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  1. Omg I can actually agree with them all this time Although We Own The Night is very mid tier
  2. She was last month's Spotlight section, Selena's section is actually a replacement for her But I guess things worked out for the best
  3. People You Know isn't a bad song.. it's just Rare 🦋
  4. I need to mention this bop btw! Listen to it @Entea!
  5. As does People You Know from her discography
  6. The other girls can only keep wishing they could do it
  7. I completely forgot about these "Which x song are you listening to?" threads My poor Billie listening thread and it's 1 reply (by me)
  8. Which is STILL happening btw! If you're reading this and you haven't sent in your rates, do it now!
  9. Yeah honestly I didn't like the chorus either, I actually find it kinda annoying But then again the radio was filled with annoying songs & hooks so I thought it'd at least fit in perfectly!
  10. I will consider it! I've never really hosted any kind of event so it's a bit of a challenge
  11. Look At Her Now flopping will always baffle me tbh That song deserved so much better
  12. Survivor is nice! People you know.. I don't know her
  13. Well! I disagree with that, but I do agree that Revival's highs are better than Rare's highs
  14. I don't think that's unpopular tbh, most people seem to be kinda "meh" with Boyfriend Souvenir is definitely the more popular Deluxe track tbh
  15. Well Tbh I was also really close to stanning Selena after Revival era but Rare highkey killed my hype so..
  16. Yes I can't blame them, I was also a M&TR stan.. tbh they lowkey did that song dirty, it should've been a single too
  17. Oh now THAT'S exciting, hopefully she can join us for miss Selena's next (hopefully good) album
  18. ...Baby One More Time: 14 Oops!... I Did It Again: 22 Britney: 20 In the Zone: 28 Blackout: 18 Circus: 24 Femme Fatale: 28 (+) Britney Jean: 6 (-) Glory: 18
  19. tbh Interscope is trash anyways, I still remember them lowkey doing Gaga dirty during the BTW era, also over single choices (You & I)
  20. Oh is/was the good sis Divine a Selena stan? Or was that the Sweetener reject Sober
  21. I remember this too, I think it was mostly because people wanted Me & the Rhythm instead CR is treated mostly as mid to lower tier I think? Definitely deserves more appreciation, 6LACK is so good on it I haven't met many people who likes PYK though
  22. Yeah it's actually not THAT bad from some perspectives which is kinda odd? I think it might be the AMAs' mic recording thing, because only the official audio sounds bad