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  1. ngl 16-17 PMs lowkey doesn't sound too good considering how active FOTP used to be a few years ago
  2. Rare: 20 Dance Again: 20 Look at Her Now: 20 Lose You to Love Me: 20 Ring: 22 Vulnerable : 20 People You Know: 20 Let Me Get Me: 18 Crowded Room: 22 (+) Kinda Crazy: 20 Fun: 20 Cut You Off: 16 (-) A Sweeter Place: 24 Boyfriend: 20 Souvenir: 20 Feel Me: 20 She: 18
  3. 12 is a really good amount though! Could be wrong but I think that's kinda on par with the Lover megarate that took place a while ago
  4. Hopefully it's not a bad surprise upset
  5. Okay then I'm good! Perched
  6. Is it 11 PM GMT (well 10:57 PM to be exact) right now? If yes then I think I can make 10 PM work!
  7. Yeah I agree, I get what they're saying too but it's kinda nowhere near all the other examples I think Ramsay is closer to the "evil for the sake of being evil" type
  8. Well I can live with that! I'll make sure to tell my side of the story, and if people gives me flack for it, they're indirectly wishing that I died And wishing that someone died is never gonna be socially acceptable to anyone with morals Especially since they already know I could've burned the entire thing and didn't! Worst things come, there's a bit of backlash and then they figure out the cure not too long after Everyone gets the cure and forgets about it, and they'll all be too happy to drag me and we'll all be kumbaya Give it a few months/years & people will start thinki
  9. Chromatica I: 10 Alice: 24 Rain On Me: 42 Fun Tonight: 30 Chromatica II: 16 911: 46 Plastic Doll: 24 (-) Sour Candy: 52 (+) Enigma: 28 Replay: 26 Sine From Above: 28 1000 Doves: 14
  10. Iconic Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez was known as much for her music as her signature style — a style that included red lipstick, not a red "Make America Great Again" hat — which is why a photo of a Selena statue wearing a cap popularized among supporters of President Donald Trump is prompting outcry among her fans. Hispanic Republican? Yep, and they're speaking up. Joe Michael Perez, a Trump supporter, whose main goal is to reach out to Hispanics and inspire those to vote not on the color of skin, but for jobs and a good economy. "We don't want government phones, we don't want w
  11. Scream & Shout Now That I Found You Oops!... I Did It Again Womanizer
  12. Actually when I was looking through the page for that trope, it mentioned Ramsay as one of the examples and it kinda made sense
  13. I mean if it's literally the only thing I can burn then yeah There's no guarantee that the search party would find me anyways Although realistically I'd see if I only need half of the formula to light it.. then save the bottom half The scientists can figure it out from there
  14. @Dennis Reynolds also unfortunately I have to go But I hope we can resume this conversation later!
  15. Of course! I'm careful with what I say and don't spill about my projects I looked that trope up, I like that in antagonists tbh! I feel like without it, the antagonists would be a little cartoonish The dedication though, I've never done that but I do look up specific characters from time to time, and then read about their tropes. Often, it's a character that I love, so I take the tropes that makes them lovable to me
  16. Screenplays! I like TV better though, but it does have it's downsides, so I'm not closed to movies, just for funsies and yeah sure! (but keep most of it here for now for the posts) I love TV Tropes! But honestly I haven't been able to utilize it as well as I could.. there's way, way too many things on it, and tbh I don't mind tropes, except for those I'm against/annoyed by.. like The Damsel in Distress & The Wet Blanket Wife
  17. Oh Well I mostly do drama, although my TV show completion list in your thread kind already screams that but I like comedy too! Just not too good at it Oh and I do like horror to an extent, but also not very good at it I think
  18. Oh wow that's amazing! I'm interested in writing too tbh Is your friend on FOTP by any chance?
  19. Oh are you like an experienced writer? What kind of stories is he writing?
  20. From what I know, Rare Beauty actually launches June 19, so it'd be kinda weird if it's Rare Beauty-related I think a single would be amazing. Boyfriend was completely botched, it was apparently never sent to radio or got any real push
  21. Oop tea When in doubt I guess we can milk 300 posts out of +/- games We got six albums
  22. I mean to be fair Chromatica has no context or plot either and the stans loved it! Gaga woke up with a knife in her thigh, pulled it out, danced and .. that's it As for SOL.. "According to Gomez, the concept was to portray her interpretation of the song's lyrics; a representation of various stages of different relationships. For this reason, she wanted Haussman to translate emotion and cinematography in a fluid storyline. Regarding the video's inspiration, Haussman explained, "I think that [Gomez's] inspiration is kind of seeing that and all of humanity and feel like, 'OK, I'm not t
  23. I have been kinda busy with real life stuff recently, this whole lockdown thing is annoying me but at least I'm multi tasking kinda Wbu?