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  1. Yeah tbh, 11 & 10 is literally just a one point difference and I've held megarates before.. they do give songs a tiny edge but they don't change THAT much But yeah 0 is extremely low and I would say even undeserved for songs, even It's Nice To Have A Friend deserved like a 3 at least I don't think I've given many songs a 1, except those I REALLY hate like.. some songs from Sweetener
  2. Hopefully yes! Because next week we'll have to rely on Selena's dumb cooking show probably
  3. Oh wait he kinda does in the first and third pic
  4. I can respect that! I think I mostly rate out of my personal taste, I do avoid 0s though cause I don't think there's many songs that really deserves 0 But I do give out a 11 every time to my top favorites or songs that I like that aren't very popular among the fans, I give that a 11 to give them a bit of an edge and hopefully rank a little bit higher, although it's probably not that much of a change
  5. Omg we've really grown I wonder how much we've done so far this week though, cause it's been slower than the first 2
  6. Not to sound close minded but I usually don't like older songs, I only got into pop music after 2008 so I usually don't like older songs But I just listened to Venus, it's pretty good! I like it tbh
  7. A kind legend I did try to be harsher though. My lowest score was gonna be a 5, but then I realized my rates might not make too much of an impact, so I did dish out a 2 and a 3
  8. I think I've heard of the group, just not the song
  9. Oh Well a lot of the scores I gave are kinda in the middle I think so if someone gives the songs like a 2 or 1 I won't appear so people can't drag me for dragging their fave songs
  10. That's music to my ears! Although I'm kinda expecting it to pull through anyways like It's Nice to Have A Friend did
  11. Oh.. I actually didn't know about this
  12. Wait, which song? Afterglow? Souvenir?
  13. Tbh I hope it's one of the first to go, it's such an underwhelming song I can't even remember what I gave it, I think I might have dragged it
  14. As in "Fun won't be missing the Top 5"? Cause I'm hoping it does
  15. (Notice in the third pic there's also a "SMILE" as the caption)
  16. The Weeknd is listed as a co-writer on "Skip", which probably means he's also featured on the song
  17. Anything can happen tbh, I mean I thought Cruel Summer was gonna win the Lover megarate but we got Aftergod instead! Hopefully no upset this time though
  18. Rare the song can kinda go but the other two yes definitely!
  19. Well, would you? Would you let Sebastian Gomez take you to his sweeter place?
  20. Future Rare Megarate winner Souvenir
  21. Ghostface serving taste once again, we love to see it! Souvenir stans rise up!