically white" which is ridiculous
  5. The fact that stans are calling her fake and saying she's pandering.. like girl pandering to WHO she IS Hispanic like
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    Pretty When You Cry
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    Before officially coming out today, she previously posted a video of herself lipsyncing to Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' on Tiktok, which sparked rumors about her sexual orientation.
  8. right where you left me supremacy
  9. It's holding up so much better than Cardigan actually
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    This album kinda came and went for me I need to revisit it sometime
  11. I think I prefer celebrity kids being like this rather than trying to use their famous parent's fame for internet clout actually. She wants to be her own person and I can appreciate that.
  12. Yes, please keep being mad at each other and serve us angry bops. Those are always the best kind of bops. Waiting for Olivia's Better Than Revenge
  13. Sabrina is a homewrecker Olivia is an immature 17 year old bitter over her failed relationship Joshua is a cheating slut who can't keep his dick in his pants
  14. Okay well from what I got from this is that Sabrina was trying it with Olivia when Olivia & Joshua were STILL in a relationship. Not a good look for Miss Carpenter!