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  1. ...Baby One More Time: 14 Oops!... I Did It Again: 22 Britney: 20 In the Zone: 28 Blackout: 18 Circus: 24 Femme Fatale: 28 (+) Britney Jean: 6 (-) Glory: 18
  2. tbh Interscope is trash anyways, I still remember them lowkey doing Gaga dirty during the BTW era, also over single choices (You & I)
  3. Oh is/was the good sis Divine a Selena stan? Or was that the Sweetener reject Sober
  4. I remember this too, I think it was mostly because people wanted Me & the Rhythm instead CR is treated mostly as mid to lower tier I think? Definitely deserves more appreciation, 6LACK is so good on it I haven't met many people who likes PYK though
  5. Yeah it's actually not THAT bad from some perspectives which is kinda odd? I think it might be the AMAs' mic recording thing, because only the official audio sounds bad
  6. Oh that works tbh, kinda perfect for me even!
  7. Depends on the time, but I will definitely try to be present yes!
  8. Closer, Without Me & Eastside People underestimate her so much honestly, she's a lot more capable of pulling in numbers than people give her credit for
  9. For me, A Sweeter Place. It was an instant favorite for me, was a bit surprised that not many share this opinion Also I think Perfect is beautiful, but stans like to skip it because it's a ballad And of course the good sis Kill Em With Kindness! What a bop honestly.
  10. What are some Selena tracks that you don't feel aren't getting enough recognition or aren't being appreciated enough?
  11. ...Baby One More Time: 14 Oops!... I Did It Again: 22 Britney: 20 In the Zone: 26 Blackout: 18 Circus: 24 Femme Fatale: 26 (+) Britney Jean: 10 (-) Glory: 18
  12. Kpop stars are (slowly) waking up to BLM and we love to see it POC solidarity rise up!
  13. As it should! The fact that when SL came out I thought it'd have 120k first week sales max A whole clown
  14. ...Baby One More Time: 14 Oops!... I Did It Again: 20 Britney: 20 In the Zone: 26 Blackout: 18 Circus: 24 Femme Fatale: 24 (+) Britney Jean: 16 (-) Glory: 18
  15. Tbh! I really think Dance Again should have been a single instead of Rare, maybe then she'd have a fighting chance since DA feels like an easy hit But then again her biggest bops are usually always ignored, re: Me & the Rhythm
  16. Yeah, she had confidence before, it's just that after years of everything (her surgery, rehab, other health issues, etc) she wasn't used to be on the stage again Props to her for trying though. Although I feel like she was setting herself up to fail by making her performance the FIRST performance of the night, there was too much pressure
  17. Yeah the stans were RUTHLESS to her, I think she even quit Instagram for a bit after that I feel really bad for her honestly, but then again that performance.. well..
  18. No I think she got spooked by the reception of her AMAs performance, like she was already having all sorts of panic attacks before she got on stage so the endless internet lashings definitely didn't help to recover the little bit of confidence she had There's this though: She sounds fine, but she wasn't on a stage and she's surrounded by friends
  19. The entire thing just feels like Lana's SNL debut ..but with no redemption in sight
  20. Tbh I was mostly worried that it wouldn't do well commercially Like it was her comeback, and she's not really a ballad artist. It felt risky, and I wasn't sure how it was gonna do The AMAs performance was a disaster thought I agree, the fact that she was an OPENER too.. lord
  21. Future Nostalgia: All the songs (obvi) The non-album singles: Electricity One Kiss No Lie Scared to be Lonely Bang Bang (not a single but still) Previous singles: Lost in Your Light Hotter than Hell Be the One Blow Your Mind New Rules Last Dance DL1 tracks: No Goodbyes Begging Bad Together Want To (maybe)
  22. I mean.. plenty of artists have recovered from bad performances.. but (unfortunately) I can see that being true
  23. False God still deserved better however
  24. Thank you again for hosting this event @Ariana! THE RIGHTFUL WINNER WON