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  1. Tbh it's pretty catchy to me but I guess it's true that it has no like.. big hooks or anything the fact that it's the least streamed still kinda baffles me though, I thought it'd be mid-tier at the very least
  2. I can see that actually, but only because the GP is tasteless and aren't used to sensual Taylor
  3. Do you think False God could've been the SMASH the Liver era desperately needed? Or would it have flopped too just like MEss?
  4. Can Selena do something? ANYTHING? @SelenaGomez go fight Justin in his IG comments again sis
  5. The GP doesn't deserve any rights for letting this song flop tbh, what a bop
  6. Kinda here for this ngl I remember during the Femme Fatale era there were rumors of this but it turned out to be fake
  7. Omg the way this would SMASH.. A song that is a hit AND will shut up the annoying Twitter Selenators & Arianators that keeps bickering 24/7 over literally nothing? Sign me up
  8. If Selena were to collab with Cardi again, they better actually serve something REALLY GOOD cause Tacky Tacky..
  9. Tbh I think her voice is so soothing that she'd fit perfectly in pretty much any pop song, but I think a collab with Zayn would be amazing I'd have loved to see her work with Abel too, although considering their history that's never gonna happen
  10. Are there anyone you would like to see Selena to collaborate with?
  11. Dangerous Woman barring a few songs is still great to me. Anti comes next, followed by Lemonade. Was about to pick Joanne for the worst, but then I remembered Glory. It just aged badly for me.. although it was kinda very average to begin with.
  12. Katy at her peak was unstoppable. Ariana's peak was really nowhere that high. She had a string of successful singles during the My Everything era, but none of those singles went #1 and by the fifth single she was struggling to hit Top 10. Katy on the other hand was still effortlessly hitting #1 and trying to break MJ's record with her sixth single. Then the Dangerous Woman & Sweetener eras, neither of them really helped much. With the exception of NTLTC & Side to Side, they were mostly a disappointment single performance-wise. TU, N had the chance to bring her much closer to
  13. Also: Sour Candy is at #33 Alice at #84 Rosalia earns her first-ever Hot 100 entry with "TKN" at #66
  14. Yeah I get that, honestly it's extremely hard to stay on topic when the words have to relate to each other I commend you for even trying tbh! I think a crossword would be better for these kind of things! There's more freedom and we can more easily stay on the topic
  15. Well I could make some of my own too! (Although a general word ladder would probably be more successful than a Selena-related one )
  16. Chromatica I: 20 Alice: 20 Rain On Me: 26 Free Woman: 10 - Fun Tonight: 28 Chromatica II: 20 911: 32 Plastic Doll: 28 Sour Candy: 30 + Enigma: 12 Replay: 26 Chromatica III: 14 Sine From Above: 28 1000 Doves: 12 Babylon: 20 Love Me Right: 14
  17. This entire game is making me scream And omg how did Stupid Love make it into Top 5 I thought y'all hated that song
  18. Can't say I have any idea tbh, I'm not really a comic reader Thanks for making this tho! This was quite fun! If this ends up being popular enough maybe we could have more of these! I personally enjoy these games, I remember we also had that crossword thing during the reopening of the fave sections
  19. Oh well I honestly didn't really know what that one was, I kinda guessed my way out of that one based on the hints
  20. I was gonna say that he probably shouldn't have gotten fired over a couple of old tweets but then I checked and you know what.. He's 35 now. He was in his mid to late 20's when he tweeted these. so yeah I'm good, he can rot
  21. Mods help Luca is attacking me! Ban him!
  22. I got 14/15 My dumbass forgot about that game name