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  1. @Dennis Reynolds Just letting you know that I have to go so I will respond sometime later!
  2. It's so sad because it definitely would've been so, so much better than Rare, even if Rare itself isn't bad Should've pulled a Chromatica and release it anyways tbh
  3. Britney: 20 (-) In the Zone: 108 Femme Fatale: 24 (+) Glory: 26
  4. Not gonna lie though, I'm still a bit upset that she threw away the Bad Liar + Fetish sound The album would've been amazing if she didn't scrap it I think
  5. It's hard to say honestly, I can't really remember what happened most of these years At least half of the decade is great though. But I have a special connection to the early 2010's in general.
  6. Oh most definitely Ngl though I'm a bit nervous about it's placement, it's a fan favorite but I don't know how much of a fan favorite it really is
  7. Her New York Times photoshoot.. a special kind of snatching
  8. Tbh I don't even like Dance Again that much, but it was the closest thing she had on Rare to her Revival tracks so naturally I liked it But the song did get old real quick. That said, I gave it a high score cause I want it to be in Top 7 at the very least
  9. True, plus we have the list of participants, we'll just use it to drag anyone giving miss Souvenir a low score
  10. A Sweeter Place Top 5 in the megarate or we riot By 'we' I mean me mostly, I don't think anyone else here stans this song
  11. Dance Again a 11! You never know
  12. Oh @Ghostface give a song a 11 and bully Michael into accepting it
  13. You better not be talking about A Sweeter Place cause it's Top 3 period