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  1. I haven't listened to the album yet, but I'm glad to see y'all are liking it cause I was actually a bit nervous for this! can't wait to listen to it!
  2. Well, looking at Brightest Blue's sales, unfortunately! But at least missy got another #1 UK album like 10 years into her career! Not everyone can do that
  3. In January, Camila also joined in on the discussion for “The National Day of Racial Healing 2021”. Video: Excerpts:
  4. This was in response to 6ix9ine's comment on an Instagram post featuring a New York Post article headline about China reportedly making COVID-19 anal swabs mandatory for foreigners:
  5. I think the problem with Nicki & Kenneth's case is that it's been degraded into a joke/punchline by a lot of people, stans most of all, so much that the case has lost a lot of it's meaning because it's been overused by them for the kii points or as a quick jab. An article like this was necessary to remind people the seriousness of the subject.
  6. A much better ratio this time though!
  7. Well 2 people is literally all you need
  8. Anyways I do have chores and need to have dinner so I will check in with you all later.
  10. Exactly.. now unleash your maximum power Also you CAN post more than 3 times in a row.. but there should be a lot of time between 3rd & 4th posts, usually 12 hours is enough for me but I do 16+ to be safe
  11. Well I wasn't, but one night I went bonkers with the Wonhoes clique here
  12. Because I'm smart "Spamming" is generally defined as posting more than 3 times in a row.. so don't do that!